PPSR Search

What is PPSR Search? Is it necessary? Should you do it?

The answer to those questions essentially explains why a PPSR search is necessary when buying a used car or other personal property.

PPSR search is an online feature for accessing information in the government’s Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR). This national register is a database of information on personal property including vehicles and combines access to NEVDIS data often found in a REVS Check.

The PPSR is an important tool for persons buying a second-hand or used car and need details on the car's history.

How to Do a PPSR Search on a Vehicle

There are two ways to run a PPSR Check on a car. You can search by the registration (Rego) number or by using the vehicle identification number (VIN).

PPSR Search by Registration number:

There may be two types of registrations that come to mind – a vehicle registration number and a PPSR registration number.

  • PPSR registration number: This is a 15-digit number assigned when the property was first recorded in the register. It is not a car registration number.
  • Vehicle registration number: Often shortened to Rego, this is a number assigned to a vehicle by the government in each state. So, when you want to search by Rego, you will need to put in the state in which the vehicle was registered.

PPSR Search by VIN Number:

The VIN is a 17-digit alphanumeric number that is assigned by the manufacturer of the car. It is a unique identifying number that is specific to only that vehicle. It's essentially the car's fingerprint. So, searching by VIN should give you the exact details on the vehicle you want to buy.

If the VIN details on PPSR do not match the details you were given or the car you're looking at, something is wrong, and you may need to reconsider that purchase.

Why Do a PPSR Search

PPSR is considered a buyer protection mechanism for used car sales, especially from private sellers. Running a PPSR check is intended to protect you. Even if you have a previous result and certificate, you should still run the check on the day you intend to buy the car so that you can see whether any of the following is listed on the car:

  • It is free from debt/finance owing
  • You are safe from a repossession
  • It wasn't reported as stolen
  • It was not reported as written-off
  • Registration details provided so you know it's legally allowed on the roads

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