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VW Multivan Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


VW Multivan Review Australia


It is 2021, and people are expecting vehicles that will give not only luxury but also comfort and safety. If you are also looking for reliability, quality, safety, drivability, and style, VW Multivan has heard you!


2021 VW T6 Multivan Comfortline Premium:

This year, VW has made another addition of T6.1 to the long list of VW multivans. Absolutely iconic people mover that is guaranteed to provide the top-of-the-class performance. Take a ride in this Multivan to get unique feels!


It runs utterly smooth and acts whisper quiet in its brilliant and powerful diesel engine. Once seated inside, you will love its comfortable and versatile van-like cabin with efficient space and tech. It has an endearing chassis, which is strongly built. VW T6.1 Multivan is designed to offer luxury and ease with its feasible seating position, manageable and ergonomic controls. And, yes, the fantastic driving visibility is also a part of it.


We can say it is an unquestionably charming take on the modest and pretty affordable people mover.


Engine and performance:

The company has made efforts to equip this incredibly efficient Multivan with a robust and refined diesel engine. You can expect an outstanding ride with its 2.0L, 4-cyl turbocharged engine. Besides, it excels in its fuel consumption rate that is claimed to be 6.6L/100km. It means you won’t be spending a fortune on driving this VW Multivan. The motor is made strong enough to produce 110kW power at 3500rpm coupled with a torque of 340 Nm @ 1750–2500rpm. Fairly enough!


Coming to its transmission, it has a single option but is worth the money as it shifts tremendously smoothly without giving any jittery feels. Carrying a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic (DCT), it offers ease of control. Extremely maneuverable car! Although it feels less smooth than a torque-converter automatic transmission, it works just fine. It would not be wrong to say that it is a reasonable on-road performer.


Do you prefer Front-wheel drive? It offers a trouble-free FWD. Oh, do you like AWD? Well, not a problem. It does have the option of 4Motion all-wheel drive. You can notice its precision in cornering ability supported with the minimal body roll. No matter if you are driving in town or on highways, take-offs are smooth. The steering is made directional and equally responsive to keep your drive as engaging as possible.


It is no sports car but still carries a satisfactory throttle response that complements the pedals and brakes. The stopping power is also adequate, ensuring a safe ride. Sometimes, it fails to provide the desired ride compliance and comfortability. No, it is not coarse to drive. In fact, it is considered a comfortable drive for long journeys. Well, you might need to bear a bit of road noise. It just tends to miss the extra touch of refinement.



The VW Multivan has distinguished itself from previous versions with its uniquely built chassis and impressive styling. VW has made it not only robust but also highly spacious and appealing. This family car will impress you with its overall look at once. The considerable cabin inside with strategically placed controls looks impressive. You will get plenty of cabin space with more than enough knee, head, and legroom. It comes with a flat floor, enhancing the storage capacity. For the commanding view, the seats are positioned pretty high. All seating positions offer support and comfort. 


The design is modified to improve the visibility, such as the windscreen are made bigger and near-vertical. The roof is made slightly higher than the previous models, along with rows of lighting and air vents to service passengers. The accommodating cabin is its strongest suit that can double by sliding or removing 2nd and 3rd rows. Oh yes, the two seats of the 2nd row can be rotated, facing backward.


If you are looking for advanced hi-tech in the cabin, you will get it. Although the VW Multivan is slightly redesigned, technology has been updated. The very first thing you will see is the 8.0-inch infotainment that looks dazzling and works excellent. Pay more and get it to upgrade to 9.2 inches. It comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. There are USB and AUX portals and top-class speakers. Climate, speed, and volume controls are well-laid and at easy access. 


Noticeable Safety features:

✓  6 airbags

✓  Seatbelts

✓  Forward collision warning

✓  Parking assistance

✓  EBD

✓  Autonomous emergency braking (only up to 30km/h)

✓  Blind-spot monitoring

✓  Lane-keep assistance

✓  4 seats have ISOFIX points



✓  Drivetrain gets jittery sometimes

✓  Lacks AM radio

✓  No centre console

✓  The boot feels slightly underdone

✓  The ride feels less refined 

✓  Pricey


2018 Volkswagen Multivan Kombi 70 review:

Let’s jump to another VW Multivan that holds great importance because of its classic styling and timeless road performance. It seems to be installed with all the perfect and compatible ingredients inside that let you surf on roads effortlessly, securely, and confidently. It is a winner in its retro styling and flexible seating layout, leaving plenty of room for drivers and passengers to relax. Sturdy chassis supported with a nicely appointed interior sounds pretty desirable.



This also comes with a similar engine configuration that is a 2.0L 4-cyl turbocharged diesel motor. But it has been slightly decreased in terms of power but not torque. Kombi delivers 103kW power @ 3500 rpm with torque of 340 Nm @ 1750–2500rpm. Coupled with a 7-speed dual-clutch (DSG) transmission, it guarantees a sere FWD. It’s lively enough that it requires minimal effort to drive.


The transmission responds smoothly and quickly. The engine braking is astounding and is perfectly complemented with an adaptable and flexible suspension setup. You will experience a safe, trouble-free, smooth, and pleasant ride. NO COMPLICATIONS! But, there is one problem like any other VW Multivan – the ferocious NOISE. It will catch you and might irritate you as the cabin is not made soundproof. This piercing rev load noise will be a big downfall.


The fuel consumption rate is 7.7L/100km on the combined cycle, as Volkswagen claims.



What is a remarkable thing about Kombi? Its retro-chic exterior. You would love it – nostalgic!


Honestly speaking, you would be stunned to see such a long list of impressive and valuable specs. The use of high-quality lather inside the cabin reflects extravagance. Coupled with Alcantara, the interior looks absolutely plush. Its high-end AC and vents keep the passengers comfortable. Multivan being a van, you would find plenty of storage places where you can keep all your road-trip essentials.


The 3rd row has a specific ‘Multiflex Board’ converting your bench/seat into a bed. The seats are still placed high up, but the comfort is not compromised. It is something semi-premium. The cabin seems to be laced with enough soft-touch materials up on the front dashboard and the steering. The ambiance feels light and breezy. 


Some more:

✓  LED headlights

✓  Two power sliding doors

✓  Power tailgate

✓  Power mirrors with heating

✓  6.3-inch touchscreen

✓  Bluetooth connectivity

✓  Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility

✓  Lacks inbuilt sat-nav

✓  Rear-view camera

✓  Faux wood trimmed-floor

✓  Removable and sliding 2nd-row seats

✓  Front and rear parking sensors

✓  3-zone climate control



✓  Coarse and tumble ride 

✓  Lacks advanced safety tech features

✓  Not as much of a practical boot space

✓  Irritating braking system

✓  No AEB

✓  No Lane keep assistance

✓  Non-adaptive cruise control


Final verdict:

VW Multivan T6 is a unique people mover with a charming exterior and loads of passenger space. Simply explained as - modern, sophisticated, powerful, and well-organized. In contrast, Kombi is all about the nostalgic vibes that let you enjoy a fun ride. It will grab your attention with its happy exterior and robust engine suitable for road trips.


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