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Volkswagen Kombi Van Review Australia | All about Style & Storage

Are you a car driver and wanted to switch to a van. The Transporter Volkswagen Kombi Van is one of the most liked vehicles to drive. This powerful van is a combination of light and direct steering control that can make a rapid direction change, However, the front-wheel-drive offers a better grip than anyone while power down the vehicle. 


Many of the performed test vehicles to go on a couple of longer excursions, we found the Kombi regardless of whether weighed down with the pack or not. It was steady on longer excursions and was more than equipped for cruising at motorway speeds without any issue. Volkswagen has likewise ensured that the Transporter has a fair ride whether you're carrying cargo or not. 


Since the 1950s, the Volkswagen Transporter has been fit for getting travelers and cargo around easily. In the close to 70-year history of the Transporter, the van has made considerable progress. Here, we get in the driver's seat of the Transporter Kombi Edition, which highlights seating for five and a great area for storage at the back. 


Moreover, VW has one major preferred position over Ford as far as cargo stuff is concerned. The space for cargo in the Kombi is persistent with the area of the passenger. You can venture into the back to recover things in transit. Additionally, if you need additional load space for the state, kayaks, you can remove the back front seats out 


Interior & Equipment:

As a Kombi, the Transporter can have up to five individuals and still have bunches of room to stack load into the region behind the back seats. If we remove the back seat from the back, you can have 5,800 liters of loading room which is brilliant for any event. 


Standard gear on the Transporter Startline is abundant, with models including a five-inch shading touchscreen infotainment framework with DAB radio and Bluetooth, material upholstery, manual cooling, 16-inch steel wheels, warmed the back window and elastic floor covering. Standard security unit incorporates the programmed post-crash slowing down, brake help, driver ready system, front help with city emergency brake, slope hold help, and motor start/stop. 


On the Edition model, Volkswagen develops on the Highline trim and includes a 6.33-inch touchscreen with sat-nav and telephone availability, LED headlights and daytime running lights, stopping sensors with back switching camera, dark itemizing, Release decals, power locking for passenger-side sliding doors with the choice of 17-or 18-inch alloy wheels.



Our test vehicle had a 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine under its bonnet which generates almost 148 bhp and 340 Nm of torque which is the individual engine with the Kombi Edition model. A similar engine is composed within 100nbhp that is further lined up incoming models.


The transporter can be able to achieve a top speed of 113 mph and also they can boost up the speed to 0-60mph in approximately 11.7 seconds with the help of this unit on-board. If you wish to have a faster version of Kombi. The Bi Turbo diesel 2.0-liter which develops almost 201bhp and is more powerful will be more preferable. 


With the assistance of our test vehicle, it had much power for many events. It is able to be cruised on motorways without any distraction, with the option that if you want plenty of equipment at its back or not. 


Kombi is one of the most compliant vehicles as it provides transporters with a facility of carrying abundant luggage on its top and also provides the space for five persons. In Edition spec, it has many tools that can help you a lot in your long journeys. It is much similar to driving like a car.



 ✓ It has a wide range of models

 ✓ The Kombi holds its value with its unique specifications

 ✓ Improved safety systems

 ✓ Comfortable ride

 ✓ Powerful engines



 ✓ Less covered storage space

 ✓ Expensive than other vans

 ✓ Noisy from inside

 ✓ Short service intervals


Kombi Van Reviews:

Review 1:

Replaced our T4 with a new T5 4 years ago.

Despite regular service from the agent we have found this van to be crap compared to our old T4 that basically ran to 250000 without issue. 4 years old (70,000km) and needed new brake disks on the front, catalytic converter shat its self, doors are no longer hanging straight, and on it goes... We won't be buying VW again on the back of this poor life.


Review 2:

Have a 2018 diesel Frontline T6 campervan, and enjoy using it as my everyday car. Mechanicals are excellent, and the dual clutch gearbox is marvelous with its freewheel action, and 7 speed. Very comfortable ride. As usual VW are very sparing with the extras you get, and accessory costs are over the top. Just hope nothing goes wrong.


Review 3:

Van is powerful, great to drive, cruises very well and is massive inside. Been setup as a full camper and is awesome for that reason, one of the only vans this size where you don’t have to get out of the van to access the rear, great in rainy weather.


Review 4:

rattling in the twin clutch area now at 165000km's no worries ,this is my third VW Van, first one was a 1974 T2 Factory camper 1800 Auto, second one was a 1976 "African 2.0 litre twin carb manual 14 seater, Totally reliable.I could pull the engine out of either in 1/2 an hour, no problems. This one will be a challenge.


Review 5:

I bought a T4 three years ago with 300K kilometres on the clock. It is the 5 cyl 2.5litre petrol converted to dual fuel ( since new) . It has just ticked over 400K and is still purring. I have driven VW vans my whole life and consider this particular model to be virtually bullet proof...Bruce



Volkswagen Kombi Vans have been moved up to fulfill the needs of present-day families. The Transporter was one of the first to accompany a traveler vehicle that ensures the safety of the passenger. Furthermore, including automatic emergency braking and slowing down to forestall bumps. All these things help in the smooth driving of the vehicle. Either you buy any of the kombi van models used or the latest one you would probably be buying the finest van to drive.


From all the positive and negative reviews my review is a bit different based on my experiences. Although I found a few difficulties at first but overall it is the best vehicle to drive. If you wanted to get more information about the user and the latest cars you must visit  QuicREVs, the best to provide car history than others.


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