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Why Airbag Man Suspension? | Airbag Man Review Australia

 Airbag Man Suspension review

Australia's most renowned car accessories company named Airbag Man and has been serving with the best services since 1995. In that period the company has been manufacturing quality products, and has gained much popularity and has developed many clients on the basis of the reliability of their car accessories.


Aim of the Airbag Man:

The main aim of Airbag Man's company is to structure and designs various products in Australia to guarantee that they are having the highest quality that matches the client's needs. Furthermore, assure you that they give their excellent services with a long-term service.


From day trips to towing vehicles and expedition-style trips; the rear loads present in four-wheel drives are generally constant. Airbag Man Rear Air Suspension is made to resolve this issue, how it works. And how to install the Airbag Man Rear Air Suspension.


The kit they've introduced is known as a helper kit. It's intended to cooperate with the leaf pack. Instead of constant help, unlike a heavier pack, they would offer, it's variable. So with the adjustment of the air pressure, it's manageable to change the suspension to best suit within different loads. 


The mounting parts are hard, and the airbags themselves are made truck grade tough. Airbag Man suspensions are considered as general upgrading of the vehicle. However, they are also becomingly progressing normally in the scope of off-road camper trailers and caravans as well. 


Balancing the Pressure:

The recommended pressure is 50PSI, so it is good to accomplish the best results at a moderate weight and pressure. Having a full ARB GVM update, and these airbags will probably work best in a mix with a standard quality suspension. For the lighter loads, bringing down the pressure in the Airbag Man suspension to guarantee that the vehicle remains at a specific level. On harder tracks, this assists with the flex as well. They anticipate connecting and trying out how it goes with a tow load. 


Airbag Man design and produce a wide scope of air-suspension parts that suits all the needs of Australian drivers. They have constructed their reputation just by utilizing the most excellent products to guarantee you get an item that keeps on working under all kinds of circumstances. By introducing Airbag Man to your vehicle, you can exploit numerous highlights and advantages which incorporate adjustable leveling control by maximizing the following within the low-cost maintenance:

 ✓ Eliminating spring sag

 ✓ Safer load carrying

 ✓ Better braking

 ✓ Improved steering and handling

 ✓ Stabilize body roll

 ✓ Prevent bottoming out

 ✓ Excellent ride quality

 ✓ The reduced tyre wears


Airbag Suspension:

An airbag suspension (in some cases called air springs or simply air suspension) may set aside more effort to introduce and cost somewhat more than other helper springs, yet it's justified, despite all the troubles for drivers who need improved execution and handling of the vehicle while pulling and towing.


An airbag suspension is intended to protect your vehicle from bottoming out when you're carrying heavy loads, however more than that, it gives the driver more control when the vehicle is under its most extreme measure of pressure and weight. It eliminates the measure of influence while towing and can be balanced depending on what number of pounds you're towing.


How do they work?

Airbags help keep your vehicle level which brings about more secure ride conditions. A level truck gives you better handling of and braking when you are loaded. The headlights will remain at a proper level, rather than focusing on the mists. Pulling and towing can be a hazardous job, particularly if the security of the vehicle is threatened.


Even one small bump can be sufficient to lose a driver off the track (or the trailer.) When drivers need to give themselves advantage n the road, air springs are one of the most dependable approaches to improve security when having the additional weight. 


Fitting Airbags can clear up the sagging issue. Airbags will raise and lower the height of the ride of your vehicle by basically adding or removing air to the bags. Blowing up airbags raises the vehicle back to the correct ride height. For most of the cruises, it is about 840 millimeters.


Airbag Man Reviews:

Review #1:

I just finished installing my high-pressure coil helpers on my NP300 Navara. Instructions were fantastic and I'm already happy with the results. Only complaint would be that the switches supplied for my onboard control didn't fit into the switch blanks on my ute, nothing a file couldn't fix.


Review #2:

Great service/people will sort you out nothing is to hard so happy with there product can’t recommend them enough well-done guys you will be my first choice to go to Gary Fletcher


Review #3:

I had bags installed last Friday by third-party professional. Today, Monday, I attended Airbag Man Brendale for some advice. Service provided was second to none. In an age where customer service and after-sales service is becoming nonimportant, these guys were outstanding. Thank you for your assistance.


Review #4:

Can't beat the excellent customer service. Despite having a new model of 4x4 with a 2'' lift, they sorted me out with the airbags I needed to level the uneven load I was carrying in the back. Well worth the money! Thanks.


Review 5:

I had some issues with my airbags on my Pajero, had called the hotline and the guys answer right away which was very impressive.

Asked about some replacement parts under warranty and received them early the next day for fitment. I was stunned on the speed receiving the new parts, thanks guys.

Excellent customer service guys keep it up and you will go far.

Will do business again on other Airbagman products.



The vehicle accessories produce air suspension kit, leaf spring, coil spring, and auto car wreckers as well. There are many benefits of having a full air suspension system that maintains the ride comfort right through to maintaining maximum flex off-road. These Airbags by Airbag Man will give you flexibility. However, they will control how your vehicle performs and tows, on the road with the heavy load. Use Airbag Man Suspension to keep you and your family safe while driving from shocks. For all the best car accessories, I would highly recommend Airbag Man.

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