Things Nobody Told You About PPSR

What is PPSR? PPSR is the abbreviation for Personal Property Securities Register. It is a national electronic online register that allows the registration of security interests in personal property and the data can be searched according to the Australia Personal Property Securities Act 2009. The PPSR is Australia is completely... Read more

Everything You Need to Know About REVS checks, Car History and PPSR reports

REVS checks and PPSR reports are important parts of buying a used car in Australia, but many people have never even heard of them. They’re also referred to as VIN checks. This page is designed to tell you everything you need to know about these vital steps in the used... Read more

What is PPSR and How does it Work?

  Everything you should know about PPSR…   The Australian Financial Security Authority or ASFA as it is popularly known is an executive agency in the Attorney General's portfolio. This government agency is responsible for the administration and regulation of the: Personal liquidation systems Criminal proceedings Trustee services Other than... Read more

Understanding Write-Off Codes on Your PPSR Report

Your PPSR will give you information regarding the write-off status, if any, of the car you’re considering purchasing. However, as these details are often given in strange-looking codes, it can sometimes be confusing to know what you’re reading.  Write-off codes have three parts to them made up of numbers and... Read more

The Rising Rate of Stolen Vehicles in Australia

Increasing Number of Stolen vehicles in Australia: The growing number of stolen vehicles and their re-selling is getting attention of concerned authorities in Australia. A number of buyers have been found reporting and complaining that they have been sold vehicles without any number plates, history check reports and incomplete documentation.... Read more

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