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XC Falcon Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


XC Falcon Review Australia


Finding a car that offers a powerful engine, satisfactory speed, spacious cabin, and strong chassis is a difficult task. Well, now you have an option to buy a full-sized Ford car called XC Falcon. It is from the 3rd generation manufactured from 1972 to 1979.


Undoubtedly, it is a well-presented vehicle with a significant engine and gear response with a lowered stance, it balances the speed, power, and weight. We can say, the motor is reliable as well as indestructible. The cabin is spacious enough to let you keep luggage safe inside. Big car or not, it handles the acceleration and steering well.


Enhanced power and torque, improved visibility, suspension modifications, and feasible servicing signify Ford's XC Falcon. Being an old car, it is not lavishly equipped and trimmed in comparison to 2021 cars but comfort is guaranteed. It is also environment friendly as it reduces the number of exhaust emissions.


XC Falcon Engine:

As far as the engine is concerned, it is pretty impressive. Even though the XC Falcon is a local production, the motor is highly durable and sturdy. The infusion of a Cleveland V8 configuration with the X-flow 6-cylinder is something that will take you on the longer roads effortlessly. The motor might seem old but is keenly designed and placed. The spectacularly long stroke and massive capacity offer a satisfactory 'towing' torque.


The thick castings and comparatively loose tolerances provide it a high status for consistency. The on-road and off-road performances are splendid. Where the handling relies on the steering, engine, and motor, it is very much reliant on a car’s maintenance. Having electric steering makes it easy to steer. The XC Falcon UTE is equipped with a Touring Suspension, a setup of suspension especially styled around radial-ply tires. This heavy-duty suspension makes the ride comfy, relaxing, and without jerks.


On the front, it is the independent type with hydraulic shock absorbers. And, on the rear, it has a live axle complementing semi-elliptic springs and hydraulic shock absorbers. You would definitely be impressed with its brakes. These are incredibly designed to double fold the stopping power. Fuel Tank capacity is known to be 79.6L. Front brakes come in a hydraulic set up as a standard with ventilated power-assisted disc brakes. Whereas, the rear setup comprises power-assisted drum brakes.


All engines have 6-cylinder and are inline with conventional details. Being equipped upfront, these are placed longitudinally.


Here are your options of engines in XC Falcon and their coupled transmissions in different capacities, power, and torque:

A 3.3L engine with 3-speed manual or automatic gearbox. Power: 80 kW @ 4600rpm. Torque: 220NM @ 2000rpm

A 4.1L engine with a 3 or 4-speed manual as well as a 3-speed automatic gearbox. It is offered in two variants: Low Compression and High Compression. Power: 85-92 kW @ 3900rpm. Torque: 272-289NM @ 1900rpm.

A 4.9L engine with manual 3 or 4 speed or automatic transmission just like a 4.1L engine. The highlight is the 4-barrel carburettor. Power: 151 kW @ 4600rpm. Torque: 364NM @ 3000rpm.

A 5.8L engine with 4 speed or automatic. It is big but comes with a 2-barrel carburettor. Power: 162 kW @ 4600rpm. Torque: 429NM @ 2600rpm


All GXL variants of the Fairmont are only installed with a 4.1L or 4.9L motor system.


XC Falcon Design:

The best part of its layout is that it has a unitary construction. Being a monocoque increases its strength. To make it look more robust, the eye-catching horizontal-styled grille is posted upfront. All the lower-level trims have distinctive circular headlamps whereas the higher-spec models such as GXL are designed with a modish square-shaped or rectangular headlight. It gives XC Falcon a cleaner and sharper look. The refined rear lights featuring the horizontal division look impressive. You will feel how efficiently the chassis has retained the old body panels that perfectly complement the newly added bumper bar.


To assure a relaxing ride additional sound insulation has been performed. The rear doors come with a stylish lower sill cut. Other exterior features include sensibly placed rear air vents and huge bumpers at the front and rear demanding no extra valance panel for support. Well, apparently, the nose doesn’t get along with the body’s structure. To complement the speed and weight, sturdy pressed-steel disc wheels are equipped. On the contrary, the cobra has globe alloy wheels.


These Ford Falcon XC hardtops are featured with distinguishable details, for instance, a subtle look and nimble layout instead of aggressive styling. You can spot it from a long distance as it is no longer made with a bizarre coke bottle style. With imposing body embellishments on all models, the chassis has been made more and more desirable.


If we focus on its interior, the trendy dashboard will catch your attention at first. The incorporation of the comprehensive circular instrumentation and installation of the leveled upfront seats adds up to the comfortability as well as the lavishness. The instruments are also placed higher for better visibility. To let you keep the focus on the track, the minor gauges are directed towards the driving seat. In the top-range racing GL trim, you will get soft-felt steering.


If you prefer comfort to money, you must opt for the higher specs of XC Falcon otherwise you will miss out on many convenient features. Seating is extremely comfortable but you will be getting the bucket seats as a standard in all trims except the entry-level.


XC Falcon Standard features:



Tachometer (GXL, GS/Fairmont/Cobra Hardtop)

Gauge (Petrol and Temp gauge)

Oil warning lamp

Alternator warning lamp


Standard details of the 500 model:

Bucket seats

Heated rear screen

Radial tires

Massive rectangular halogen headlights


Visually, the structure is refined reducing the inclination of the grille. The bonnet looks pliable and fitted with larger bumpers.


XC Falcon Cobra – 1978 Model:

We can say, XC Falcon Cobra is one of the most sold Australian Ford XC hardtop models. Manufactured in 1978, this limited-edition Cobra is powered with a 5.8L engine (002 to 199, No 351). If you want a little detuned model, you can go for other trims featuring a 4.9L engine.


Being a high-performance variant, it has globe 15’’ alloy wheels, 4-wheel disc brake cooling system, and radial-ply tires. Extensive instrumentation inside and a rear-facing bonnet scoops outside give it a premium look. The highlight is an effective transmission oil cooling, a large-sized radiator, and twin thermo fans.


XC Falcon Problem:

One of the significant problems is the reduced engine and gear shift smoothness. The loss of tractability is another issue. Well, all the problems are related to the lesser exhaust emissions. Where, it makes the vehicle pollution-free, at the same time it makes the motor performance strikingly inferior.


Final verdicts:

XC Falcon has a lot of comfort features with acceptable power and torque. The engine durability and understandable instrumentation are a plus. Being an old version, it lacks a touch screen and other hi-tech features. but, its mechanics make it a good road performer.


Even if it carries comfort features that make it more appealing you must assure all the details first! And the fastest way is to enter your car details on our 24/7 open online portal Quick Revs to get your hands on all the accidental, theft, and driving history in a few minutes.

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