The Good and Bad of Buying a Used Car from Used-Car Dealers

  Used car dealerships are a good option for buying used cars… Here’s why! To be honest, we all know that cars are an expensive commodity that falls under the category of being the top most desired luxury item. New cars are so costly that nowadays, people are giving serious... Read more

Car Financing - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Which car financing method would suit you? What can be the pros and cons of each? How should you get through the marketing mazes of automobile financing?   If these questions compelled you to think the answer to any one of them then keep on reading as we are about to answer... Read more

What is Car Rebirthing and How to Avoid A Rebirthed Car?

Whenever you get a PPSR report or REV check it’s a good idea to perform some follow-ups. Most of these involve inspecting the vehicle, or getting someone qualified to inspect the vehicle on your behalf. One of these follow-ups, however, involves checking the legitimacy of the VIN, chassis number, and... Read more

How State Laws Affect REV CHECKS

Say you want to get a cheap REVS check in QLD, for a car that was first bought in Victoria. Or maybe you want to get a cheap REVS check in NSW for a car that originally came from South Australia. How do different state laws, or even just being... Read more

5 important things to consider before buying a used car

Or: do you know where that car’s been? Buying a car is quite an involved process. It’s fun, because buying something—even it is second-hand—is still exciting. But are you aware of what you need to do to ensure a safe purchase? 5 things you need to consider before buying that... Read more

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