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Westside Auto Wholesale Review Australia | Best Auto Wholesaler

Westside Auto Wholesale Review Australia

Interested in buying or selling a car at a reasonable place? You can try visiting Westside Auto Wholesale. It is considered as one of the chief self-governing warehouses. You can get the chance to inspect more than 2,000 used cars in one place. Are you still worried about bank dealings? This problem can also be solved! They have successfully developed a private finance company. It will give you a pressure-free experience regarding car shopping. Sometimes, visiting the office may be difficult so you can definitely contact their team. They are known for efficient client dealing and providing instant support.


The company has an extensive line of automobiles of all sorts. If you are not a buyer or seller but a tradesman or running a small business, they will cater to you, professionally. Westside auto wholesale reviews have shown that they have a personal department for car inspection in all mechanical aspects.


This is the place that might be your finest choice for car shopping. The company is obliged to carry out a comprehensive multi-point mechanical examination of every vehicle before putting it for sale or before making a deal. In case of facing any financial issues, you can coordinate with their onsite available finance team. They are open for Trade-ins. The best part about their service noticed so far is the “Protection Plan”. Additionally, they have been following all fundamental statutory government warranties professionally.


They don’t only deal with vehicles but also in boats and bikes. Their variety has no limits and offers impressive convertibles, as well. Westside Auto Wholesale has refined departments that deal with finance, sales, and purchasing.



They offer classical services as a dealer where you can sell your car through a hassle-free procedure.

They do not deal with selling used cars but also aid their customers in buying a new one. On asking, they will arrange a meeting for your wibest-seller seller. With mighty luck, you can buy premium quality, used, late-model automobiles.

You must be thinking what if you don’t have a lush car but want to sell. The company deals in all models and prices so it would not be a problem.

With the show of high-level professionalism, they practice transferring electronic funds at an instant to avoid future conflicts.

Their services are quick as on finalizing a deal, they conduct immediate delivery.

To make the deal feasible and mutually understandable, various car finance policies are made, such as salary packaging and business automobile loans.


Protection Plan:

To ensure its reputable dealing, Westside Auto Wholesale offers a comprehensive and applicable protection plan. It has multiple clauses for privacy, security, and warranty. It is advised to read all policies and product disclosure statements (PDS) in detail before agreeing, to be sure about their services, coverage, terms, and conditions. It varies from one vehicle to another. In the case of buying a preowned automobile, the company is indebted to obey Statutory Warranty provisions. It depends on the vehicle’s model, years of running, and kilometers covered.


The benefits that every customer can get are:

Infinite traveling Kilometres.

Unlimited Claims.

Covers all Australian land.

The vehicle’s repair will be done by the insurance company and it will cost you nothing.

Quick transferable features.




4WDs (Four Wheel Drive).


AWDs (All Wheel Drive).




Dual Cab.






Mine spec.






They have been following the formula of a fixed price. It means, there is no option to bargain.


Why should you deal with this company?

Customer service is an all-time accessible.

They have a highly skilled team of engineers, mechanics, and financial managers.

Long-lasting warranty protocols.

Personal finance team.

Quick finalizing and immediate delivery.

A reputable and reliable company in the car sale industry.

Variety of options to choose from with a wide range of engines (petrol, gas, or diesel).

Cheap prices with minimized interest rates.


Customer’s review:

Review 1:

“Friendly service and happy to help with all inquiries. Gavin was always quick to respond to calls or emails and tried to provide the info I was looking for. We're very happy with our new car.”


Review 2:

“Stay away and do not even think about it!!!! They are very pushy to sell you their (extended warranty- use their finance) pushy to the point they might delay/deny the sale or surprisingly increase the sale price if you refuse to buy their services.”


Review 3:

“Fantastic service from Tom at Westside auto. Sold my Ranger quickly and efficiently. They go above and beyond to make the process convenient and straight forward. Friendly and honest, would recommend it!”


Review 4:

“Westside Auto Wholesale made selling my car so easy. They were professional & efficient. From initial contact to completion of the sale I was impressed by the quick response & high level of customer service. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Westside Auto to any potential seller. Thank you for a pleasant transaction.”


Final verdict:

Westside Auto Wholesale has a wide collection of vehicles. You can inspect yourself. Although, they have a specialized team to perform detailed mechanical monitoring. They offer multiple supportive policies, such as loans that help in the shape of refinancing or restructuring. Their protection plan is quite logical and legal. It let you have the test drive before purchasing and after confirming the deal. You will be shocked to uncover their effective fixed-rate policy and instant delivery of your car at your doorstep!


In the matter of shopping for a used car, the most important thing is the car’s history related to any possible theft, accident, or harmful incidents. It is better to be sure about the vehicle’s safe history of license and travelling before finalizing a deal! And, we are here to help you!  Quick Revs If you have decided to buy a preowned car, enter its specification on our site and get the desired information, instantly.

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