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What Does the Quick PPSR Vin Check Offers?

You have found your perfect second-hand car. Now what? Yes, an instant online PPSR Check for your peace of mind. This is the most important step in your journey to buy your used car. And you can take it with the leading PPSR search company. A Quick Revs PPSR check gives you the best investment money can buy at $5.89 – a Car History report that you can trust because of the source. So, check before you buy and here’s why.

Finance Check

Let's not get your new car repossessed. The PPSR search report includes all the information regarding any outstanding loans – personal or vehicle loan – associated with the car you plan to buy. It also reports the contact details of the creditors, so that you can do your further checks.

Write-off Check

What if you don’t want to buy a vehicle that was damaged? A Quick Revs PPSR vehicle check informs you if the vehicle was written off at any point in its past. The report includes damage due to floods, storms or collisions. It also contains the nature of the damage, the write off date, and state.

Stolen Status

Do you know how many stolen vehicles are resold to unsuspecting victims? If you don’t want to be another victim, then using the PPSR check is crucial. Sometimes, a vehicle – or parts in the vehicle – that you are planning to purchase was stolen one. PPSR Check flags these vehicles to protect you.

Registration Details

Want to make sure that the seller gave you legitimate car registration details? Again, run a PPSR check on Quick Revs and review the detailed PPSR Search report provided. The PPSR report displays the date of expiry of the vehicle registration and the current state in which the vehicle is registered.

Why Choose Our PPSR Report?

Because we offer you the best value for your money.

Lowest PPSR Fees

Our customers enjoy the cheapest PPSR fees for the same comprehensive searches. For just $5.99, you will get a premium report that offers all the critical past records on that used vehicle you would like to buy.

Quick Delivery

We are not joking when we say that you will get your results fast. Your PPSR report will be dispatched to your inbox as soon as you enter the VIN and pay via our secure checkout. Plus, you can run a PPSR check anytime you want – 24/7.

Simplified Reports

No need to worry whether you can read the report that comes with our comprehensive PPSR Checks. The Quick Revs PPSR Report summarizes all the important information and presents it in an easy to understand format.

Why Should You Do a PPSR Check?

The short answer – your protection. The Australian Personal Properties Securities Register is designed to provide the information you need when buying a used car. It is about protecting you in case there is undisclosed information that could cause you to lose the car and your money in the future.

Protect Your Investment

Purchasing a second-hand vehicle is a sizeable investment. You should protect your investment by accounting for all the sources of risk. Conducting a PPSR Search from Quick Revs helps you identify these sources and then make an informed decision.

Avoid Future Expenses

If you end up with a lemon, then you will be left fixing one thing or the other. One day it is the tires, the next day it is the battery, and some other day, it could be the engine itself. The PPSR check is a one-time expense that can save you a lot of future costs.

For Your Peace of Mind

It is not just about the repair costs. What if the vehicle is stolen property? Your asset just turned into evidence in God-knows-what case. With a PPSR report, you know everything about the vehicle and need not worry about its past rebounding to hit you later.

PPSR Certificate Included

PPSR Certificate Included

Each PPSR Search result comes with Government Official PPSR Ceritificate.

INo more relying on what the seller says. Get the information for yourself from the source for cheap.

A car history report and PPSR certificate are the perfectly matched tools when buying a used car. Even if you have a Car History Report, the PPSR certificate gives you added official information that can mean the difference between buying a good car or getting a lemon.

Quick Revs reports are based on official data from the AFSA and NEVDIS. You will get relevant information that you can access as quickly as you would like every time.

What is a PPSR Certificate?

It is a certificate issued by the Australian Government. It offers you all the relevant information about the vehicle that is available with the local authorities. You have to pay a PPSR registration fee to get access to any of this information.

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Finding the Cheapest PPSR Fees with the Best Value

Quick Revs has made it easy and affordable to run a PPSR search online. We charge the lowest fee. At just $5.89, we offer the cheapest rates with the best value – official PPSR Car Check, Car History Report, and free PPSR Certificate. Get your vehicle PPSR Check with just the click of a button.


Frequently Asked Questions

The PPSR stands for the Person Properties Security Register. It's an online database of all registered personal properties such as cars, boats, and artworks. It does not cover real estate or housing.

All vehicles registered in Australia are registered on the PPSR. This allows a detailed history of the vehicle to be tracked, such as any financial encumbrance, write-off status, or even if the car was stolen. All of this information is linked to the car's PPSR entry and can be downloaded and checked when looking for a vehicle to buy.

You should check the PPSR any time you're interested in purchasing a used vehicle, particularly if it's from a private seller. It's best to check it close to when you think you might buy the vehicle to ensure the information is as up to date and accurate as possible.

Yes. REVs checks have been replaced with PPSR checks and reports. The PPSR reports are more comprehensive and give buyers more information to make better informed decisions. A VIN check is simply another term for a PPSR check, as you use the VIN to perform the check.

A VIN check is just another name for a PPSR check. The VIN - vehicle identification number - is what you use to retrieve a PPSR report.

No. The PPSR is a national, online register that contains information for personal properties in all states and territories. You don't even need to be in Australia to perform a PPSR check. It's all performed online, giving you complete access any time, any place.

A vehicle that is financially "encumbered" has been used as collateral as part of a financial loan. It means that a business has registered an interest with the PPSR letting them know that it has certain legal claims over the vehicle until such time as the loan is paid in full.

An encumbered vehicle can be reclaimed by the loaning agent should the owner default on their payments or fail to meet their obligation. This is true even if the original owner of the car sells it to someone else. So long as the loan remains open, the car can be reclaimed even if it's no longer in the possession of the person who took out the loan.

It's very easy! Simply enter the vehicle's registration number or VIN on the side of any page on this website, hit "get report", pay the nominal fee, and then get your comprehensive report in minutes.

A PPSR report or vehicle history report contains the following information:

  • Manufacturing details such as make, model, and year of the car.
  • Engine part number.
  • Encumbrance status (see above)
  • Stolen status
  • Write-off status

With this report you'll know if the car has money owing against it, if it's ever been stolen, or if it's ever been written off. You'll also be able to get a mechanic to check the engine number to make sure it's the same one that goes with the car. This can help prevent buying a car that's been stolen and used for parts, but not been listed as stolen yet.

Understanding PPSR

What is PPSR and how does it work?

To understand what is the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) and how it works, you first have to understand its origins. The Australian Government passed the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (PPSA). The aim was to streamline the use of personal property as a security interest. But most importantly, it would...

When should you use PPSR?

Following the introduction of the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) in Australia in 2009, one of the questions that people often raise is – why should I use the PPSR and when should they use it? And the simple answer is protection. Protection for you as a business owner and protection for you as a consumer...

How to protect your business by PPSR in Australia?

Every time you enter into a creditor/debtor transaction or arrangement, there is a potential for risk. But, you can lower that risk for your business if you have the right information at hand. The PPSR search in Australia is one of the best methods to protect your business...

What are the benefits of using the PPSR when buying a car?

Buying a used car is an expensive venture. And to protect your investment, you will need certain information. And that is one of the main benefits of using the PPSR when buying a car. It gives you relevant details, so you can make the right decision on the financial aspects of buying that particular car...

The PPSR and Debtors: How the PPSR Check Concerns You as a Debtor?

The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is the national online register that contains information that can be used to help protect consumers when they are purchasing personal property such as cars, boats, etc. Personal property in this context does not include items such as land or buildings...

PPSR Check | Articles

Our Best Articles To Read

3 Reasons You Must Get A PPSR Check

Buying a used car in Australia is always an exciting gamble. Will it be a great investment, or a steaming pile of junk? Nobody knows! Unless, of course, you do a PPSR check first. If buying a car were actually a form of gambling, a PPSR Search would be illegal. Why? Because it can give you the look into the future and tell you whether you’ve bet on a winner or a dud.

So, how does this future-seeing wonder work? How do you give yourself the best chance of making a valuable investment and avoiding a nightmare? Below are three reasons you must get a PPSR check when buying a used car.

Get a complete history check

One of the biggest ways to lose on a vehicle is to get one with a dodgy insurance or financial history.

A PPSR Search lets buyers know whether there is financial encumbrance, or owing, on their vehicles. Financial encumbrance refers to a situation whereby someone used the car as collateral in order to obtain a loan. The financier would then hold a security interest in the property and could repossess the vehicle if the debtor defaulted on their loan. That would mean if the debtor sold the car to you before paying off the loan, then defaulted on the loan, the financier could take the car from you.

Since the PPSR gives you access to this information, you can make an informed decision as to whether you wish to accept this risk. You might be able to use it as a bargaining chip, or even sign a contract stating you’ll be covered if the debtor defaults on their loan.

Similarly, a PPSR check details the insurance history of the vehicle, including any stolen, written- off and registration status. You can see if the car was stolen, listed as a repairable (or unrepairable!) write-off, if it’s currently registered, when the rego runs out, and other valuable information.

Clear title of property

With a PPSR Check, you get peace of mind that you’re getting the car from the legitimate owner, that it’s a legitimate vehicle, and that it’s unlikely to fall to pieces before you get the chance to use it more than three times. You can rest assured that everything is above the board.

Cold hard proof

The information contained within PPSR Search are considered legal proof of the status of the property at the time you purchased it. If someone makes a claim to the vehicle — saying they have a security interest, or are the rightful owners, or that the car had been stolen from them — the PPSR report can prove otherwise.

These are just 3 reasons you must get a PPSR check, but there are others. If you want to find out more please look around our site, or if you just want to dive right in check out the top of this or any page to get your PPSR report today.

6 Reasons to Use a PPSR Report?

A PPSR report contains several components, each of which contains valuable information for its users. From the vehicle’s basic production details to its ownership history and write-off status, a PPSR report is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to buy a used vehicle. Here are 6 reasons to use a PPSR report to get the most out of this comprehensive data dump.

Cross-Check Ownership Details

Every car has a fairly thorough record of its ownership stored on the PPSR. When you get a PPSR report you’ll get to see the VIN, the rego number, and the end date of the registration. This will allow you to clearly see who is the current legal owner of the vehicle. You can then use this information to cross-check against the information of the person trying to sell you the car.

Look For Financial Encumbrance

When someone uses a property — a car, a house, an expensive work of art — as collateral on a loan, it’s said to be financially encumbered. Until that loan is paid off, the financier has a legal claim to the property should the lender default on their loan. With a PPSR report, you can see if the vehicle has a security claim against it, and if they do, decide whether you want the risk of the vehicle being repossessed after you’ve paid for it.

Confirm Property Specifications

When you check the VIN of a vehicle on the PPSR, you get the complete history of its make, model, production year and engine part number. You can use this information to check against the vehicle and ensure it’s the same vehicle you think you’re purchasing.

Check Write-Off Status

A car that’s been in an accident or listed as a repairable write-off is more likely to fail than one that’s been kept in good condition. Your PPSR report will contain information about the write-off status of the vehicle, if any. If the car was in an accident and was damaged, you’ll see where the damage was, how severe it was, and what, if anything, was replaced or restored.

Ensure The Property isn't Stolen

Car thefts are common the world over, and Australia is unfortunately no exception. A PPSR report contains a section which details whether the vehicle was ever reported as stolen. With a simple check, you can ensure you’re not paying for a stolen vehicle that’s being used to fund criminals and their activities.

Legal Proof Of Status and Ownership

A PPSR report comes with a complementary government-issued PPSR certificate. This certificate can be used as proof of ownership at the time of purchase of the property, to protect you in the case of any legal proceedings. If someone other than the owner listed on the PPSR report claims to be the real owner of the vehicle, the PPSR certificate can be used to counter the claim, for example.

How to Use a PPSR Certificate

A PPSR Certificate gives a quick breakdown of the information contained on the PPSR regarding a particular property. It’s similar to, but slightly different from, a regular PPSR Report. This certificate confirms all of the details in the check, and can be used as a reference or as proof of ownership at a later date.

Getting a PPSR Certificate

A PPSR Certificate can be accessed after checking for a property on the Personal Properties Security Registry. If instead you get a PPSR Report through a website such as QuickREVS, you can opt to get the Certificate at the same time. While the information contained in both a PPSR Report and Certificate are the same, the latter is more condensed and simply gives a snapshot of the current status of the car, rather than a full history.

Reading a PPSR Certificate

PPSR Certificates contains multiple sections.

The first section lists information obtained from NEVDIS, the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System.

Vehicle road registration details: If the car is registered, NEVDIS details will be present. If there are no details, there are a number of possibilities as to why: the car is not registered, you may have accidentally typed in the wrong serial or chassis number, or there has been a mistake in punctuation.

Stolen status: The PPSR Certificate will let you know whether the car has been listed as stolen. If not, you will receive “no data”.

Written-off status: As above, if no data is available, there exists no records of the vehicle ever being written off on NEVDIS.

Differing NEVDIS data: It’s possible that the NEVDIS data differs from the information you might have about the vehicle. These differences should be investigated to ensure the car hasn’t been stolen and used for parts.

The second part relates to the search itself. The information included here is:

Search number and search certificate number.

Search criteria used: This simply notes what information you used to generate the Certificate. If you checked the PPSR using the car's serial number, the PPSR Certificate generated will be titled 'Serial Number Search Certificate'.

Finally, the Certificate has a section covering registration details. This section, titled PPSR Registration Details, details the money owing on the vehicle you’re searching for. There are two possible results:

  • No interest: When your PPSR Certificate outlines the message ‘There is no security interest or other registration kind registered on the PPSR against…’ followed by the details you input on your search criteria. This means there is no financial encumbrance on the vehicle.
  • Registration found: If there is a financial encumbrance, the PPSR Certificate will give you relevant details about who has what interest in the property.

The PPSR Search Certificate also details the contact information of the secured party with interest in the car along with its grantor. Any amendments made to the PPSR registration of the car will also be listed under this section.

After viewing the PPSR certificate, you can either download it directly from the site you used to conduct the PPSR search or have it sent to your email address.

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Always run a Quick Revs check before buying a used car.

It is a financially prudent habit and can save you from huge legal problems.

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