The Number 1 Shocking Reason Why You Need A REVS Check in WA

One vehicle gets stolen every hour in Western Australia. Yes, you read that right. One every hour. The National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council has conducted numerous studies over the years covering the trends and statistics in vehicle thefts. The year 2014 was considered a significant increase in vehicle thefts... Read more

Shopping For Used Cars Online

Surfing the internet for a used car is becoming more and more popular in Australia, and the whole world. This emerging consumer trend can be attributed to the ever-growing power of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Today, unlike before when buyers have to visit the nooks and crannies... Read more

Everything You Need to Know About REVS checks, Car History and PPSR reports

REVS checks and PPSR reports are essential aspects of buying a second-hand car in Australia. They’re also referred to as VIN checks. But unfortunately, too many people have never even heard of them. This page is designed to tell you everything you need to know about these vital steps used... Read more

Laws on Lemon Cars in Australia and How Protected Are You?

With revs check and a car history report in hand, you can always determine if it is worthy to invest in a lemon car, or just like the bitter fruit itself that inspired its name, a car that is defective or poorly built. But, the million dollar question is,... Read more

So You Want To Sell An Encumbered Car?

For most people, selling a car is easy. Just make sure it’s in drivable condition and put it up for sale on a website or through local ads. Simple. And if the car isn’t in good condition, either sell it for cheap or fix it up first. If it’s not... Read more

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