Reducing Road Toll needs more than Better Roads, Experts Say

Fatalities and serious injuries on Australian roads always have a cost. According to the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities, that figure stands at $27 billion annually, and that is not counting the “devastating social impact.” Reducing the road toll has always been a major issue for the... Read more

First Ever Australian Auto Mall to come to Queensland in 2020

Dealers in Australia have expressed excitement over the development of a pilot auto mall project in South East Queensland. The auto mall will be built around a testing track located on a piece of Brisbane Airport's 2700-hectare property. An Intriguing Concept The foundation of the ‘Australian first' auto mall... Read more

One Vehicle Stolen Almost Hourly in WA, Statistics Now Show

Are you an individual looking to buy a used car in Western Australia? According to statistics from the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, you might want to hold off on purchasing one first. That is because a recent study conducted by the council highlighted a troubling trend in... Read more

Is the Hyundai Nexo the future of the Automobile industry?

Hydrogen fueled cars are the next big thing in the automotive industry. Due to increased pollution through carbon emission and soaring petroleum prices, as well as the fear of extinct fuel reserves, oil and energy giants have been pressured to come up with alternative energy sources. The automotive industry,... Read more

Foreigners Are Imposing Threat of Road Accidents, Says MP

Federal backbencher Ms. Sarah Henderson considers the international tourists driving hire cars as ‘moving time bomb.’ According to Australian Government member, Ms. Sarah Henderson there should be more stringent rules for the international tourists who are hiring rental car for driving in Australia.   The MP from governing Liberal... Read more

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