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Volvo S60 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Volvo S60 Review Australia

One of the best options you have to choose from a sedan is Volvo S60. It comes in a sharp outlook with technically fascinating machinery. This Scandinavian sedan is known for providing high-class safety. The company has been working on raising the standard of comfort and design. The automobile is loaded with effective petrol and diesel engines. It is a 4-door, 5-seater sedan, giving as much space as a wagon. Most of the cars from the S60 series use front wheels. Although, the S60 R-Design is a 4-wheel drive. Every variant is featured with a fast and advanced engine plus a smoother gear shift. The manual shift paddles in Luxury and R-Design has enhanced drivability. All variants have 8-speed automatic transmission.


It is manufactured in Belgium. The new Volvo S60 is marked by 2 drive trains called T5 and T8. It has 3 trim levels, called Momentum, Inscription, and R-Design. Every part is engineered carefully and glamorously. It is a mixed bag of influential engine power, and pocket-friendly prices. Besides, it has top-notch safety equipment. Volvo S60 Polestar has matchless semi-autonomous highway driving specs.  Outstanding highway cruiser with premium performance!

The only drawback is its small-boot. But that problem is also resolved! The new version has an extended wheelbase giving a wider area and flooring.



Do you know the highlight of its efficient engine? You are offered four modish engine setups.


You can choose:

Exceptional turbo-diesel engine with 4 cylinders.

Swift supercharged turbo-petrol setup with 4 cylinders.

One of its two basic turbo-petrol engines with 4 cylinders.


In the aspect of fuel consumption, the 2L diesel engine is the most efficient (4.2L / 100 km). Want to enjoy a powerful ride in a ravishing engine? This is your engine! Whereas, 2L turbo-petrol engine can be set up in T4, T5, and T6 versions. T4 has a nicer, smoother, and reliable engine details consuming 6.8L / 100 km. The T5 engine is more powerful, strong, faster, and fuel saver. In simple words, the T6 engine has an additional supercharger in T5’s turbochargers.


One of the reasons behind its lower fuel consumption is the automatic stop-start system. The major difference comes in the selection of a gearing system. T4 is associated with a 6-speed automatic gearbox. However, T5 and T6 setups are featured with 8-speed automatics. Besides lavish styling, the model has exclusive 19-inch alloy wheels with workable adaptive dampers. Its sturdy suspension lets the car run hassle-free while giving off stronger feels and minimizing wind and tire sound. If you aim to purchase modish and hi-tech engines, go for the R-Design. The recorded power values are 187kW @ 350Nm, and192kW @ 400Nm. Besides lavish styling, the model has exclusive 19-inch alloy wheels with workable adaptive dampers.



It has an eye-catching, minimalist design with dynamic patterns and matchless key specs. Difficulty managing temperature? It has responsive dual-zone climate-control. Rain sensing wipers and Connected Service Booking are additional luxuries. The emphasis has been put on maintaining its high quality. You can find intuitive cruise and satellite navigation setup upfront. It has multiple features that need appreciation such as built-in daytime running headlamps. Other significant features are responsive indicators and the finest LED. In the mood of entertainment? Treat yourself to its high-resolution LCD and classic multimedia system. It comes in a 7’’ color touch display. It has highly receptive internet and Bluetooth connectivity, even for calls and top audio streaming.


Further, the front dash has an accessible and all-software compatible USB. There is a CD or DVD portal, as well. Feel free to listen to AM/FM radio, anytime. Not impressed, yet? How about its 9-inch infotainment screen. Or, DAB+ services along with companionable Apple Car Play. It might lack a luxurious outlook. But, have a far-reaching design with a stout cabin. It has leather-wrapped manageable and height-adjustable steering. Leathery interior giving the touch of extravagance! Volvo S60 polestar comprises power-adjustable, heated, and cushioned seats. Lightweight and sportier-looking 17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels are a real treat.


You can call it a space-efficient vehicle within 380L capacity. To add some flexibility, the feature of 40-60 split-folding backrest is added. As far as technology is concerned, the team has delicately infused essential functionalities. The major specs are keyless entry and automatic opening boot.


Safety protocols:

Volvo S60 has cameras at multiple angles. It helps to avoid possible collapse during reverse or parking.

Responsive parking sensors at the rear

6 airbags fitted for driver’s and passengers’ safety. The specialty is its outer side airbag.

City Safety function. It is responsible for low-speed autonomous emergency braking. It is compatible with a maximum speed of 50 km/ hr.

Electronic stability control and hi-tech radar set up. It helps to map out the timing gap.

Forward and rear collision warning alerts with rear cross-traffic alert

Lane departure with the help of automated parking assist

Blind spot vision giving a 360-degree view

Upgrades in 2020 Volvo S60


In its 2020 version, Mid-spec Inscription has 19-inch wheels with a muscular look. And you must be amazed to know about its 4-zone control air-conditioning. Really an amazing update! The car is equipped with a massive and impressive 12.3-inch HD touch screen. For a fancier touch, the Inscription models have a crystal gearing setup. Certain changes have been made in its structure giving it a stunning look. Do you want its interior leather or exterior design changed? The car can be customized without affecting its quality standard and comfort level. For your protection and utmost convenience, a semi-autonomous self-driving mode has been infused. Enjoy a smoother ride with its double-wishbone suspension.


The most noticeable advancement is its infotainment screen named Sensus. You must be thinking why is it sounding like senses?! Because it is highly intuitive and receptive. It can even create and deliver calls or messages without asking for help. And, in case of outside assistance, activate its speech-to-text feature. The team has really pushed up the limits making its success obvious. Get ready to enjoy its electrifying details with remarkable styling. Now, you don’t have to experience jittery rides. T8 has exclusive hybrid batteries.


BUT, you may find too many dials and buttons, somewhat problematic.


Final verdict:

The Volvo S60 has a highly composite framework, assuring easy and linear steering management. Their engines are made with premium machinery. They have a record of letting people enjoy a fun, and soothing ride. Especially, the progress seen in the 2020 model is pretty astonishing. Active bending LED lights, fine finish, leather-trimmed heated seats, adaptable suspension with absorbency, fuel-efficient engines, strong performance, challenging speed, and the list goes on! R-Design models are purely luxury-oriented.


To make your money worth it, the car must meet all the demands and quality standards. One of the best ways to ensure yourself is to get all the detailed information regarding the car’s history. We are bringing you an approachable portal Quick Revs where you can get the desired info within a few minutes.


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