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How to get your Cheapest Car History Report in Australia?

Buying a used car from Private Seller or Used Car Dealer? Do not forget to obtain a cheap Revs Check/Vin Check report with PPSR Certificate in Australia to safe from doggy car sellers. Buy Now only for $5.99

What Is Quick Revs?

Quick Revs is the most reliable, faster, and cheapest online provider of Car History Reports you will find. Also known as PPSR or REVS check, our report offers you all the information you could possibly need to make a smart, informed decision before paying for a used car.

Who Can Make Good Use of Quick Revs Reports?


Easy: every single person in Australia who wants to buy a used car. Vehicles are delicate and expensive assets. These can be damaged easily or suffer a theft. They can also be encumbered by the moment of the sale, having an active loan. All these are serious risks for the new owner. The cheap Car History Report you can get on Quick Revs will allow you to know everything, effortlessly and in no time.

What Does the Quick Revs Report Offers?


While we offer the cheapest REVS check available online, we continue to deliver quality insights about the used car you want to buy. By getting all the information from PPSR official agencies, Quick Revs uses fully reliable data on the following matters:

Finance Check

Also known asencumbrance, at this point you will be allowed to know if there is any existent loan that could affect the vehicle in the future. If positive, you can always negotiate a payoff agreementwith the seller.

Write-off & Stolen Check

As one of the main indicators included in the report, the stolen check makes clear if the used car in question is tagged as "unrecovered theft". This is especially important to avoid legal issues

Registration Details

You will be able to know if the car is already registered and the expiration time. Also known as rego detail, also shows the state where the car is registered.


Let's not forget the specifications of the car you want to buy. Our Car History Report delivers complete details about the vehicle's specifications.

How Much the REVS Report Costs?


As we mentioned before several times, Quick Revs provides the cheapest Car History Report. This fact does not influence the reliability of the report. Instead, we figured out a way to create an affordable service that offers more than the competition alternatives. Our REVS check costs $5.99, which is the lowest price in the market. The competitors do not only charge more money to their clients but offer fewer data in their PPSR reports.

PPSR Certificate Included


It's normal to feel anxious before buying a used car, even with a Car History Report at hand. But leave those fears behind. At Quick Revs, we includea PPSR certificate with the report. Our service operates through the AFSA, which is the Government authority, and NEVDIS, the official database.

So, Why Should You Choose Us Today?


Cheapest & Affordable

Quick Revs Offers the Cheapest REVS Check Online, Allowing You to Save Money in the Process.

Readable & Formatted Report

We Produce a Fully Readable Report, Made for People Who Are Not Familiar with the Industry.

SMS Report Summary

We Use an SMS Feature to Deliver the Report Summary Directly to Your mobile phone, this Being Included in the Base Price .

Secure and Fast

Completely Secure and Fast, Using Only but Official Data and Delivering It in No Time.

How our report helped used car buyers


Get an instant car history report. Quick and Readable Report Only For $5.99

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