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VL Walkinshaw Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


VL Walkinshaw Review Australia


Let's start from the Holden Commodore (VL)! These are considered one of the most famous, feasible, and usable mid-size cars. These were manufactured from 1986 to 1988 by Holden. It became Aussies favourite pretty quickly.


One of the masterpieces from VL Holden is the SS Group ASV. It was manufactured in 1988. The speciality was its Walkinshaw kit that took it to the top of the list. It is offered only in a single color that is Panorama Silver. Its unique chassis is made especially lightweight. Its balanced weight assists its outrageous aerodynamic styling. The perfect power to weight ratio is provided. It is complemented with a thrilling V8 engine in VL Walkinshaw. All done to enhance road stability! The firm road grip is allowed along with reducing speed drag. There is no drag even when accelerated high.


Call VL Walkinshaw the Holden’s biggest and most risky take on creating a 4-door sedan with classic design, reduced drag, cheap engine, and appealing interior. The mechanically modified engine delivers a head-turning performance. It works smoothly on city roads as well as highways. Being an Australian legend, twin-induction V8 has a fantastic howl. VL commodore Walkinshaw is an absolutely relaxed ride. Besides, you will find it easier to steer.



We can all agree that its engine suffers from a lower power. But that is compensated well with the hard mechanics and durability. The sensible placement of the engine is a big plus. All models are equipped with an incredibly strong 5L engine setup. The machine is guaranteed to deliver 180 kW power. Along with power, suitable torque has been provided. It makes the ride fun enough. When mated with a smooth 5-speed Borg-Warner gearbox, the drive becomes light and easy. With its surprisingly direct throw, you can cruise VL Walkinshaw comfortably.


Do you know VL Walkinshaw can continue delivering a satisfying hard-driving experience for an extended period? All credit goes to the reliable motor used. Its equipment is designed specially to endure all racing conditions. The key appeal is its electronic fuel injection that makes the drive seamless. The installation of responsive pedals with twin throttle-body is something extra. It ensures that the drive is engaging. For improved breathing and outright on-road performance, the engine is manufactured using hard-wearing material.


Besides, we can say, the design is found to be steadfast on the racetrack. The drive is supported with a decent, quick-acting, lightweight, and responsive 3-spoke MOMO wheel. You will definitely be surprised with its performance once you are seated behind the wheel. We are saying it considering its old manufacturing. It makes maneuvering this chic yet sturdy muscle car, VL Walkinshaw, an unproblematic task. The clutch feel is also good and nice.


If you are more focused on performance than money, VL Walkinshaw will not disappoint you as you will face no forced-induction delays. The engine is brilliantly quiet but if you speed up, you can feel the noise building nicely starting from 3000rpm. And, how can you ignore its adaptable and receptive suspension setup? The suspensions that are complimenting an efficient braking system to let you enjoy amazing cornering and minimum body roll.



If we focus on the inside of the Walkinshaw VL, the seats are cloth wrapped. These are soft-felt and smooth giving premium not luxurious feels. All seats offer comfortability. They are equipped with an extendable ‘pump’ handle. It is used manually to either raise or lower the seat height. This convenient feature makes sure you are having a nice driving position. The technology inside is highly functional but extremely basic. It comes with no creativity or innovation.


Ergonomically, it is not bad either. There are accessible wiper controls, readable instrument binnacle, and explicit gauges.


From every perspective, the features will leave you pretty satisfied:

Excessive storage

AC/DC tapes stacker

AM/FM radio with power antenna

Air conditioner

Mirrors with manual adjustment


Have you not guessed why VL Walkinshaw is called the plastic fantastic, Plastic Pig, Batmobile, or Winged Warrior? Well, the logic is simple. It is called with such nicknames due to an explicitly created body kit. The kit is designed for minimizing drag up to 25%. Truly speaking, its wild body is a legacy!


Walkinshaw VL also has an innovative and impressive exterior. A one-piece panel covering the VL's sixth window is made of lightweight reinforced fiberglass that is seemingly extended to the C-pillar giving a look of the 'fence' to the elevated boot lid. It supports the aerodynamic design. It evidently improves the airflow while maintaining its style.


It is featured with a visible Holden badge. The exceptional design used in this rare machine is undoubtedly functional. It brings a touch of excitement. It's absurd, ground-hugging aerodynamic body kit, complemented with 16-inch wheels gives it the look of a robust brick. Furthermore, it gets the element of an intimidating front look from a massive air dam and a low-truncated splitter.


The thing that will catch your attention right away is distinctively placed elegant hardware that sits higher in comparison to the standard bonnet line. But, it does not affect its purpose. Simply explained as a premier creation out in the sunshine!


Cons of buying VL Walkinshaw:

Output and performance can be conservative in comparison to today's vehicles

Too expensive despite being old

Extremely basic cabin

No fancy gadgets


Final verdict:

One thing we can all agree on is that Holden VL Walkinshaw holds historical importance. Among all the VL Commodore, THIS IS one found to be the toughest. With its radically designed body kit, it has better aerodynamic efficiency in comparison to other racing Commodores. It will grab your eye with its startlingly exterior profile. The most wonderful thing is its satisfactory balance created between a suitable drag coefficient and decisive down-force.


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