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What Does Our PPSR Search Offers?

The Quick Rev PPSR check is going to be the best $5.99 investment you ever made. You are going to get really high returns on this small amount of money – a great second hand car and not a lemon. Here is what you can expect from a Quick Rev Report.

Finance Check

The PPSR search report also includes all the information regarding any outstanding loans – personal or vehicle loan – associated with the vehicle. It also reports the contact details of the creditors.

Write-off Check

PPSR vehicle check informs if the vehicle has been written off. It includes damage due to floods, storms or collisions.It also contains the nature of the damage,write off date and state.

Stolen Status

Sometimes, a vehicle that you are planning to purchase can be a stolen one. PPSR Check flags such vehicles in order to protect you.

Registration Details

The PPSR report displays the date of expiry of the vehicle registration and the current state in which the vehicle is registered.

Why Choose Our PPSR Report?

Because we offer you the best value for your money.

Lowest PPSR Fees

We offer cheapest PPSR fee to our customers. For just $5.99, you get a premium report that offers all the critical past records against the vin number.

Quick Delivery

Your report is dispatched to your inbox as soon as you enter the VIN and pay via secure check out. Our customers can run a PPSR check anytime they want.

Simplified Reports

We provde most comprehensive PPSR Check, Our PPSR Report summarizes all important information presented in an easy to understand format.

Why Do You Need a PPSR Check?

So, what is PPSR exactly? It refers to the Australian Personal Properties Securities Register. If you want to buy a used car, then you need a PPSR Report. That’s the short answer. And, here is the long one.

Protect Your Investment

Purchasing a second-hand vehicle is a sizeable investment. You should protect your investment by accounting for all the sources of risk. Conducting a PPSR Search from QuickRevs helps you identify these sources and then make an informed decision.

Avoid Future Expenses

If you end up with a lemon, then you will be left fixing one thing or the other. One day it is the tires, the next day it is the battery, and some other day, it could be the engine itself. The PPSR check is a one-time expense that can save you a lot of future costs.

Ensure Peace of Mind

It is not just about the repair costs. What if the vehicle is a stolen property? Your asset just turned into an evidence in God-knows-what case. With a PPSR report, you know everything about the vehicle and need not worry about its past rebounding at you at a later time.

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PPSR Certificate Included

Each PPSR Search result comes with Government Official PPSR Ceritificate.

It’s always important to check the PPSR certificate for that vehicle. Even if you have a car history report, you still want some relevant information from a local authority. We can offer that for you, since we can share the PPSR report very fast we are operating through the AFSA and NEVDIS. We have legal, immediate access to all the information and the results will be outstanding every time.

What is a PPSR Certificate?

It is a certificate issued by the Australian Government. It offers you all the relevant information about the vehicle that is available with the local authorities. You have to pay a PPSR registration fee to get access to any of this information.

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How Much do the PPSR Report Costs?

At QuickRevs, we have made PPSR search affordable for you. We charge the cheapest fee of just $5.99 from our customers and for the same price along with official PPSR Check we provide a free PPSR Certificate as well.

Understanding PPSR

What is PPSR and how does it work?

Personal Property Securities Register, abbreviated as PPSR is an electronic register that allows security interests in personal property to be registered and searched in accordance with the Australian Personal Property Securities Act 2009... Read more

When should you use PPSR?

Often time, when you are exposed to a new concept, the question that always pops up is, “why should I use it?” You need to know that PPSR provides protection to your business against risk. It is a tool you can use to raise finance through your business assets and goods... Read more

How to protect your business by PPSR in Australia?

You may be subjecting your business to risk when leasing or hiring goods, buying or selling products on consignment without knowing what you are getting yourself into. Do you buy goods that have money owing on them? Will you be able to get your money or goods back when your customers go broke? You can’t do business without facing all these common transaction problems, but you can protect your business... Read more

What are the benefits of Using PPSR?

For an individual, conducting a PPSR search when buying a car to check if no money is owing on the car will save you a lot of money. PPSR check will enable you to ascertain if nobody is claiming an interest in the car you want to buy... Read more

How does PPSR concern you as a debtor?

You will have your personal details entered in the PPSR. When you are using personal property as security for a loan or other type of credit transaction or buying personal property on hire purchase, the secured party will register details of the interest in the PPSR. Those details include your name, your address, your date of birth, and a description of the personal property... Read more



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Did you know REVS is now PPSR?

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