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These 7-Seater Cars and SUVs are the Top Choice for Big Australian Families

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Parents who are concerned of the safety of their kids will always want to go through a revs check or car history check before they settle for any vehicle. On the other hand, style conscious moms and dads don’t just stop there. They will also look for a nice vehicle that can accommodate their big brood. 
Just because the passengers tend to spit up, drool, and leave behind some smelly shoes in between car seats, it doesn’t mean that parents can no longer drive around their kids in comfort and style.
A good top 7 seater cars in australia will boast of the perfect combination of elegance and safety, plenty of room, affordability, and an all-around functionality fit for the whole family. Here is The best used 7 seater cars australia List.
Car Insurance Policy is very important of all new or used cars. 
If you are currently shopping for a car that will let you have a peaceful and comfortable road trips with your large brood, below are the best options that are guaranteed to tick off all boxes of requirements:

Fiat Freemont Crossroad

The Fiat Freemont Crossroad is a beautiful beast which will let you deal with all types of terrains even if your kids are at the back screaming and shouting at each other. You can bring your whole family or even your friends on trips with this car that comes with a 3-row seating option, with the third row being most recommended for the kids.
Aside from that, you can even change the configuration to give room for fewer passengers and more cargo if you suddenly thought of going on a romantic getaway without the kids, or do it the other way around if you prefer a family adventure. If this is the case, you can use other options that come with the vehicle, such as roof boxes or cargo carriers, snowboard and ski carriers, and bike racks.
You can also have the peace of mind knowing that your family will be safe as ever as made possible by the array of anti-lock brakes, airbag system, hill holder, Trailer Sway Control, and Electronic Stability Control.
If the noise of your kids is getting on your nerves, all you need to do is slide the Holden Captiva 7’s sunroof, and allow the fresh air to give you some clearer thoughts and a more peaceful mind.
Although it seems compact but extremely chic on the outside, the interior of this vehicle has three rows with easily adjustable seats that can comfortably accommodate as much as 7 passengers and cabin filled with gear.
It also comes with a Rear Park Assist which helps you deal with even the trickiest and most challenging parking spots and a high end entertainment system to fend off boredom among your kids while on the road.

Ford Territory MKI Titanium

Underneath the sleek exterior of this beauty is a ton of safety features which can give you the assurance that your entire family remains safe during the trip. These features include traction control, 5 airbags, a reverse camera, and emergency brake assist. When it comes to its interior, you will find enough space to sit 7 people and you will love its steering wheel with fancy leather. There’s also a WiFi feature so everyone can enjoy browsing.

Mercedes-Benz GL Class

It is a luxury SUV, which sets new standards in terms of safety and ensure you and your family will arrive at your destination relaxed, thanks to its awesome combination of driving experience and ample space.

Audi Q7

Never be fooled by this SUV because its smaller exterior actually belies a spacious interior. As a matter of fact, the 3rd of the seats is as comfortable as the first with electrically backrests that are raised and folded so you can lay your kids flat once they’re sleepy. There are also some seat configuration options. This only means that you can make the number of the seats and luggage space you require at any moment, whether you are going on a family vacation or you’re loading the children up for soccer training. The leather upholstery also means any food spills can be wiped up easily while 4-zone air conditioning will quell squabbles about the cabin temps.


If you are a typical driver, you will like this car. It features increased space, easy to vary seating arrangement, raised seating position, and real luxury vibe. Its massive boot capacity is excellent and there are some rear comfort seats and additional 3rd row of seats that are both available as your options.

Hyundai Santa Fe

It’s a contemporary and sophisticated family SUV that comes with a 5-star ANCAP safety rating. This means that you are combining exceptional versatility and comfort with an assured and safe open road performance. Its interior seats can accommodate a total of 7 passengers in total comfort and there is enough storage space. Its twin-panel panorama glass roof also floods the cabin with light while offering insulation and shade from the wind.

Mitsubishi Outlander LS

It combines versatility, power, strength, safety, luxury, and elegance. That is why it makes a statement on the road and would get your family where it should be with a little drama. It also comes with a 7- or 5-seat model.

Nissan X-Trail ST-L

Stylish and sleek, it is made to make daily driving a joy, though you have various sport carnivals to attend. What makes it a great SUV is that it is family proof, sturdy, and stylish. It can fit your whole family and your essentials. It is also equipped with features that are technologically advanced so that your kids can have something to be amused about, regardless of how long your drive is.

Volvo XC 90

Volvo XC 90 enables you to get state-of-the-art technology, luxurious pampering, and unimaginable style, lots of technology and room, and seven-seater practicality for your kids to enjoy traveling. Design and functionality are what describes this luxury SUV from Volvo. Ideal for modern family, this features everything you need for you to keep everybody sane and comfortable while on the road.

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