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Y62 Patrol Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Y62 Patrol Review Australia


Searching for a durable and powerful car is a tough task. But here we are suggesting you a good buy if you need a full-size SUV laden with features. Nissan Y62 Patrol is a 5-door SUV, made in the 6th generation of Nissan Patrol. Manufactured in 2010, this vehicle has been serving the purpose of a usable car. Available in a variety of trim levels (XE, SE, SE-Platinum City, LE, LE-Titanium, LE-Platinum City, and NISMO Edition), you can find it only in Ti and Ti-L trims in Australia.


You would find its engine pretty hardworking whereas 4x4 seems brilliantly authentic. While driving, you can expect cabin comfort and luxury. Committed to its blueprint, the car is designed to maximize drive ease and luxury. In short, it holds the genuine motor and lavishness in spades. With ample space, it has all the sophisticated instrumentation.


We can say, the Nissan Y62 Patrol is in a league of its own!



The engine is strategically placed at the front, with the options of 4WD and RWD. No matter what you choose, Y62 Patrol is unproblematic and seems to work just fine. Going back to old times, you are advised to pick one of the latest versions. The 2017-year models can be a good fit. 


You will find it powered with a revving 4L V6 engine capable of delivering 205kW power and 394 Nm torque. Well, wait! If you can compromise on quality and speed, you can buy these entry-level XE and SE trims. If speed, power, and torquey touch are more important, you must choose upper-level trims featuring a larger 5.6L V8 engine. With the bigger engine, it offers you 298kW power and 560 Nm. Trust me, when you drive both, you will know the difference between the thrust of V6 and V8.


If you are willing to pay extra money just to be unique and stand out, you have another option of the NISMO edition. Equipped with a 5.6L V8 engine, Y62 Patrol will take you places. It has an additional HP of 28 units. Very fast!



 ✓ A 7-speed automatic

 ✓ A 5-speed automatic

 ✓ A 6-speed manual (entry-level trims in previous versions)



You must be impressed with its engine capacities, but how is Y62 Patrol to drive? Absolutely great! It will perform perfectly fine on city roads and highways without bringing the issues of any power shortage. It is not only a hard-wearing, capable and easy cruiser off-road people mover, but also gives a wicked howl when revved up. With a rock-solid reputation of handling the worst of the gravel road, petrol running and wonderfully powered V8 engine have so much to offer that you will love. Supported by the all-rounder independent suspension, the Y62 Patrol agile handling is assured.


In the latest trims, the ALL MODE 4×4 system is precisely controlled with a circular electronic switch cluster. With the use of high tech, the ride has made it more comfortable. The button can be accessed behind the gear selector. It has three modes to offer for three compatible terrains: sand, rock, snow, and on-road driving. It manages the throttle response, gear shift, and suspension adaptability. The real highlight is its Hydraulic Body Motion Control System.


Noticeably, the Y62 Patrol is not a sporty car to drive but mated with all the power and compatible transmission, the engine does the trick smoothly. It also works marvelously in manual mode. All you need is to push a little harder. Surprisingly, you will find this car comfortably silent but tends to make a little growling sound when V8 is accelerated


Overtaking is easier with its high speed and braking system that never makes the vehicle hesitate for a moment. As possible as nimble and easy to maneuver steering is a plus. Besides, it is directional, precise, and responsive. In regards to fuel mileage, the most purchased motor is Y62 Patrol with a 5.6L V8 engine. With the estimated value of 14.4L/100km, it comes with more than enough larger fuel tank (140L)



In respect of exterior and interior design, the 2014 version has only a few features that will make a difference. The list includes impressive tail lights with red elements, round housings, and built-in LED headlamps. Fast-forwarding to the 2019 versions, it has a deeper apron with a traditional globe housing. But the most striking feature is its “Nissan's Intelligent Mobility”.


It is an advanced and more refined driver-assistance feature that supports:

Lane-keeping assist

Forward collision warning

Automatic emergency braking (front and rear)

Rear cross-traffic alert

Blind-spot monitoring.


2020 model specifications:

The company made no mechanical changes in the 2020 Patrol Y62 models but brought revolutionary modifications in design. We all can agree that the engines do not really need an upgrade. The motor is already doing perfectly. Installation of eye-catching front and rear bumper and the addition of plenty of safety technology is what makes this model more and more preferable.


From the inside, it is styled in a way to maximize the cabin space. The 1st-row seats are not only plush but highly supportive making the driving relaxing. 2nd-row seats are collapsible and can be folded to enhance the leg or cargo space. Overall, it has nothing to complain about.


Certain features are standard on all Y62 Patrol trims and you can enjoy it even if you have paid less. For instance, the leather-trimmed cabin, air-conditioner, and expensive-looking woodgrain inserts. A High-resolution 8.0-inch touchscreen is fitted the best quality multimedia. Apart from a leisurely cabin, the car comes with a stylish exterior. Responsive sat-navigation for safety is present along with full in-car entertainment features.


Standard features of Ti trim:

Front Electric Seats

Adaptable Cruise Control

Blind Spot Mirroring

Around-View Monitor

Responsive Emergency Braking

Smart Forward Collision Warning

Towing Capacity (braked): 3,500kg

Leather-wrapped Seat and Steering knob


Standard features of Ti-L trim:

On the addition of the Ti-trim, the Ti-L trim has:

Rear-View Monitor

2nd-row seat entertainment screens

Driver's seat with 2 memory

Side mirrors

Steering column

13-speaker Premium Bose® audio setup


Roof rails

Heated and cooled front seats


Cons of buying Y62 Patrol:

Not a real engaging driving experience

Needs plenty of parking space

V8 is a fuel-thirsty engine


Patrol Desert Edition:

5.6-litre engine

Maximum power: 400 hp

Manually-adjusted cloth seats

Satellite navigation

Fast and responsive suspension


Final verdict:

In the search for a larger, more capable, and broadly equipped off-road people carrier, Y62 Patrol is the best option you have. It has a reliable status and will cruise anywhere maintaining comfort and style. It will definitely be seen making a statement, as you will be rushing along in luxury with all the power you want. Nissan Patrol Y62 is acknowledged as an upper large, lower-priced SUV.


If you have planned on purchasing the car, you must look for all the loopholes. For your assistance, we have an online and all-time accessible portal. As soon as you enter the car details we will provide you with the valid and original past details of the vehicle’s driving, theft, or any accident.




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