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VF Commodore Review Australia | Features, Specifications, Price

VF Commodore Review Australia

With the introduction of the new ZB Commodore, the VF model may seem like old news. Well, we certainly do not think so. The VF Commodore is one of the best Australian-made cars till date, with the best value. For this reason, the last of the locally made models still matters to many people.


The fact that the Holden Commodore SV6 is among the last of the locally produced cars has almost ensured an almost cult following. This is a legend in the making, having already received a collectible status in the country. Which trim is the best and what features you can expect in the car? Read on to find out.


Produced between 2013 and 2017 by the Holden brand, this is an executive class car. The Holden Commodore series has been around for many years spanning four generations. The VF Commodore marked the fourth and final generation of the series. It was also available in sedan and wagon variants. It has been sold under the name of VF Commodore Ute, or more commonly as the VF Holden Commodore.


The VF Commodore was also exported to the United States, renamed as the Chevrolet SS. The car saw some improvements in the export model. The improved version of the vehicle was also sold in the UK as the Vauxhall VXR8 range.


In 2017, General Motors announced that the VF Commodore series would be discontinued. Thus, ending the Holden Commodore range.


Trim levels:

It is true that the VF Commodore has been discontinued. But do not let that fact dismay you. There are plenty of cars available for sale. Moreover, you can choose from various engine variants and trim levels as per your need. Options include V6 and V8 engines with options in sedan or station wagon.


The available trim levels are:

 ✓ VF Commodore Evoke (base model)

 ✓ VF Commodore SV6

 ✓ VF Holden Commodore SS

 ✓ VF Commodore Calais (luxury model)



Holden did not leave any stone unturned when it comes to the features in the VF Commodore. Even the base model Evoke includes most state-of-the-art tech and safety features which you would find on the latest luxury cars.


Standard features include:

 ✓ 8.0-inch touchscreen, with radio, Bluetooth, USB, and smartphone compatibility.

 ✓ Adaptive Cruise Control plus automatic headlights that switch in when it gets dark.

 ✓ Adjustable steering wheel with controls through which you can control the sound system and the adaptive cruise control

 ✓ Dual Zone air conditioning, allowing the driver and passenger to set temperatures at will.

 ✓ Alloy wheels, with a full-sized spare in the trunk.

 ✓ Trailer Sway Control, an ingenious method through which engine and brakes can be adjusted to dampen oscillations.

 ✓ A three years warranty by Holden valid for 100,000 km.


Safety Features:

The VF Commodore has received the highest rating from ANCAP in the safety department. A respectable five stars. That is due to the numerous safety features and specifications that the car is loaded with.


These include:

 ✓ Various airbags to ensure the protection of all the passengers and drivers. These include curtain airbags for side impacts as well as the conventional front ones

 ✓ LED daytime running lamps to make it easier for other drivers to see you

 ✓ Reverse traffic alert which warns you of any incoming traffic when reversing

 ✓ Blind Spot warning to alert you of the vehicles lurking behind you which are not visible in the side mirrors

 ✓ Lane departure warning using a camera sensor

 ✓ Forward Collision alert also using a sensor, operating at speed above 40km/h

 ✓ Electronic stability control and Anti-lock braking system


Driving Experience:

This is a vehicle that adapts to the situation of quicker, streaming curves. The fundamental preferred position is that the wheels driving the vehicle are not additionally controlling it. The advantages become progressively evident as the force yield increases.


Indeed, even the more solace situated Commodore models –, for example, the mainstream Evoke, Calais, and SV6 – display amazing street habits. The vehicle corners unquestionably. And brings significant levels of hold, alongside magnificent control.


The V8 motor is the champion decision. It is the one Holden has put the most time and exertion in. It has heaps of pull in any apparatus, at practically any speed. Indeed, even going up a slope it normally quickens up.



One of the best-selling attributes of the VF Commodore is its price. It brings an excellent value for money and scores ten-out-of-ten in that department. The base model Evoke is priced at $35,000 and when you consider the engine specifications and tons of features, this is surely a great deal.


Our Verdict:

Without a doubt, the VF Commodore is among the most reasonable rear wheel high performing vehicles that you would come across. The extensive features combined with the modest price makes it irresistible. The overall styling is great with a comfortable drive. The quality of plastic used in the interior is the one thing that we found something to complain about.

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