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Volkswagen Touareg Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


The Touareg R is the third plug-in hybrid model of the Volkswagen product line. It is the first all-wheel-drive model in Volkswagen's PHEV range. It is also another milestone in the realignment of Volkswagen R that started in 2019. The brand is currently vigorously expanding the Volkswagen R range. Following the compact CUV models, they have introduced another sport utility vehicle within a short time- the Touareg R. It has a unique position and unrivaled charisma. The Volkswagen Touareg R is a variant with a new and intelligent level of electric performance in the segment of large touring SUVs.


In three words, the Volkswagen Touareg is authentic, avant-garde, and practical. All current Touareg models have an elegant design, maximum safety, long-distance comfort, state-of-the-art connectivity, and a digitalized cockpit. The overall concept is designed keeping everyday usability in mind. Some Touareg owners also use their SUVs as towing vehicles. Primarily sport and active people drive the Touareg. Such people value the utmost safety, driving comfort, intuitive control, and cutting-edge connectivity. This specific Volkswagen has been designed especially for these highly tech-savvy clients. They have a model that can be moved temporarily in all-electric mode with zero local emissions for the first time. 


Volkswagen Touareg Engine:

The Touareg R has a 3.0-litre turbo V6 petrol engine, paired with a 100kW electric motor, which draws power from a 17.9kWh battery pack. Combining the two power sources produces a fairly hefty 340kW of power and 700 Nm of torque. That is substantial and good enough to hurl this SUV to 100km/h in just 5.1 seconds. 


The Touareg R has the ability to run on silent and electric power. If you fully charge up the battery, you can go for a claimed 45-47km without ever waking the V6 beast under the bonnet. To get fully charged up will take around eight hours from a domestic socket, less from a 7.4kW charge point. The official CO2 emissions rating of 61g/km is rather good, too.


Volkswagen Touareg Exterior:

The exterior of the car is lavish and stylish. The exterior package includes:

R-style bumpers

 Body-colour bumpers 

 Lower door sections

 Air intake grilles with black louvers


Another elegant feature is a radiator grille with black trim strips. It also incorporates black trim strips on the side windows and black exterior mirror housings. 


In the case of the Touareg R, the exterior package additionally includes:

 A black trim strip is present on the lower part of the front bumper

 The R logo ( present in the radiator grille, on the boot lid, and the signets on the front wings and doors) 

 Darkened LED tail light clusters


The below-mentioned exterior features come as standard: 

 The 20-inch Braga alloy wheels

 Body-color wheel housing extensions 

 Trapezoidal design tailpipes 


Volkswagen Touareg Interior:

The Volkswagen Touareg R has a pretty lovely interior. Although the VW badge in the middle of the steering wheel can't entirely provide you with the same warm and fuzzy feeling as would the other cars. The Touareg's interior is probably its best card. Firstly, there's that screen. This 15 inches touch screen has endless functions.


Some of its operations include:



 Air conditioning controls


The Touareg R makes a solid fist of doing all that. The sheer size of the screen and the accompanying buttons make it much easier to find your way around. With a little bit of practice, you can get into the swing of it.


The switchgear's overall levels of quality are just excellent, and some of the rotary dials and buttons are really pleasantly tactile. The digital instrument panel is not entirely as customizable as some modern systems, but it's big, clear, and pretty simple to use.


The only bugbear is the 'haptic' buttons on the steering wheel. They can be a little tricky to use at times. Also, some parts of the big screen menu are quite manageable to track down.


The seats of the Touareg's pews are magnificent. Going on a non-stop six-hour journey might be hard for a majority of people. Luckily with the Touareg R's 'ErgoComfort' seats, you can do it without any complaint from your nether regions.


They are made from 'Puglia' leather that feels of really high quality. Its cabin is objectively better. The rear-seat passengers will be just as happy, as it has plenty of legs- and headroom even with the panoramic roof fitted. The rear-seat passengers can also enjoy having their own climate controls too. Behind the second row, the car has a massive 655-litre boot. This boot can expand to 1675 litres if the back seats are folded down.



Based on Euro NCAP tests, the regular diesel Touareg evaluated in 2018 scored a five-star ANCAP rating.


It scored:

 89% for adult occupant protection

 88% for child occupant protection

 72% for vulnerable road user protection (It is impressive for such an incredible hulking thing as this)

 78% for safety assist


The standard safety kit for the Touareg R includes: 

 Front, side, and curtain airbags

 Autonomous emergency braking 

 Pedestrian/cyclist detection

 Active bonnet for pedestrian protection

 Seatbelt reminder (visual + acoustic)

 Adaptive cruise control with stop/go

 Travel Assist (adaptive cruise + lane guidance)

 Lane-keep assist

 Traffic sign recognition



 The Porsche and Audi have done it better

 It becomes thirsty when you're not plugging-in

 The handling is not sharp enough for an R model


Final verdict:

The Volkswagen Touareg is a massive car. It ends up as something of a mixed bag. The Volkswagen is handsome and has a pretty wonderful cabin which is highly practical. It is incredibly comfortable and spacious.  The car's exterior style is somewhat similar to the sporty car, and its safety features are incredible. People who love to travel should go for this Touareg.


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