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XA Falcon Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


XA Falcon Review Australia


Ford is one of the leading automobile manufacturing companies and unquestionably, Ford Falcon is a series that will not only impress you with its retro looks but also durable mechanics.


Coming to the Ford Falcon XA, a full-size car is available in 1972 to 1973 trims. A Hardtop version is one of the distinctive layouts featuring a swooping roof and bulbous flanks. Consider larger and cosier, expansive, and more modern than the predecessors, it comes with an old yet long list of specs.


Once you've observed the XA's exterior styling and accepted XA Falcon is compacter than the images represent, but still squat and is focused with an absolute Ford look, the on-road performance is what really excites the drivers.



First, you must know XA Falcon comes with a sufficient choice of options in terms of engine configurations. Every engine is found compatible with the smoother transmission. Once you have hit the road, you would see how this old car ride goes from brittle to absorbent. Another appealing feature is its skilful mid-cornering. Get rid of the road bounce that takes you off the road line.


The road grip is brilliant that actually feels well-balanced making it a fun car to drive. The braking system is strong and quick whereas the clutch pedals are responsive. The engine feels light with its directional and powerful steering. The gear shifting appears to have longer throws, but it is compensated with the rapid transmission.


Planning to go on a long ride? Even if it is an old car, you can take it as it comes with an extensive fuel tank capacity of 17.5 gallons on the sedan and 16.0 gallons on the XA Falcon wagon. Overall, XA Falcon is a usable car that offers easy to perform machinery requiring no special skills. Sit behind the wheel and feel at home!


The adaptable suspension setup is another key appealing feature. All is done to improve the subtleness of the ride and quietness. Every trim has the same setup except the GT that has a rear anti-tramp radius bar.


The only drawback is that its handling very much relies on car maintenance and how you have modified it. No doubt, the visibility is amazing but to enhance it, the driving position is made surprisingly decent making it offer extraordinarily wonderful all-round. The engine seems quiet with just a slight road and engine noise.


Here are your engine options:

3.3L 6-cyl engine delivering 130 bhp

4.1L 6-cyl engine delivering 155 bhp and upgraded trim with 170 bhp

4.9L V8 engine delivering 240 bhp

5.8L V8 engine delivering 260 bhp



3-speed manual

 4-speed manual

 3-speed automatic



Do you know what makes XA Falcon stand out from the distance? It's a classic "coke-bottle" look. If you are buying a hardtop version, you will see how long the doors are made complimenting frameless windows. They are installed with in-dashboard vents to offer face-level flow-through ventilation. With the bold exterior lines, the layout looks robust. In short, it is of its kind all-Australian-made car delivering comfort and style.


Engineered and styled locally, it guarantees easy to manage and explicit controls along with cabin quietness. The comfort is maximized by infusing soft-touch materials. Front and rear seats are well wrapped in XA Falcon with a smooth and quality material. You would love its old yet stylish body embellishments. On GT, the adjustable spoilers (front and rear) come optional.


The dashboard is extensive but plasticky making it look cheap. Coming to the instrumentation, the vast wraparound facia made the control buttons legible and accessible. The specialty of the XA Falcon steering is that it is thin-rimmed and fairly low position compatible with the driving seat. The best part is the standard automatic locking of a steering column in response to the transmission. Inside, the tall bucket seats offer plenty of lateral cushiony support with satisfactory padding for the thighs.


Well, talking about the back, the rear seat passengers are also highly comfortable. Made with a deeper and taller squab letting you enjoy an adequate Knee and legroom. You won’t be getting sufficient headroom, though. Electric side windows are also optional but highly functional with driver's door locks. To let you have a fun ride, the built-in AC is offered but unfortunately not as a standard but optional on the XA Falcon V8 engine. You can get high-quality stereo, radio, tape player, and a vinyl roof or sliding sunroof as options on all engine configurations.


Cons of buying XA Falcon:

Old styling inside

Plastic interior with cloth trimming speaking mediocrity

Lacks quality material

No advanced and hi-tech use

No refined and advanced safety features

Hefty engine layout

The outdated coke bottle design

Limited standard specifications


GS and GT:

This Grand Sport Rally Pack is available on Falcon, XA Falcon 500, and Fairmont models that are the luxury variant. Coming to performance, it delivers 260 hp through a 5.8L Cleveland V8 engine. The highlight of the XA GS Falcon is the exterior rally stripes running through the front indicators to the end of the back doors. 12 slot steel wheels add to the strength.


Other standard special features of XA GT Falcon are:

3-spoke wooden rimmed steering

Rim squeeze horn on steering



Oil pressure

Water temperature



Final verdict:

We can all agree on a fact that XA Falcon is quite rewarding in most of the prospects. The improved visibility can be a really appealing feature due to the thin pillars. The machinery is excellent. Despite being an old car, it still has a tight and solid feel. An Absolutely pleasant car to drive! Overall, the road handling is sensible and the grip is definitely imposing. The interior does not guarantee luxury but ease. The entire instrumentation is finely laid out that can be impressive on the eye.


Besides reviews, another way to clear the doubts is to get valid past details of your vehicle, especially if it is an old car such as XA Falcon. Know your car’s accidental, driving, theft, and traveling history within an instant through our all-time accessible online portal, Quick Revs.






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