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XD Falcon Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

XD Falcon Review Australia

The XD Falcon is the series that has leveled up the game back in the 1970s. It was introduced in March 1979, as a successor to the Falcon XC. Unfortunately, its manufacturing was ended by 1982. In those years, only 197,293 cars were engineered with perfection. As a substitution, Falcon XE debuted to the market in March 1982. Were you a fan of Granada? Because you can call XD Falcon a xerox of Granada, featuring an advanced smaller framework. Several upgrades have been made but regrettably, the modifications in the engine didn’t worth it and no visible improvement was noticed in its fuel-economy efficiency. But, if you demand comfortability with efficient handling, this car will work for you!


Do you like having a will of choosing from a wide variety? Ford Falcon XD has multiple variants. Although it lacks most of all the essential functionalities, it was still considered an ideal car of the time! It has an innovatively structured chassis with the finest power and torquey 6-cylinder engines.


The Ford Falcon is regarded as Australia's company with the longest-running dates, 56 years of providing US-based model full-sized cars, especially mass-produced for Australian weather and bumpy roads. Ford XD was the 1st variant of the 4th generation. It also includes a luxury-oriented vehicle called Ford Fairmont (XD). It was designed in 5 visually appealing models at a reasonable cost, making it affordable. With the latest time, their team not only downsized the car but also brought revolutionary modifications in engine setup.



The vehicle has faced a lot of criticism because of its copied design and low-value engine. But, they modified their cars which totally altered the XD Falcon ride into smoother with better handling balance. Do you know the major transformation? All 6-cylinder engine setup was upgraded to an alloy cylinder. What is the most important thing in the engine to keep it running smoothly? Top-quality suspension. In its models, it comprises front entirely independent suspension with the dual wishbone. Pretty progressive! Coming to the rear suspensions, they were floating axle type. It has additional specs of shock absorber units. and, oh! Its sedan version was also characterized by an anti-roll bar.


What better thing can you imagine besides having a huge fuel tank capacity?! It used to have a 77.0L tank with a basic engine of 3.3L, 6-cylinder. Every engine had a built-in carburetor. Plus points to the standard engine were split circuit hydraulic system and automatically operational booster. The company tried hiding a few aces up its sleeve. Their smooth gear shift and transmission represented the state of the art. Some of the highlighted specifications of the Ford Falcon XD engine systems are mentioned below. The progressive modifications are also explained.


3.3L engine with 6-cylinders featuring 3-speed manual or automatic transmission

✔ Power: 82kw at 4000rpm and Torque: 228Nm at 2400rpm


3.3L engine with “Alloy Head” 6-cylinders featuring 3-speed manual or automatic transmission   

Power: 84kw at 4000rpm and Torque: 230Nm at 2400rpm


4.1L engine with 6-cylinders featuring 3/4 speed manual or 3-speed automatic transmission

Power: 94kw at 3900rpm and Torque: 295Nm at 1900rpm


4.1L engine with “Alloy Head” 6-cylinders featuring 3/4 speed manual or 3-speed automatic transmission

Power: 94kw at 4000rpm and Torque: 305Nm at 2000rpm


4.9L V8 engine featuring manual 3 or 4-speed manual or 3-speed automatic transmission

Power: 140kw at 4500rpm and Torque: 344Nm at 3200rpm


5.8L V8 engine featuring manual 4-speed manual or 3-speed automatic transmission

Power: 149kw at 4300rpm and Torque: 415Nm at 3000rpm


Designing of XD Falcon:

Seeing a Falcon XD will make you feel excited. A BIT! It had unitary construction with a wide wheelbase of 2818mm. The exterior used to have a certain striking feature such as highlighting straight lines and sharp squared-off edges. For the fancier touch, the waistline was kept lower. But, the main reason behind the dragged chassis was giving the greater glass area. Do you know why was it so economical? Maybe because it was featured with the cheapest gearbox. Or, it had no leather-trimmed luxurious touch. No electronic or high-tech features were added. Imagine a drive without air-conditioning? EXHAUSTING! It had a cozy but dull vinyl interior.


The only highlight of its framework was surprisingly low chassis or cabin weight. And what would you think was the best option they had? They swapped the heavy metal fuel tank with a lightweight plastic tank. Moreover, plastic bumpers were fitted. It became the foremost car with a plastic tank and bumper. Inside the car, you can find old-fashioned speedometer, odometer, and econometer. It was equipped with accessible petrol and temperature gauge. And, luckily! You get to see the tie on its built-in digital clock. 


Let us talk about its exterior! Sturdy cabin. Lightweight pitched black plastic grille. Upfront 7 parallel bars. Appealing Ford badge settled in the middle. For a sportier touch, it had rectangular headlamps and wrap-around indicators. People of the 1980s used to like a bit of extravagance, as well. For a richer look, European Sports Pack was introduced to infuse some style. It had an oil warning lamp and alternator warning lamp.



✔ Lack of safety features

✔ No air-conditioner

✔ No USB or CD/DVD portals 

✔ No electronic controls

✔ No keyless system

✔ No navigation or satellite system

✔ Fuel-consuming LPG engines

✔ The cabin was not corrosion resistant and can easily get rusted

✔ The old-styled and inefficient rear leaf suspension


Additional features:

 Kerb Weight with Iron head was 1376kg and on upgrade with Alloy head was 1345kg

 It had an excellent 6-cylinders exhaust setup with a single tail-pipe. Whereas, an upgraded V8 engine had Twin pipes

 It has cylinders with a contact breaker ignition setup

 Centrifugal and vacuum spark advance system 

 Lately, in advanced V8 and Alloy Head setup, breaker less electronic ignition distributor system was incorporated. Additional features were integral control module

 Turning Circle was noted as 11.5 meters

 Steering wheel with 5 turns lock-to-lock

 Limited slip differential in 4.1L and 4.9L automatic engines


XD Fairmont Ghia:

It was the limited edition which gained popularity rapidly. It possessed few over the top specs in comparison to typical Ghia. If you don’t know about the advancements, give a quick read to this review.

 Dual-color shades

 Bulging Marchal fog lights

 Stout 14-inch "Volante" themed alloy wheels

 Bigger FC LTD

 Powered adjustable seats

 Padded central console


1980 XD Falcon'S: 

Another range with classic features and a more enthralling interior. To enhance the outlook, fancy and symbolic 'S' was inscribed on the side. It has an accommodating interior with an eye-catching design. The best part is its fuel-efficient engine but seemed still conservative in comparison to other vehicles.


Final verdict:

Despite lacking extravagant and lavish details, ord Falcon XDF didn’t fail to amaze people. And still, it holds a certain charisma being identical to Granada. Finding the smallest engine of multiple options at affordable prices! Sounds amazing! Back in time, having a basic-family-sized car was considered an absolute luxury. It was comfortable and reliable but the time has changed.


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