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Buying or Renewing Car Insurance Policy? Don’t Miss Out On These Points!

Smashed wind screen

When it comes to your car’s windscreen, take it from the professionals that you’re better off without any chips or breaks. And this is not because it ruins the look of your vehicle but rather because it endangers your life and the lives of those traveling with you.

Buying a car is an investment and just like any other investment you want to secure it especially when it serves such a helpful purpose. Additionally, protecting it so that it performs to its full potential, indirectly means you’re ensuring your safety. This is one of the main reasons why you must have buy comprehensive & cheap car insurance. But of what use is an insurance that does not fill the monetary gap you need it to?

If you’re in the middle of renewing your car insurance policy or purchasing one, you may want to hold off until after ensuring it clears this check-list. When evaluating an insurance plan, find out if. How to best buy car insurance online in australia & do i need to buy rental car insurance also ?

The policy covers windscreen repair AND replacement

Car windscreen repair and replacement can be tricky to pay for when you have an insurance plan. You’ll find most insurance companies entice you with covering costs. What they don’t tell you is that this cost only includes a certain bracket amount or covers only repair.

They conveniently bow out of covering your expenses for replacement and that’s when you’re truly stuck questioning whether getting insured was a wise decision in the first place.

To avoid that, ask all the questions you need instead of assuming. Mail them, talk to them, meet with them, do what it takes to be completely clear of what you’re saying yes to. Aside from that speak to your windscreen servicing professional. They may have tie-ups with companies and can brief you before-hand of the kind of expense you may have to bear by yourself (if any).

The premium amount matches that of your vehicle’s expense

Just don’t purchase any policy, instead, find one that matches your needs. By needs, you’ll need to consider the risks you face in particular. If you tend to go on long drives on routes that have construction or big trucks on it, your chances of encountering a windscreen repair or replacement are a lot higher than most people.

windscreen repair cost

In that case, opt for a higher cover. Let your risk profile decide how much you should be investing in a car insurance policy. Make it a point to also check how much a reputed service would charge you for the repair or replacement of your vehicle’s make. This will give you a ball-park figure of how much you need your policy to cover.

Finally, you need to make sure you maintain and protect your windscreen.

Your car is exposed to harsh elements, which can at some point affect its functionality or even damage it. Try to minimize that probability. In case of bad weather, avoid traveling, stay clear of accident-prone areas, construction areas and brash driving to avoid loose gravel hitting the glass.

A1 repair windscreen

Avoid any DIY techniques that could tarnish the glass, there’s a high chance of things going wrong or creating other problems that might incur a higher cost. Fix any chips or cracks at the earliest before they go out of hand and birth need for major repair or complete replacement.

These tips should help you make a wise decision and of course if still in doubt you can always take help from a reputed company in Melbourne, Australia who will be more than happy to connect you with any of their tie-ups and provide you with the information and service you need for your car.

About the author:

Darren Pay and Justin Oakes are the owners of A1 Windscreens, a reputed service in Melbourne for windscreen chip repair and window film in Melbourne, among other services. For any queries of windscreen repair or replacement services contact their team of skilled professionals.

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