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Yaris GR Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Yaris GR Review Australia


The Toyota Yaris GR was introduced in 2020. Since its introduction, Toyota Yaris GR  has been one of the most lit models in Toyota's all segments. Toyota Yaris became everyone's favourite in a short time due to its fantastic combo of a spicy 200kW three-cylinder turbo engine with an all-wheel-drive system. In addition, this model has a very lightweight packaging that gained plaudits overnight. The 2021 Toyota GR Yaris is now considered the first in-house sports car that the brand has produced in around two decades. To know more about Yaris GR specs, continue reading!


Yaris GR Engine:




Toyota Yaris GR comes with the most potent mass-produced three-cylinder engine. This engine produces 200kW of power and 370 Nm of torque out of a 1.6-litre turbo triple. Toyota has moved the Yaris Gr engine close to the centre of the car. 


Toyota Yaris Gr's drives on all four wheels and is paired to a six-speed manual. The only problem is that there's no dual-clutch auto option in this model.


Toyota Yaris GR exterior:


Toyota Yaris GR Exterior


The exterior design of the Toyota Yaris GR is something that most people love about it. The first noticeable thing is its three-door body. In addition, the body of the 2021 Toyota Yaris is way lower and way wider than the other five-door Yaris. The reason behind it is the regulations of World Rally Championship 2021 that demanded that a car's body should be close to the road car it's based on. This body type gives it a coupe look.


It's offered in three unique racing colours, black, red and white. The platform of the Yaris GR is a combination of the front end of the Yaris and the rear of the Corolla.


Yaris GR shares these exterior features with the Yaris hatch: 

✓ Headlights

✓ Tail-lights

✓ Mirrors


The aggressive grille with colossal front air intakes makes the Toyota Yasir GR stand apart from other models.


Some other exterior features include: 

✓ Rear spoiler

✓ Side skirts

✓ Fat fenders

✓ 18-inch Enkei forged alloy rims


The car has an aggressive stance and tough look, thanks to its pumped guards, wider tracks, fat rubber, and greater overall width. Toyota Yasir looks like a muscular terrier that is ready for everything that you throw at it.


The main parts of the car that are carved with weight include aluminium bonnet, carbon roof, doors and tailgate. The rest of the car's body uses lots of lightweight, high-tensile steel.


Toyota Yaris GR interior:


Toyota Yaris GR Interior


When it comes to the interior of the Toyota Yaris GR,  the front seats have leather accents and suede inserts. In addition, the front also includes a leather-trimmed steering wheel, a small diameter, a handbrake and a short-throw gear shift. The dashboard of Yasir Gr has a neat and two-tier design. It has a 7.0-inch media screen at the centre of the upper level. The upper part of the dashboard is covered in a soft-touch layer. On either side of a 4.2-inch multi-information display, there is a  simple instrument binnacle with large speedo and tacho dials. The Toyota Yaris has fewer doors and also one less seating position. 


The Toyota Yaris GR focuses on driver engagement as well as on practicality.


The interior storage has the following equipment: 

✓ Elongated trays present on the lower level of the two-tier dash

✓ A storage compartment or armrest between the front seats

✓ A modest glove box

✓ Bottle holders

✓ Front door bins 

✓ Two cup holders in the centre console


The seats at the back are sculpted nicely, and although it has a marginally longer wheelbase, the space at the back is a bit too tight. It would be difficult for a taller person to adjust behind the driver seat. This is because it has less legroom and headspace. If you have teen kids, the back seats are great for them. The back seats also do not have storage, fold-down centre armrest, or cup holders either. The connectivity option is also available to the front seaters. There you have a single USB-A socket and 12V outlet.


Yaris GR safety:

As this model of Toyota is the combination of parts from the Yaris and Corolla, we can say that the Yaris or the Corolla's five-star safety rating naturally applies to Toyota Yaris GR as well. The reason behind that is, it has not yet been crash-tested. So given that it is half of both cars, it can have their five stars as it is likely just as safe as a standard Yaris.


The Yaris GR also has all the active safety features that all Toyotas have, including:

✓ Blind-spot monitoring

✓ Adaptive cruise control

✓ Road sign recognition

✓ Lane-keep assist

✓ Autonomous emergency braking

✓ Pedestrian (day/night) detection

✓ Cyclist (night) detection

✓ Intersection turn assist


YARIS GR pricing:

The Toyota GR Yaris 2021 prices range from $49,500 for the basic trim level to $54,500 for the top trim of the range.



✓ Great transmission

✓ Brilliant powertrain

✓ Incredibly capability on the road

✓ Superb dynamics

✓ Relative refinement



✓ There are some hard plastics in the cabin

✓ It has an oversized interior mirror

✓ The name, Yaris, doesn't represent its marvellous engineering

✓ It has audio exhaust noise enhancement

✓ Its price may put some off

✓ Given the price tag, interior technology lacks a lot


Final verdict:

With the arrival of the Yaris GR, Toyota has been reborn in Australia. It is an impeccable model from a company that wants to prove that they are back in the game. If you're going to experience what it means when a behemoth is awoken to motorsport, then Toyota Yaris GR is what you need! If you are one of the car enthusiasts or, let us say, Toyota enthusiasts, then Yaris GR is what you want and should embrace. So our final verdict is that Toyota Yaris GR is currently the best model that Toyota has. The passion, styling,  development and level of engineering that is behind this car ensure that it remains the most classy option in the market. If you decide upon being one for you, make sure that you go through its hidden past. To get the history of any vehicle in Australia, you can use the Quick Revs online platform. Just write the necessary details of your car and get its history at an affordable price! For more information, click here


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