Car History Check by VIN or Rego

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Car History Check with VIN and Rego

Fast Service

QuickRevs offers fast search results with reports sent straight to you as soon as you complete payment. Get Car History Check reports to your phone and emails for your records.

Reliable Info

All data is generated from the Australian PPSR and NEVDIS databases and given to you in a report. You also get the official PPSR certificate provided by the AFSA.

Secure Platform

Built by Australian IT Professionals, the QuickRevs platform uses secure payment processes and we do not retain your payment details. Your email address won’t be shared.

How it Works

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    Enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or the Vehicle Registration Number (Rego)

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    Select "Get Report" and complete payment on our secure platform

  • Get your results on your phone or by email within minutes

What's Included in the Car History Report

Vehicle Details

Get and compare the official description of the vehicle. This section of the car history report includes details on the type, make, model, year, engine number, etc. of the vehicle.

Registration Details

Confirm the vehicle registration details. This includes the registration plate number, the state or territory in which it was registered, expiry date, etc.

Finance Check

Details of any encumbrance, loans, or money owing on the car that’s registered with the PPSR. Don’t end up responsible for someone else debt by buying an encumbered car.

Stolen Vehicle Check

Don’t be accused of receiving stolen property. Make sure the car isn’t one of the thousands stolen daily across Australia. The report will indicate if the car or engine was reported as stolen.

Write-Off History

Make an informed decision with full write-off details on statutory and repairable write-offs. Includes details on accidents, hail, flood, fire, collision damage, etc.

PPSR Certificate

Each report comes with an official PPSR Certificate from the ASFA that outlines all the details and which can be used to confirm your search results if you have an issue.

Benefits of QuickRevs Car History Reports

  • Check the history of any vehicle registered in the PPSR within minutes
  • Official government sources and PPSR certificate for each search results
  • Affordable car history check across Australia
  • Comprehensive and consolidated report that is easy to read
  • Official data to help you make an informed decision before buying a used car

Free vehicle history report by VIN number is not available anymore under the PPSR. But, you don’t have to pay a hefty amount to get a car history check done. So, while you can’t get a free car history check, you can get it cheap at QuickRevs.

Order your Car History Check at QuickRevs today.