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XR8 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


XR8 Review Australia Features Specification Price


Ford Motor Company is an Australian brand that needs no introduction. Coming to its range of full-sized luxurious cars, the Ford Falcon is an absolutely ideal choice. Manufactured from 1960 to 2016, it has several generations and body styles. It means you will surely get something to your taste.


Today, we are going to focus on one of its strong built and lavishly designed vehicles called the XR8. Being the highest-end model, it is available in the year models of 2014 to 2017. Its subtle front and rear design complementing the robust chassis makes it a desirable choice. Safety and electronics are refined in the latest models.


Engine configurations are impressive enough to guarantee a smooth on-road performance. The car is easy to steer and gear runs well. Known for its sharp ride, the lightweight sheet metal and glass combination is a plus.



No matter what trim you are going to choose, the engine will be placed under its sturdy yet agile hood. This RWD is just fine to take you on a firm ride. Every trim, particularly the latest is featured with plenty of performance goodies. The signature spec is their stiffer springs on front and rear with adaptable dampers and flexible front upper-spring mounts. The engine is made powerful with the installation of a thicker rear sway bar, and more solid bushes.


The gear-shifters are made compatible with the engine configurations in XR8. The braking system provides adequate stopping power. Once you have hit the road, you will see how usable and manageable the car is. Well, it has its downfalls, especially the engine noise. Driving on a straight line will make it run faster, all credit goes to its responsive steering. The drive is fully engaging in manual mode.


All versions of Ford falcon XR8 offer a quick turn-in, manages the speed, and controls the body roll effortlessly. Overall, the engine is compact, efficient, stays relaxed and composed. 2014 models are brilliant and absurd at the same time. Some say its steering feels heavy mostly at low acceleration and can get fidgety over corners. EB Series II might be the best fit you can choose. Its sports model comprises an incredible 5L V8 setup.



After significant mechanical and structural improvements, AU offers a more stable ride yet slower acceleration. The characteristic feature is its IRS, offered as standard. This model is known for its best speed handling and braking power. Series 1 and 2 have a 5L V8 engine backed up with the power of 185 kW and 200 kW, respectively.



Continued with the IRS, its inline 6-cyl V8 engine is available in two configurations. Both are reasonable in terms of power, speed, torque, and transmissions. A 5.4L engine of series 1 is a recommended option.


The addition of all-new, refreshed, retuned, and refined 6-speed Tremec T56 manual transmission in Series 2 XR8 is something you don’t want to miss out on.



Well, if you are looking for a variant that comes with revving speed, it is your pick. With upgraded power, its inline 6-cylinder engine guarantees unproblematic performance. The motor is designed with an enlarged intercooler, extra boost, and reinforced internals.



Introduced as a racing version, FGX XR8 is equipped with an advanced V8 motor. The outstanding supercharged 5L V8 delivers 335 kW power mated with a torque of 570 NM. Moreover, you have the free will to choose either a manual or automatic gearbox. Both are executed in a 6-speed range.



Coming to the design, the styling might seem off to some extent in XR8. Although, it appears visually attractive but lacks modernity and innovativeness. But remember, the build quality is not its strong point. Starting from the oldest version, ED, you can spot it from a long distance due to its characteristic front elliptical grille. The addition of the exclusive quad headlight cluster makes it fancier.



With an integrated quad-lamp bumper bar and sturdy grille, AU XR8 appears smart. The body color-coordination and chrome fittings give premium feels. The real uniqueness is its non-high-end bonnet. You will be provided with advanced navigation functions. If you have selected the option of a full Tickford body kit, you will be getting a bi-wing rear spoiler.


XR8 Rebel with a limited-edition Ford Racing body kit is the plushest variant, you need to consider. Featuring 18-inch wheels, a classy steering wheel, and a Sony PlayStation 2, it is definitely extra.



After receiving a complete front and rear restyling, BA XR8 has become more contemporary. Now, it gives European-style vibes. A lot of effort can be seen put into refining the craftsmanship and fit and finesse of the exterior as well as the interior. Headlights being sub-flushed to the hood, the cabin is remodeled with an eye-catching conservatively styled instrument cluster.


Other noticeable specs are:

High-resolution LCD

Satin finessed Interior Command Centre

"XR" insignia

17-inch wheels

Premium audio system


2014 models specifications:

As a standard, the cabin inside has a premium finish with a soft-felt leather seat trimming. Life-saving technology that is designed to call triple zero, automatically, in case of emergency is one of the most admired features.


Other essential features are:

Sync2 infotainment setup with 8-inch touchscreen

Responsive voice command

DAB (digital radio)


Bluetooth connectivity (phone and audio streaming)

Automatic headlights

Intermittent, rain-sensing wipers



USB and AUX inlet

Wireless hotspot

CD player

9-speaker audio system with a quality subwoofer


Dual-zone climate control

Air conditioner

Remote or Keyless fuel lid release

Engine immobilizer

Light sensitive (automatic) headlights

LED Tail Lights

Fog lights (front)

The rear-view mirror has an automatic anti-glare

Rain-sensing, automatic wipers

Split fold seats

First row seats with a manual lumbar adjustment



Trip computer



In the latest model, there is a complete set of safety packages introduced.


The highlighted specs are:


Seatbelts for the front row with pretensioners


Hill assist

Brake assist

Traction and stability control


Parking assistance (front and rear parking sensors)

Reverse/Rear camera

Lane assist


Cons of buying XR8:

Inferior quality chassis

Tasteless cabin styling

Lacks refinement

Do not offer passive safety technology in any trim

No paddle shifters

Sport seat lacks support

High driving position is awful


In 2014 models, the following are the special specs that are noted missing:

Electric seat adjustment

Ambient lighting at night, 

Steering mounted controls do not illuminate

Disturbing road and wind noise  


Final verdict:

Its punchy V8 engine comes with agile handling. The compatibility of the supercharger and intercoolers is exemplary in XR8. The performance gets better due to the excellent brakes. Improved connectivity options are installed inside the cabin. The long list of specs is noted. But it might give you cheap-feels.


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