So You Want To Sell An Encumbered Car?

For most people, selling a car is easy. Just make sure it’s in drivable condition and put it up for sale on a website or through local ads. Simple. And if the car isn’t in good condition, either sell it for cheap or fix it up first. If it’s not... Read more

Revs Check Report: Transparency and Facutlity at its Finest

Buying a used car is a viable option for a lot of people especially if they have less flexible options in terms of finance and choices. A problem that often occurs during the process of buying used cars is the fact that practically one does not have an idea of... Read more

What is Car Rebirthing and How to Avoid A Rebirthed Car?

Whenever you get a PPSR report or REV check it’s a good idea to perform some follow-ups. Most of these involve inspecting the vehicle, or getting someone qualified to inspect the vehicle on your behalf. One of these follow-ups, however, involves checking the legitimacy of the VIN, chassis number, and... Read more

How State Laws Affect REV CHECKS

Say you want to get a cheap REVS check in QLD, for a car that was first bought in Victoria. Or maybe you want to get a cheap REVS check in NSW for a car that originally came from South Australia. How do different state laws, or even just being... Read more

Why do I need a REVS Check?

Now known as a PPSR check, you need a REVS check to ensure you’re getting what you pay for.   For most Australians, the only way they can afford a vehicle is to buy second hand. Unfortunately, if you aren’t careful, you can end up either paying more than the... Read more

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