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XF Falcon Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

XF Falcon Review Australia


XF Falcon is a full-sized car, manufactured under the name of Ford Australia. Unfortunately, its production has been ceased. Only 278,101 cars were built from 1984 to 1993. These variants are the 3rd and final iteration of the 4th generation. The Ford Falcon XF series is Ford's best-selling Falcon model manufactured by Australia. It features two fuel-efficient engines. The vehicles have a smoother gear shift. Models have 3, 4, and 5 columns shifts with a variety of automatic or manual control. The drive, steering, and speed management are competent. But high acceleration demands effort and stronger pull.


XF Falcon Review Australia:

Ford is known for manufacturing pocket-friendly, elite, family-sized as well as sports car series. It is the enterprise that has gained fame in the automobile industry by providing high-class vehicles. If we look into XF Falcon models, you can find the prominent variation. From October 1984 – February 1988, only sedans and wagons were manufactured. But, then from October till March 1993, utility, and panel vans were manufactured.



 ✓ Falcon - UTE and panel van

 ✓ Falcon GL - UTE, panel van, sedan, and wagon

 ✓ Falcon GLS Ute

 ✓ Fairmont - sedan and wagon

 ✓ Fairmont Ghia - sedan and wagon

 ✓ Nissan Ute


This is also a Ford Falcon XF variant but badge-engineered which was marketed in Australia within 1988-1991. If you are interested in purchasing this car, you can find 2 basic versions: DX and ST. Unfortunately, there is no "S" exclusive pack. It is advised to not choose this car over any other XF variant because it is taken as a troublesome vehicle.


Engine setup of XF Falcon:

In a manual transmission, you can find manual steering pretty heavy to manage. But, electric steering featured in higher-specification versions is light and more manageable. You can get variety in the tank capacities. Commercials have 68L, the wagons have 72L, whereas the GL/Fairmont sedans have 66L as a standard, but comes with an option of 80L in Ghia/Fairlane/LTD. Coming to another important aspect that lets you race your car speedily is suspensions. Upfront and in the rear axle, they have dual-tube adjustable heavy-duty shock absorbers, flexible coil springs and a stabiliser bar.


1984 –1988 versions:

In the 1986 model of XF Falcon, the engine is impressive enough to give you a satisfactory first drive experience. It comes with a 4089 CC with a single carburettor. 1984 –1988 versions are all RWD. It will take you on the long drive with its massive 66.0L fuel tank capacity. But if you feel heavy, you can reduce it to 50L. No doubt, it is an old series but still doesn’t lack any engine details. Over years, the engine has been modified but every setup has 6 cylinders, making the drive easier and ride comfortable.


3.3L engine featuring 3, 4, or 5-speed manual or 3-speed automatic transmission

In Alloy head – Maximum power: 90kw at 4100rpm and maximum torque: 240Nm at 2300rpm

In Alloy head unleaded – Maximum power: 88kw at 4000rpm, and maximum torque: 235Nm at 2200rpm

4.1L engine featuring carburettor and 3-speed manual gear shift in XF Falcon UTE and van. It is upgraded to 4-speed manual or 3-speed automatic transmission in other versions.

4.1L engine (EFI) featuring 4-speed manual or 3-speed automatic transmission

In 4.1 liter "Alloy Head" EFI Six – Maximum power: 120kw at 4000rpm, and maximum Torque: 333Nm at 3000rpm

4.9L V8 engine featuring manual 3-speed automatic gear shift

4.1L engine with a carburettor and EFI featuring 5-speed manual gearbox


1992-1993 model:

If you don’t want to lose the touch of luxury even in the older cars, this latest modified version is fit for a small family. The car is equipped with a piston engine and is fast as it provides a maximum power of 99kW @ 3600rpm. It has more effective evaporators and condensers. The major highlight of the engine show is its advanced, lightweight spiral type compressor. It gives you the choice of three engines with small improvements. It has a 3.3 L engine with which the team has efficiently fitted 2 valves for each cylinder. The second option is a 4.1L engine with a Carburettor and with a little variation in 4.1L, the third engine is upgraded with EFI. All engines have 4089 CC with a 4.1L engine size.


Fairmont Ghia:

The luxury-oriented Ghia model is equipped with a 4.1L fuel-injected or carburettor inline 6-cyl engine. You don’t have to be worried about the fuel expenditure as it is a fuel-effective engine. For more convenience, the car is infused with BW40 3-speed automatic gear. To assure your safety, it has 4-wheel disc brakes.



Choosing a car from such a vast range of body types must be confusing but it depends on your choice and convenience. XF Falcon has a 2-door coupé UTE and panel van. In the need of a larger car? Get hands on its 4-door sedan or 5-door station wagon.


Ford Falcon XF might lag in the use of high technology, infotainment screens, and leather upholstery, but comfort is not compromised. In Sedan and wagon, the exterior is pretty rounded with the bold grille. For a fancier touch, it has Ford insignia on the crest. Black monocoque structure with wrap-around bumpers gives it a robust look. They have a roomy cabin with a wheelbase of 2829 mm. All vehicles have modernised interiors with wheel and seat arrangements ensuring ease. Enjoy driving with cushion tilt and adjustable steering. In higher models, the mirrors can be folded forward or backward. Sounds pretty amazing!


Do you have a habit of keeping things at the back of the seat? Ghia have map pockets behind the front seats, but Fairmont is loaded with accessible front and rear door pockets. As a standard, you can find speedometers and odometers. The dashboard is uniquely designed to increase the boot space. All versions have a temperature gauge and a digital clock. If you are looking for the safety XF Falcon specs, there is an Oil warning lamp and an Alternator warning lamp. As we know, “S” is a limited exclusive model, it has some significant features, such as a tachometer and then comes the illuminating, electronic fluorescent screen. You can check the fuel level, battery status, and oil/gas/diesel pressure.


The addition of a full electronic display with voltmeter and trip meter has made the Fairmont Ghia more satisfactory. In XF models, there is no five-star audio setup but has a decent tape stereo setup. The Fairmont Ghia features an automatically powered 4-speaker system. The infusion of the bonnet with softer grille lines has successfully given a subtle look. The team has efficiently designed the XF Falcon aerodynamic layout. 


Other noticeable specifications are:

High-tech and fashionable headlights

Turn indicators

Energy-absorbing bumper

Air dam

Fuel filler with an inbuilt spring-loaded lid

2-spoke wheel with easy-going rim

The 3-seater centerfold forward-facing seat (standard in the XF Falcon UTE and van)

Adjustable back-seat headrests and hi-tech instrument panels

A 12-function trip display


Luckily, with a complimentary Ford Falcon XF S pack you can get certain upgrades. In the layout, you will get visually appealing body stripes, fog lamps, and modish alloy wheels. The best part is its emblematic Falcon "S" badging. There is a driver's lumbar support to give you more leisure.


Final verdict:

If you are in the search of a family wagon that comes easy on a budget and is greatly finessed with comfort, XF Falcon might be your good option. Every version has its distinctive specifications which makes it alluring. Even after a complete review of ford falcon XF, you must be confused. So, here we are offering another way of clearing your doubts. Get all relevant theft and accidental history of your car instantly on our all-time accessible on our website Quick Revs.

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