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Ultimate VIN Check Guide

Whenever you’re looking to buy a used car, it’s best to do a VIN check on the vehicle. Whatever state you’re in, from QLD to Western Australia, a VIN check will help bring up vital information about the car’s history. So, what exactly is a VIN check, how do you... Read more

Dodgy car dealers are out there. What to look for when buying a used car

Our top tips on what to check when buying a second-hand car from a dealer so you don’t end up with a lemon. One of the safe places we expect to buy a car is at a car dealer. But, unfortunately, there are dodgy car dealers about and you could... Read more

How to find out the real history of a used car before you buy

Are you looking at buying a used car and want to ensure that you make a good purchase? Well, then this post is for you. We take a look at how to find out the real history of a used car before you buy it using a car history report.... Read more

Safety Checks When Dealing With A Private Seller

Everyone knows the stories about sleazy car salesmen selling second hand cars that will fall apart before the buyer gets home. And most people are pretty good at recognizing these places. Tacky signs out the front, a dodgy looking shed for an office, and a surly looking salesman in an... Read more

How to Buy a Used Car

One of the dangers of buying a used car is one can get confused because of all the different things that you will need to check to ensure you are getting the best deal. Most of us tend to give the vehicle a physical check and then we decide... Read more

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