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What to do before buying a car in NSW? | QuickRevs

What to do before buying a car in NSW



Transportation is an important part of life. Without, we would still be in the dark ages… probably! Even in the dark ages, there was some form of means of transportation. Humans started off with basic carts and some animals to help them travel from one place to another. Walking is always an option but it seems less of an option when you have to travel long distances in a matter of hours. At an early ages, there were lesser amounts of options, however, today we have a lot of means of transportation. Cars, buses, motorcycles, trains, planes, etc. are all there for our convenience. Let’s end the history lecture and focus on the important thing here; buying a car in NSW! What is it that you need to know before buying a car in NSW? Well, there’s a lot! Most of it you already know but there are some things you should know before you head into the market.


Which car to buy?

This is an important part of buying a car in NSW. If you have not set up your mind about which car you are going to buy, it is going to be a lot more difficult to make a decision once you are in the market. There are a lot of options available there and to pick one from all sorts of amazing vehicles seems like a bit too much. You should make up your mind about which vehicle you are going to buy or at least what kind of vehicle you are going to purchase before you head out into the market.


If you need help in deciding which car you should buy, take the following factors into your mind and sort out the cars according to them:


 1. Price:

The price of a vehicle makes all the difference. In order to buy a second-hand car, you should know about both the vehicle itself and its price. See to what amount you can purchase and then filter out all the vehicles which are out of your price range. Do not spend more than you can afford. If you know for certain that you can pay for a vehicle or at least arrange for it, only then should you consider purchasing it. In the long run, overspending can result in disastrous consequences.


 2. Type:

The second factor to consider is the type of vehicle. Do you want a sedan, an SUV, a compact, or something else? It always helps to know what kind of car you want so you can immediately browse that section without wasting any time or being in a complex about whether you should buy a muscle car or a sedan.


 3. Usage:

What do you want to use your car for? Is it a general-purpose vehicle? Is it a business vehicle? Are you going to buy it for your children? Is it going to be used regularly and thoroughly? Should it be a high-performance vehicle? All these questions allow you to extract a single car out of many and that certainly helps!


When you have sorted out one or more vehicles based on the criteria above, you need to make sure that it is the right one. Go through the procedure just to make sure again.

Now that you have made a decision, it is time you move on to the next step of buying a car in NSW.


Car Finance:

Car Finance is probably the most troublesome step of the entire procedure. This is where you arrange the amount required to purchase the vehicle. If you do not have enough money, you can always opt for loans. There are a lot of great options available on loans these days. We are going to discuss two of the most important types:


 1. Unsecured Car Loan:

This is the type of car loan where you own the car when you are done with it. There is no risk involved in it since you can not lose the car. It is called unsecured because there is no security or collateral involved in it. You are unlikely to get this loan unless you have a good credit score and your loan history is okay.


 2. Secured Car Loan: 

A secured car loan is the better of the two, in our opinion. Although there is a risk involved since your vehicle is kept as a security if you fail to pay the loan, it is better since it has a lower interest rate and high acceptance rate. You are likely to get this type of loan approved and the costs will be much lower than you expect.


Once you have decided and got the loan all ready, you can proceed to the next step of buying a car in NSW. Remember that these steps can be applied to places other than NSW with a few modifications since these are pretty much very general.


Car Insurance:

You should always buy car insurance. It is a good practice, a good decision, and definitely good in the long run in case you run into some sort of trouble in the future (which is pretty much inevitable, to be honest). End of discussion. There are a lot of different types of insurances:


 1. Third-Party Property:

A sort of add-on to other insurances, Third-Party Property covers the costs of legal issues and/or damages caused to the victim’s property. Again, it covers only the costs of property, not of the physical injuries. It also does not cover the costs of the damage to your own property, only the victim.


 2. Third-Party, Fire, and Theft:

In addition to the features offered by the Third-Party Property car insurance, Third Party, Fire, and Theft also cover the costs of your vehicle if it catches fire or is stolen. It again does not cover any costs of the damage to your car by collision.


Comprehensive Car Insurance:

This is the type of insurance that covers everything from damages to your car and yourself in a collision, to the third party and their property, and also covers the fire and theft aspect of the Third Party, Fire, and Theft insurance. This is basically the complete insurance package.


A Good Deal:

One of the best things to know about buying a car in NSW is how to get a good deal on second-hand cars. When you buy old cars, it is good to know how you can negotiate with the dealer to get the best deals. Make sure you do your homework on both the company you are going to buy and the car you are going to buy. That way, if the dealer is a bit off about the price of the car, you can tell him what the reality actually is and compel him to give you the lowest prices. Make sure you offer the lowest of the prices and work your way up but never give in to the price of the dealer unless it actually is the best of offers.


Pre-Purchase Car Inspection:

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection is one of the most important steps in buying a car in NSW. Pre-Purchase Car Inspection is a set of procedures used to inspect a vehicle through a series of checks that come at a small price which is absolutely worth it. We are going to cover just an overview of what the car check is all about; if you want to read about it in detail, you can check out our Pre-Purchase Car Inspection article.

If you are performing a car trade, it is a MUST that you inspect the other vehicle since you do not want to get a worse vehicle in place of a good one. A used car inspection is a must in this case.


Before buying a car in NSW, it is better to perform a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection since it costs about $100-$300 and that is totally worth it since if any potential issues arise during the vehicle check, you can demand them to be repaired or given money so you can repair them. Old car purchases usually require this since there is some sort of issues that arise with time.


Pre-Purchase Car Inspection usually consists of the following checks:



The exterior of the vehicle is inspected for faults. Paint, body, chassis, lights, windows, doors, etc. are all included in it.



The interior of the body e.g. the steering wheel, levers, pedals, shift stick, control switches, seats, interior body, etc. are checked.


Engine & Related Components:

The “mechanical” part of the body is checked. Engine, brakes, transmission, performance, fuel consumption, air conditioners, fluids, suspension, etc. are all inspected to find any issues.



In the end, we would just like to say that if and when you are buying a car in NSW, there are a few things you should know and if you follow the aforementioned steps, there are lesser mistakes you can make. The true bargaining knowledge comes with experience, sure, but if you know a little bit about it beforehand, you can make a better deal.


Did you know that QuickREVs can actually perform a few of the checks for you at a really low price? QuickREVs performs car history check, VIN number check, etc. for you so you can be sure the vehicle is legitimate and does not have a bad history.

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