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Uber has signed the deal of 24,000 cars with Volvo to bring driverless future

Recently, it has been reported that Uber is planning to invest in 24,000 cars with the self0driving technology from Volvo. It has been announced by the company that they are ready to bring some innovation in their business models. It means like people could not order the driverless vehicles instead of the freelance drivers that own a fleet of the autonomous vehicles.

Three-year partnership

The self-driving partnership of Uber with Volvo is going to last for three years. There are chances that this non-binding strategy will provide Uber a chance to enhance the system and replace the human drivers. It is considered a boost because they might not have to deal with any lawsuits and setbacks due to lacking talent and trade secrets being exposed.

The 24000 XC90 SUVs

On Monday Volvo will provide Uber with 24,000 XC90 SUVs of its flagship. The entire deal is worth $66187.50. As the part of the non-exclusive deal from 2019 to 2021, the cars have been developed with the autonomous technology. The car company is going to provide the companies and Uber will be using its won technologists to for the introduction of the self-driving system. the Advanced Technologies Group of Uber is currently working on the system.
It has been announced that Alphabet’s Waymo will be introducing the first autonomous car services in the world. In Arizona, the services will be launched in the new few months. Arizona has been selected for the launch because it is legal in the area to drive a self-operated vehicle without a driver behind the wheels. However, there are still many states that have yet to pass the law.

Autonomous vehicles are the future

It seems like every ride-hailing firm including Uber will be using the autonomous vehicles really soon. It is expected that this is going to be the multi-billion pound business and there are many threats that company possess to the other ride0hailing organizations.
There are chances that other companies would prefer to move to the same technology but they do not have the resources for such an upgrade. It is one of the biggest orders that Volo has ever received in the history of the autonomous vehicles. This is the first commercial fleet of cars introduced by Volvo. Uber has been testing the system in Arizona with the safety drivers to control the vehicles in case of emergency.  
Uber and Volvo Contract

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