Quick and Cheap Revs Check in New South Wales?

What is a Revs Check?

To get records of encumbrance on cars and other vehicles, you needed to use the Register of Encumbered Vehicles (REVS) which were available at the state levels. From January 2012, states no longer provided the revs check for car owners and buyers. This responsibility is now with the PPSR which provides Revs checks for the entire country in the new format of a PPSR report.
A REVS check in NSW lets a potential buyer know if the motor vehicle he wants to buy had any financial encumbrance on it which could become a problem in the future. Financial encumbrances can be anything from a lien to pending car payments that should not be on a car being put for sale.
Most people still search for REVS checks in NSW because they have all the relevant information that you need to make up your mind about a car purchase. Nowadays though, REVS checks in NSW have taken a backseat to the PPSR report which gives more in-depth details about a motor vehicle’s history. A PPSR report is also known as a “car history report” because it is more comprehensive than a REVS check.
You are also better off getting a PPSR report in NSW today since getting free REVS checks are no longer possible.

How does a REVS check report help you when shopping for a used car?

Buying a used car in NSW can be tricky if you do not have a REVS check or a PPSR report to help you identify potential problems in the car’s history first. In fact, you should not buy any car that you have not checked the car history report either from a REVS check in NSW or a PPSR report. Why, you may ask? Unfortunately, NSW is home to many criminals who do “car rebirthing.” This is an illegal action where someone steals a motor vehicle and then put different parts of it together so that it can pass as a different car. The criminals can now re-register the car before selling it to an unsuspecting buyer.
Car rebirthing scams happen in back alley auto chop shops and can get a used car buyer into lots of trouble. Over 5 million motor vehicles were registered in NSW in just 2015 and among these are many vehicles with wrong registration information, shady odometer readings and false car parts from stolen vehicles.
Don’t fall a victim to buying a seemingly perfect used car only to find out that you are in possession of the proceeds of a crime. Buy a used car safely by always requesting for a REVS check in NSW and a Rego check before going ahead with any purchase.

What Does the REVS Check Report Offer?

REVS checks contain all the history of the motor vehicle that you are considering buying. Among the important information that you will find on the REVS check report are the odometer reading and the engine block number. This helps you to know whether the parts of the car you are about to buy have been changed or if the mileage of the car was rolled back to make it more attractive to unsuspicious buyers.
A REVS check will also let you know if the car has paid for in full by the last owner. If you buy a car that is still under lease or any other financial commitment from the previous owner, it could be repossessed from you by law and you would be left with nothing.
Some cars have also been involved in serious accidents where they have been written off by the insurance company. Now, if this type of car was repaired and given a fresh coat of paint, you could actually buy it without knowing that you have just bought a rust bucket that will start falling apart after a few months. You would have also overpaid for the car by as much as $5000 in some cases for a car that you still spend a lot of money repairing and fixing. You can save yourself this headache by simply requesting a REVS check in NSW or a PPSR report and checking for yourself.

Order a REVS check today

Save over $5,000 that you could lose when you buy a dodgy used car by ordering a quick and readable REVS check today for only $5.99. All you need to get started is just your vehicle’s VIN and you can get a comprehensive report to guide your car purchase decision.
Get an instant car history report today and get in a position to buy the best used car that you possibly can.