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Volvo 240 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Volvo 240 Review Australia


Regardless of the year, model, and work, buying a Volvo 240 Series manufactured from 1974 to 1993, might be the best option among all the midsize luxury / Executive cars available in the market. The engines are placed on the front under the bonnet protection. Made in an outstanding rectilinear layout, the car is laden with features to make it undeniably safe. The key appeal is its surprisingly affordable price. Truly speaking, it can become your go-to automobile once you have cruised in this soothing vehicle.


Designed in 7 amazing variations (242L, 242DL, 242GT, 244DL, 244GL, 245L and 245DL), its RWD is completely unproblematic. With its appealing look and engaging ride, it has been able to rise to the much-respected status leaving an undeniable impact. All specifications are made easy to work on and offer reliability. The best way to break down the different flavors of Volvo 240 is by body style.



Whole mechanics are surprisingly durable and come with no rough and tough engine problems. Having a hard-wearing motor offering several years of use is something that makes Volvo 240 extra feasible and preferable. They are quiet, responsive, engaging, and quick. But, remember the engines and transmissions can get really noisy with a bit of harshness only when new.


It goes without saying but the Swedish automobile market is known for producing the most durable cars, or we can say beasty vehicles. The Swedish version of 240 can be bought with a remarkable 2.1L or 2.3L engine. When a 2.3L setup is mated with a 5-speed transmission, the ride becomes ultra-soothing and satisfactory.


Are you interested in getting hands-on a foreign trim? You can go for the Greece and 1srael Volvo 240 trims, although they are of smaller capacity, 1.8L. One more reason to not choose it is its oldness. You need to buy older 1980 models to get this powerful engine. Before delving into the details, we can say the mostly used setup is Volvo's red block, 2.0-2.3L 4-cyl. If you need a faster and more efficient engine, you have the option of the V6, but you can only buy them in GLE- and GLT-versions.


The steering is made fully compatible to offer a slick gearshift. The satisfying braking power is assured by the efficient brakes. The suspensions are specially curated for soaking all the bumps elegantly. The precision and direction of the steering seem to enhance the smoothness of the ride. The clutch and pedals are sensibly placed in compliance with the throttle. It might not give you sportier fees, but safety and pleasure are what Volvo 240 gives best!


B21 series engine:

 ✓ As per the reviews, another best option out of all the engine setups is refined B21 featuring a 2,127 cc, 4-cyl unit. The specialty is the belt-driven overhead camshaft. Volvo 240 is made strong enough to produce a power of 71 kW.

 ✓ The upgraded version called B21A has also upgraded power up to 90 kW

 ✓ A 2.1L engine called B21F is installed in 1976 model years which is made high-performance to deliver guaranteed 98 hp

 ✓ A significant upgrade can be seen in the 1983 B21F engine that has a 2.3L engine, rebadged as B23F. it is surprising but it can deliver 114 hp coupled with a reasonable torque of 136 lb-ft.



You must always remember “old Volvo 240 never dies”!


YES, they never but why? There are many reasons but most importantly there are two: The strong built quality AND stylish layout that leaves a long-lasting impression. Seeing from the outside, Volvo 240 is brilliantly robust and clean. Seeing from the inside, it is spacious and sharp. And yes, obviously COMFY! You can even spot it from a distance due to its distinguishing cursory look. Once seated behind the wheel, you will acknowledge its hardiness.


We can say, all models and trims will appear the same to the naked eye at the first glance but if look closely, you will be able to spot several design changes making Volvo 240 an ultimate modern example. It doesn’t only have an outstanding look but eye-popping features offering a perfect blend of high-performance and high-tech. The best part is the comfortable upholstery that can be of either cloth or leather. You can find good competitors in the market but among all the old cars, its crash safety properties are supreme.


If you want us to recommend a trim with a better and improved layout, you can opt for the 1979-year models. The front features cool quad headlights that are hard-pressed forward to fully complement the grille to give a captivating look to the leading-edge hood. It gives a unique wrapped-around look by letting the headlights join to a rear light. In comparison, the 1981 model can give you a subtler look with point-round headlights.


The 1986 model year can also make people turn heads with its classic styling. The bigger rectangular headlamps have been equipped one per side. The all-new, sturdy grille is what makes Volvo 240 appear stronger. The reconfigured interior seems an ideal mix of comfort and ease. It has style and elegance, feasibility, and convenience.


As it is an old car, you can expect a basic and simple interior. Its cabin is less complicated and does not have advanced instrumentation. There is a lack of tech and digitalization but still, it works well while maintaining practicality. All controls are placed nicely and at easy access. The switches are made of good quality material. If you are buying it, you need to forget about luxury. The design is majorly focused on comfort and driving ease.


The seats are made as much as comfortable with a sensible driving position. Most of the adjustment features are limited. If there are any adjustments, these are manually operated. While sitting behind the wheel, you will be getting all the retro vibes. Volvo 240 will definitely be worth the money but in comparison to the 2021 automobile world, it will be lacking significant characteristics.


Final verdict:

Are you really interested in owning the best Volvo 240? Well, it is not going to be an easy task but will be worth the money and effort. It will be your way to enjoying an affordable yet keenly featured vehicle, especially if you are a collector of the old classic cars. Apart from being affordable, Volvo 240 works quietly and is provided fully equipped. This compact car is pretty cool to drive and yes, enormously safe.  With fine driving skills, you will not be able to resist acknowledging it. adding to your surprise, the Volvo 240 has also made fame on the racetrack.


As we have explained its details. Before purchasing, you must make sure it is worth the value. And you can assure it by searching its accidental, theft, and driving history. So, we are bringing you an all-time open online portal to check the car’s history by putting the minimal details.

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