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XP Falcon Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


XP Falcon Review Australia


Ford Motor Company is considered as one of the most famous Australian automobile manufacturing companies and if we talk about the reliability of the car, it is extremely satisfactory.


XP Falcon Review Australia

Starting from the famous, durable, and nice-looking mid-sized cars, you simply cannot miss out on Ford Falcon XP. Although it is manufactured only for a year from 1965 to 1966, you can buy it from any of its 13 trims. Here are your options:


 ✓ Sedans – Standard, Deluxe, Futura, Fairmont

 ✓ Station wagons – Standard, Deluxe, Squire, Fairmont

 ✓ Convertible/ 2-door hardtops – Deluxe, Futura

 ✓ UTE (utilities) – Standard, Deluxe

 ✓ Van


Undoubtedly, XP Falcon is a stand-out on-road performer. The braking, speed, power, and fuel consumption, everything is reasonable. Consider this car viable for frequent use!


If you are planning to buy, the panel vans might not be a good choice. The reason behind its preference is its outstanding strengthened chassis and the installation of “torque-boxes”. You would find not the core workings of the engine but also the construction of the layout, upholstery, tires, brakes, and paintwork unexpectedly awesome.


XP Falcon seems far richer and more radiant in comparison to other cars than available in the Australian market at that affordable price.



It not only comes with a classy interior but also exceptional motor equipment. All cars, irrespective of their body style, are RWD. The engine is placed upfront, under its sturdy hood. The bonnet is also nicely designed to assist the design, size, and shape of the engine. All engine accessories offer durability as they are made to drive smoothly on the harsh roads of Australia. But unfortunately, XP Falcon failed and was regarded as a too soft vehicle for the harsher aspects of Aussie life. Still, mechanically, the car is hard-wearing.


This RWD offers a choice of three amazing engines.


 ✓ A 2.3L (144 ci) Straight-6 OHV that is known for producing maximum power of 96 hp

 ✓ A 2.8L (170 ci) Straight-6 OHV is known for delivering power of 121 bhp at 4400 rpm mated with an incredible torque of 211 Nm at 2400 rpm. Fuel tank capacity is also acceptable that is 53.2L.

 ✓ A 3.3 L (200 ci) Straight-6 OHV


Apart from durability, XP Falcon ensures neat road-handling and powerful brake performance. Well, the on-road acceleration is just wonderful and all credit goes to the 'torque box' steel subframe. It has successfully increased its structural rigidity.


All the XP Falcon UTE and sedan kit vehicles come with five-lug 13’’ wheels and massive 10’’ drum brakes. Now, you know how this old car manages every road situation so effortlessly. Talking about the brakes, you can get responsive vacuum disc brakes as standard in Fairmont, that is the luxury variant. If you want the same braking setup but in the other body style, in sedan and hardtop trims, you can have them as an optional spec.


Self-adjusting brakes complimenting the engine has something with some decent power. It manages the steering neatly with a least of body lean and tire screeching. Both, the drum-braked and the disc-braked trims are fantastic.


The suspension is also amazing as XP Falcon comes with independent suspension in the front with flexible coil springs, and an adaptive anti-roll bar. On the contrary, the rear features a live axle with a semi-elliptic springs setup.




 ✓ 3-speed manual

 ✓ 2-speed Ford-O-Matic automatic

 ✓ 3-speed automatic



Let us begin with the choices of body styles XP Falcon has to offer.


 ✓ 4-door sedan

 ✓ 4-door station wagon

 ✓ 2-door convertible/hardtop

 ✓ 2-door UTE (Utility)

 ✓ 2-door panel van


As far as the construction is concerned, it is all-steel. The unitary body makes it stronger and more fascinating. The XP is known for its distinguishing exterior. That makes it look more aggressive and masculine. Its sleeker styling complimenting the sculptured side extending to form a brow over the headlights and front grille is eye-catching.


With the improved build quality, the cabin is made rattle-free. The front squared-off look adds to the robustness. The overall styling is solid. The Squire range has exclusive wood panels on the side for the concealed strength and durability. A single-piece deep chrome finesse steel wrap-around bumper looks pretty fancy. The engine insulation is brilliantly done under the bonnet to reduce the noise.


On the inside, XP Falcon has a padded dashboard made with a high-quality choice of materials. The interior appears quite original, but it is not. Split-bench seats and electric windows are available in the XP Falcon coupe. The standard specs include:


 ✓ High-fashion colors

 ✓ Metallic “diamond luster” shade

 ✓ Safety grooves in the wheel rims

 ✓ Chrome drip moldings

 ✓ Round shaped Falcon rear lights

 ✓ The spare wheel positioned upright in a footwell leaving a sufficient boot space

 ✓ Vinyl trimmed interior

 ✓ Insulation for heat and cold

 ✓ Carpeted floor with ribbed floor mats

 ✓ The front windscreen with a toughened glass

 ✓ 2-speed electric windscreen wipers

 ✓ Illuminated selector quadrant on the steering

 ✓ A dome lamp in the center roof turret

 ✓ A color-matched headlining

 ✓ Blower heater

 ✓ Screen washers

 ✓ Handbrake on warning light flasher

 ✓ Auto-portable transistor radio

 ✓ Air heater and ventilating system

 ✓ Exterior sun visors for the front windscreen

 ✓ Venetian blind for the rear window

 ✓ A weather shield for the driver’s window


Cons of buying xp falcon


 ✓ The location of the dip switch

 ✓ Feels a bit wandery, today, too, but again, that’s just how things were back then

 ✓ Lacks infotainment display

 ✓ No diesel engine options

 ✓ Limited gear options

 ✓ No air conditioner

 ✓ Lacks hi-tech safety specifications

 ✓ Unsettling cruise control


Final verdict

We can all agree that XP Falcon is a sweet car to drive. It offers usability. It is definitely a successful Ford product. Everything it does, it does it pretty well. It cruises smoothly. On-road, it seems incredibly reliable, lively, agile, and more versatile. It would not be wrong to say that it has a top-class build quality along with vastly improved cabin details. The body panels are snuggled noticeably better than ever before.


If you have already finalized your plan about purchasing a vehicle, first you must read the reviews but leave no doubt. To clear all the confusion, you must check the car’s history. We are providing you with a 24/7 accessible portal that works online. We can provide you, all the information you need regarding the automobile’s accidental, theft, and driving history.




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