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VZ Commodore Review Australia | Features, Specifications, Price

VZ Commodore Review Australia

Looking for the perfect blend of comfort and performance? Then the VZ Holden Commodore may be one of the best options to go for. It is said that you can tell about a car enthusiast by the car they drive. If we carry forward this hypothesis, many car lovers are head over heels in love with this car, and you will find that the owners have little to complain about this local beauty.


The VZ Holden Commodore is produced by the Australian car manufacturing brand Holden and is categorized as a full-sized sedan. It was initially introduced as a sedan beginning from 2004 till 2006, and then as a wagon for a couple of years. After that, a VZ Commodore ute variant was launched which also proved to be successful. The last generation of the series saw the luxury variants the Holden VZ Commodore Calais and the Holden VZ Commodore Berlina.


Performance and Engine Specifications:

Introduced in 2004, the VZ Commodore series differed slightly from the past VY arrangement that included another V6 motor in various tune appearances. The power plants included 175 and 190 kW (235 and 255 hp), 3.6-liter Alloytec V6 motors instead of the more established 3.8-liter Ecotec V6.


Different changes to the V6 was the loss of the supercharger that was remembered for the S models from the VT to VY, this was additionally dropped with the 3.8-liter and would not be utilized with the new 3.6. These new Alloytec DOHC motors have carried on through to the Holden Commodore (VE) which was discharged in July 2006.


Another 5L40-E 5-speed programmed transmission was presented on the games and extravagance V6 variations. The progressed 3.6-liter Alloytec motors were all the more remarkable, responsive, and eco-friendly than the active Ecotec V6.


To accomplish 190 kW (255 hp), the Alloytec V6 increases variable valve timing on both gulf and fumes sides just as a double stage consumption complex, while the 175 kW (235 hp) rendition holds variable valve timing on the delta side as it were. Chosen models bring propelled dynamic security that electronically helps the driver to keep up vehicle control in crisis circumstances.


The VZ Commodore was accessible in a few model varieties, the vast majority of which extended from the VY run, except for the recently presented SV6, a particular level that supplanted the S run. All models in the Commodore run (Executive, Acclaim, Berlina, Calais, SV6, SV8, and SS) were accessible as vehicles, while cart variations of the Executive, Acclaim, and Berlina were accessible. Berlina and Calais models were not badged or advertised as Commodores. The VZ was the last Commodore line-up to utilize the Executive and Acclaim nameplates.


VZ Commodore Executive:

The VZ Commodore Executive is the base model for the series, with a price tag of $34,000. It comes with a 3.6-liter V6 engine which outputs a power of 175 kW and 235 horsepower. It applies a four-speed automatic transmission that has been found to be receptive to your foot on the accelerator. Standard features include an anti-lock braking system, automatic headlights, adaptive cruise control, airbags for the driver and the passengers, four cup holders, remote security system, braking assistance, a single-disc CD player with audio controls on the steering wheel and 15-inch steel wheels.


If you are willing to pay extra, you can get additional optional features which include satellite navigation, alloy wheels, better suspension, parking assist, and side-impact airbags.


VZ Commodore Acclaim:

The second one in the VZ Commodore range, in terms of price and specifications, is the VZ Commodore Acclaim sedan. It includes all the features and specifications which are available in the Executive trim and includes some additional ones which are: air-conditioning, traction control, electronic stability control, power windows, parking assist with rear sensors, alloy wheels, and side-impact airbags. Optional features include sports suspension and satellite navigation.


VZ Commodore SV6 Sedan:

This is one step further in the range and is the base sports model. It is priced at $39,000 with a 3.6-liter V8 Alloytec engine and six-speed manual transmission for all those speed-hungry drivers. An optional five-speed automatic transmission is also available.


Standard features include most of the gadgets and technology found in the Acclaim and Executive, with some more which include a sports suspension, front fog lamps, an independent rear suspension, a leather sports steering wheel, limited-slip differential, a sports body kit and a rear spoiler to give it an enhanced sportier look


VZ Commodore SS:

Called the flagship sports model of the series, the Commodore SS takes a leap in the price of almost $10,000 but offers a ton of new features and specifications which were absent in the previous trims. There are two engine options, a 5.7-liter V8 engine and the more powerful 6.0-liter V8 engine outputting 250 kW and 260 kW of power, respectively.


Standard features include a six-speed manual transmission but you can go for the four-speed automatic transmission as well, alloy pedals, better instrument cluster with color-coding, adaptive cruise control, sports seats for the driver as well as the passengers, power windows, rear suspension, slip differential and more.


VZ Commodore Calais Sedan:

Being the ultimate and top variant in the range, the Calais offers both luxury and performance unlike anything from the previous trims. It is powered by a 3.6-liter or a 6.0-liter Alloytec V8 engine with four and speed automatic transmissions. It employs more or less all the features and specifications from all the previous trims and a couple of more which makes this an outstanding vehicle. It is priced at a handsome $53,000.

Additional features include dual-zone climate control, electronic brake assist, electronic brakeforce distribution, electronic stability system, luxury and sports suspension, traction control, and 17-inch alloy wheels.


Safety Features:

Holden understands the importance of safety, and the VZ Commodore is not short of that. Most of the variants come equipped with airbags for all the passengers as well as the driver, with side-impact airbags also included in the more expensive trims. Anti-lock braking, parking sensors, braking assist, and automatic headlights are standard in all the variants.


Our Verdict:

The VZ Commodore may just be the car that you were looking for, given that it's locally made by the Holden brand and offers one of the top performances and comfort, within the city and even on the highway. The cabin is well built and practical, with space enough to seat your whole family comfortably. The parts and accessories are readily available and have a low serving cost which makes it easy to maintain. You might find the fuel economy one of the downsides, as well as the rear suspension being kind of soft, but that goes without saying that you can’t have everything that you wish for!

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