Used Car Warranties: What You Should Know

Most things come with a warranty under Australian consumer law. A warranty is a promise from a manufacturer to fix faults that occur within a predefined period, known as the warranty period. Cars, like any other goods sold in Australia, come with their own car warranties. These change depending on... Read more

What is PPSR and How does it Work?

  Everything you should know about PPSR…   The Australian Financial Security Authority or ASFA as it is popularly known is an executive agency in the Attorney General's portfolio. This government agency is responsible for the administration and regulation of the: Personal liquidation systems Criminal proceedings Trustee services Other than... Read more

So You Want To Sell An Encumbered Car?

For most people, selling a car is easy. Just make sure it’s in drivable condition and put it up for sale on a website or through local ads. Simple. And if the car isn’t in good condition, either sell it for cheap or fix it up first. If it’s not... Read more

What To Do When the Bank Repossesses Your Car

Just because you buy something doesn’t mean you necessarily own it. It’s a strange reality of the world we live in. Such is the case when you buy something on a secured loan. Until the loan is repaid, you never truly “own” the item. It might be a house, a... Read more

Revs Check Report: Transparency and Facutlity at its Finest

Buying a used car is a viable option for a lot of people especially if they have less flexible options in terms of finance and choices. A problem that often occurs during the process of buying used cars is the fact that practically one does not have an idea of... Read more

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