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Volkswagen Amarok Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Volkswagen Amarok Review Australia


With the passage of time, the Australian market of the dual-cab ute is getting bigger and bigger. This is the reason that every carmaker is fastened to make the use of their brand more challenging. Many manufacturers are focused on producing a ute that can go fryer into the wilderness to keep up with the market.


Although the idea of off-road utes looks good, most people nowadays want a ute to ride to the shopping centre, take bikes out on the weekend, or pick and drop their kids at school. For this sole purpose, Volkswagen introduced their Amarok W580. 


Volkswagen Amarok engine:

Under the bonnet, the Volkswagen Amarok has an engine that none of its competitors has. The Amarok comes with a  3.0-litre V6 diesel engine which is powerful and big. The most potent version of this engine is packed in the W580. The engine in the W580 produces 190kW of power and 580 Nm of torque. The engine comes mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission that powers full-time all-wheel drive on the road. The Volkswagen Amarok claims 9.5L/100km fuel economy on the combined cycle.


Volkswagen Amarok exterior:

The exterior of the Volkswagen Amarok looks incredible with the metallic touch. This truck has a menacing stance on the outside due to its Walkinshaw enhancements. The W580 comes with a massive wheel-and-tyre combination. It is wider than the standard fare by one inch. It also includes a 23mm offset alteration that matches the guards. The Volkswagen Amarok W580 has 20-inch forged alloys that suit well, and these are not heavier than the wheels. 


If you want the best exterior to show off as most ute buyers want to, then you should go for the 580S package. This package will get a mean front overhaul that matches with an equally mean rear. In addition, this package adds on a twin side-piped exhaust and sailplane bar that completes the overall styling of the Volkswagen and makes it stand out from the boring crowd of utes. 


Volkswagen Amarok interior:

Coming to the interior of the Volkswagen Amarok, you would be a little disappointed. This is because nothing on the inside feels unique. Still, it is not that bad. You will have many Walkinshaw branding that is stitched into the seats as well as on carpets. Besides that, this model also provides a numbered build plaque on the transmission panel. However, more efforts could have been made in order to make it a bit more bespoke. 


The cabin of this edition is unchanged too. You are going to get plenty of room, adjustability and many other features for front passengers. The front passenger gets a lot of storage area as well.


This includes the following:

 A large centre console

 Dual bottle holders

 A large armrest console box

 A huge tray under the climate unit


The dash Volkswagen Amarok comes with a 12v power outlet for stowing devices. In addition, you will get trenches and large bottle holders in the door cards. The screen of the Volkswagen Amarok is tiny, but the good thing is that it comes with easy-access shortcut buttons and dials. You can adjust things with these buttons and dials without looking away while driving. The same goes for the dual-zone climate console that the Volkswagen Amarok incorporates.                   


Coming to the rear of the Amarok, the width is fine for rear passengers, but the legroom is a little limited. Comparing it to other uses, the rear of the Volkswagen Amarok comes with a more impressive width as well as seat trims. 


The Volkswagen Amarok, in terms of practicality, is known for its tray. It is among the best in the segment as it comes with the following dimensions:

 1555mm in length

 1620mm in width 

 508mm in height 


The payload and the towing capacity of the Amaroks are also worth mentioning. The payload of the Amaroks is somewhere between 905kgs. The towing capacity of Amaroks is at 750kg unbraked, or a competitive 3500 kg braked. 


Volkswagen Amarok safety:

 ANCAP tested  Amarok in 2011, which was almost a decade ago, and at that time, it scored a five-star ANCAP rating. The frontal offset score was 13.99 out of 16, and a side-impact score was 16 out of 16. The Whiplash was rated Good, and the pedestrian protection was rated Marginal. Now the years have passed, and there are some advanced safety features that the Volkswagen Amarok might not have.


The 2021 models of the Volkswagen Amarok come standard with the following features: 

 Front airbags

 Front-side airbags

 Anti-lock brakes


The rear passengers do not get airbags, and also it misses on some necessary safety features that include no active safety technology like autonomous emergency braking, etcetera.


Volkswagen Amarok price:

The Volkswagen Amarok 2021 prices range from $38,490 for the basic trim level Ute to $79,990 for the top of the range Ute. 



 The exterior is subtly tougher

 It is a supremely well-sorted highway ride

 The V6 engine is torquey and refined



 The 2021 model also lacks important active safety equipment

 The rear-seat accommodation is poor

 It is expensive


The final verdict:

The Volkswagen Amarok W580 is a step forward when coming to driving. This model is here to fill the gap that is there in the rampantly popular dual-cab ute market when it comes to the driving dynamics. The Volkswagen Amarok W580 takes advantage of a  muscular engine, subtly tougher looks, unchanged towing capacity and a refined feeling befitting the Volkswagen badge. The only flaw that we found was the lack of active safety features. It is hard to overlook this issue plus the rear accommodation is average as well. If you can look past those flaws and decide to buy this ute, then it is recommended to get the account of its history. In order to get all about the hidden past of any car in Australia, Quick Revs online is the answer for you! 

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