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Vplates Review | The Best VicRoads Custom Plates in Australia?


If we were to start from the very beginning, it was the 1909 Motor Act where it all began. The act made it compulsory for every vehicle to be registered with a registration number, so as to serve the purpose of identification. People started painting their assigned registration numbers on their cars, while more creative ones used to display using different items and styles.


Soon after, the officials realized that there was a dire need to standardize the way of displaying the registration numbers, since there were some bizarre ways that the people were displaying them. An act was quickly passed, that made it mandatory for everyone to fix the registration numbers on plates, which should be upright and should have a standard font that should be easy to read and distinguishable. All over the state of Victoria, the legislature was made to follow and handmade, heavy metal number plates were introduced, with the registration numbers embossed or engraved over it.



Custom Number Plates:

In the next years to come, the number of plates and their style grew in demand, and the desirability to have unique and handsome numbers plates displayed on the vehicles saw new highs. People started demanding personalized number plates that made them stand out, and a time came when people started driving around with number plates that cost them way more than their cars. It has become more of a trend that everyone seems to catch up on, as the value for personalized number plates continue to take off.


Your own personalized number plate may have a backstory, or it could mean something funny, and becomes the identity not only of the car, but of the rider as well. We will be looking at the VicRoads custom car plates, and why the Aussies have so much sentiment regarding the number plate maker company.


VicRoads V Plates:

There have been several issuing authorities in Victoria that have overseen manufacturing and issuing number plates to the masses. Initially, it was the responsibility of the Victoria Police, way back in the early 1900’s. Then came the Transport Regulation Board, which was then passed on to the Road Traffic Authority. It was not until 1980, when the responsibility was given to VicRoads and the V plates came out.


When the car number plates were being made by hand, the process was slow and there was little or no customization. With the advancement in technology and the increasing popularity of use of vehicles, modern machines were introduced for manufacturing the plates and printing them. This opened a new World of customizing and personalizing the number plates, and the VicRoads personalized plates were announced.


Advancements in technology resulted in the introduction of machine-stamped plates to Victoria. Not only did this new procedure increase total plate output and satisfy the growing demands of motor vehicle popularity, it also opened many new opportunities for customization and design.


Today in Victoria, you can find multiple options for custom plates that are issued by V plates, parented by VicRoads. The plates come with their own contracts, which gives the option to permanently be the owner of the registration number and is recalled whenever the vehicle is being sold to someone else. Due to this reason, the issuing authority can never be sure how much in total number plates they have given out to the masses since arriving at the actual figure is not possible. This is due to the reason that many plates may not be on vehicles, or some may have been returned to the company, while some might be exchanging owners as well.


VicRoads boasts of selling the best number plates and manufacture around 30,000 custom number plates every year, which brings us to the conclusion that almost 10% of the Australian number plates are custom made and personalized.


Customizing your Number Plate:

The first thing to remember when buying yourself a custom number plate is that they come with their own contract, which is cool. That contract allows you to retain the registration number so that when you are selling the car, you need to sell the contract as well to transfer the registration number to the next owner.


Colors and Styles:

V Plates offer 32 different colors for your number plate, which you can choose from. You can get it any of the color you like and yes, you can get your own black number plate as well.

There are numerous frames available for you to choose from and different styles, each one meaning something or referring to another. There are the prestigious Euro plates which are quite popular nowadays, there is the Lucky range or the I Love plates if you wish to express your feelings to your special one.



When customizing your number plate, you will find that there are unlimited combinations of numbers and letters that you can select and choose from, based on your interests or simply your initials. The license plate number might be a reference to your favorite movie, or can be your lucky number. The signature plates to just display two initials paved the way for the Prestigious range, which very attractive (and expensive) and is offered in gold and silver colors.


Vpaltes Prices:

Depending on the series you have selected or the number of characters you want on your plate or the more exclusive the series is. The price range starts as low as $195, averaging at about AUD 395 - AUD 495  and can go much higher than that.


Restyling of the old plates:

Have an existing number plate and would like to restyle it? V Plates offers the option to customize and change the design of your number plate at a very cheap price. It is worth giving a try, right? You just need to have your own combination ready when going for restyling, or you can always order a fully custom number plate from scratch in some simple steps.

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