Holden Closes: The Australian car manufacturer shuts down

It will be a sad day in the history of automobiles, when the end of the shift siren will sound for the last time, for the foreseeable future, as the Holden factory closes. Holden is an ongoing brand and was a major car manufacturer of the nation, but due to... Read more

The PPS Leases Amendment Act Has Commenced

  The PPS Leases Amendment Act Has Commenced   After being passed by the Parliament in May 2017, the PPS Leases Amendment Act has commenced on 20th May. Nevertheless, there are many lessors and lessees in Australia that ignore the real implications of this change in the legal leasing framework.... Read more

Auto Shanghai: It is your Guide to all the New Cars in the World

This event is going to tell you what cars are up and coming and which ones to look out for...   This glamorous all car exhibition is going to kick off this week at the National Exhibition and Convention Center at Shanghai, China. Held twice every year, this event is... Read more

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