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What's so special about the new Kia Rio? | Kia Rio 2020 Review

Kia Rio 2020 Review

When Karl Benz made his first vehicle, the infamous Benz Patent-Motorwagen, the world was astonished. This was the first vehicle to be powered by an internal combustion engine and the people were absolutely amazed by how it works and the number of uses it could have. Although others tried before Benz to make an automobile, Benz was the first person to actually do something productive that was helpful for the public. Since then, many other people and companies have now opened up workshops and factories where they create new vehicles or modify the old ones to give them a new look and feel which has never been done before.

Contrary to the popular belief of Japan being the leading automobile production country, China is the one which is leading the automobile industry in the entire world. However, what we are going to talk about is not China, but it is not far away from China either. Kia is a South Korean company, the second-largest company in South Korea (the first one being the Hyundai Motors), which manufactures almost all kinds of vehicles. Kia Rio is their vehicle which is going to be reviewed by us today.

About Kia Rio:

The 2020 Kia Rio is a subcompact vehicle generally designed for regular purposes. The sleek interior and dashing exterior are only two of the good things about the vehicle. The real beauty of Kia Rio lies within the value it provides according to its price. The vehicle is not supposed to be used for any speedy activities, however, if used, it would not disappoint the users that much provided the vehicle is in good quality (high disrecommended though). Kia Rio is available as both a hatchback and a sedan. The interior is designed so as to provide ease of access, avoiding all sorts of complications since the technology inside of it is pretty simple to understand and use. The exterior of the vehicle has a modern look to it and really leaves a lasting impact on the bystanders.

Kia Rio Price:

Kia Rio is a vehicle that wins hearts. Keeping this particular thing in mind, the company has ensured that the price is set too just a moderate rate; neither too low nor too high. As such, the vehicle is really delivering great value. If there were any comments on this, we would surely say that the vehicle is a bit underpriced compared to the set of benefits and features it has. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that even if the company increased the price of the vehicle, those who have a keen eye for vehicles and know a lot about them, they would surely buy it despite the change in prices.

Currently, an estimation of the Kia Rio’s prices is as follows. Beware that currency in your country might result in the price being varied, or any other factors that affect the price of the vehicle. This is just a general approximation for how much you would get the vehicle for:

 1- Kia Rio LX: $15,750

 2- Kia Rio S: $16,390

 * Prices from the official Kia website.


Kia Rio Trims:

As you would have easily figured out from the section above, the 2020 Kia Rio is available in two trims. The 2020 Kia Rio LX and 2020 Kia Rio S are the said trims, and both are not that different from each other considering that the only difference between them lies in technological advancements which one can ignore if they are not into that kind of stuff. However, if one was to experience the full-on Rio fun, they should definitely consider the later trim, Kia Rio S, for their lust. Their price difference is not even that big. There is a small difference of $640 (as per the official Kia website).

Kia Rio LX:

The “basic” version of the vehicle. This trim does not have any kind of performance lack in it; however, the lights are different than its counterpart as well as the technology used in it. It does not have the advanced automatic collision-avoidance system and also lacks in some other technological fields.

Kia Rio S: This is considered to be the “premium” one in the Kia Rio series. The reason to make this trim a bit more expensive is mostly due to the improvements done in this version. Kia Rio S is way more technologically superior to Kia Rio LX with its advanced collision detection and avoidance system, remote keyless entry, satellite radio system, etc.

If you want to learn more about the trims and their features, be sure to visit the official Kia website.

2020 Kia Rio Colors:

The latest model of Kia Rio, 2020 one, includes the following colors which really bring out the best in the vehicle:

 1- Clear White

 2- Silky Silver

 3- Phantom Gray

 4- Deep Sea Blue

 5- Currant Red

 6- Aurora Black

Positive Points:

We noticed many different things that played a positive role for Kia Rio, hence earning it the spot in our list of best vehicles. The best things which we noticed about the Kia Rio are as follows:

 1- Fuel Consumption: The fuel consumption of the 2020 Kia Rio is ABSOLUTELY MINDBLOWING. You would be surprised to know what you are getting at this price for a vehicle of this type which can deliver such a great performance despite being a subcompact vehicle. In the city, the vehicle would definitely give off a 35 mpg while on the highways, it would be 41 mpg.

 2- Economic: The price of the vehicle is pretty great. You do not get these vehicles at this price usually, so it is a big plus point.

Great Interior: The interior is really comfortable and spacious. Unlike the Kia Rio competitors which did not leave a comfortable amount of room for the people, this vehicle actually cared for the people more than the look and feel of the interior. The look is still pretty great but the fact that you can be as cozy as you want inside is "schway".

 3- Technologically Advanced: This vehicle is top of its class when it comes to using the latest technology. Although AI assistance or self-driving features are missing from the vehicle at this price, it has more than what you could ever ask for.

Negative Points:

The inspection we have done did not really highlight any points that would play against Kia Rio severely. It did pretty well.

Is it worth it?

If you want a single word answer, "yes".

We would spare you the unnecessary details and provide you with just the right information. The reason for our approval of this vehicle is pretty simple; it provides the value it promises, it has a great performance, it is comfortable!

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