Is the Hyundai Nexo the future of the Automobile industry?

  Hydrogen fueled cars are the next big thing in the automotive industry. Due to increased pollution through carbon emission and soaring petroleum prices, as well as the fear of extinct fuel reserves, oil and energy giants have been pressured to come up with alternative energy sources. The automotive industry,... Read more

Foreigners Are Imposing Threat of Road Accidents, Says MP

  Federal backbencher Ms. Sarah Henderson considers the international tourists driving hire cars as ‘moving time bomb.’ According to Australian Government member, Ms. Sarah Henderson there should be more stringent rules for the international tourists who are hiring rental car for driving in Australia.   The MP from governing Liberal... Read more

Uber has signed the deal of 24,000 cars with Volvo to bring driverless future

Recently, it has been reported that Uber is planning to invest in 24,000 cars with the self0driving technology from Volvo. It has been announced by the company that they are ready to bring some innovation in their business models. It means like people could not order the driverless vehicles instead... Read more

Holden Closes: The Australian car manufacturer shuts down

It will be a sad day in the history of automobiles, when the end of the shift siren will sound for the last time, for the foreseeable future, as the Holden factory closes. Holden is an ongoing brand and was a major car manufacturer of the nation, but due to... Read more

The PPS Leases Amendment Act Has Commenced

  The PPS Leases Amendment Act Has Commenced   After being passed by the Parliament in May 2017, the PPS Leases Amendment Act has commenced on 20th May. Nevertheless, there are many lessors and lessees in Australia that ignore the real implications of this change in the legal leasing framework.... Read more

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