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VE Commodore Review Australia | Features, Specifications, Trim levels

VE Commodore Review Australia

In previous articles, we have dissected many Holden vehicles, especially the Commodore range. The Holden Commodore range has several benefits over other rivals, the main being that it offers great value for money. In this article, we take a look at the VE Commodore range, which is arguably one of the most significant local cars.


That being said, the Holden VE Commodore has enjoyed the spotlight for some time now. Some of it is positive, due to the high performing engine and the several trim levels available. It has also faced some criticism for bearing resemblance to Holden’s main competitor, Falcon. On the whole, this is an attractive car with tons of features. Read on for a full VE Commodore review.


The VE Commodore is labeled as the single most important car since the original 48-215. That is due to the murky backdrop in which the car was revealed. At that time, Holden’s parent company General Motors was precariously close to declaring bankruptcy. Therefore, the VE Commodore had a huge responsibility to deliver to redeem the company.


General Motors invested immensely on the VE Commodore and crossed their fingers, hoping that the car would deliver. And that is what it did! In less than a year, the VE Commodore topped the local sales charts, thus saving the company.


The VE Commodore also proved to be a success in the global market. Thousands of cars were exported to the South East Asian and Middle Eastern markets. As well as being popular in Brazil, New Zealand, and the UK.


Engine Specifications:

The VE Commodore is powered by an Alloytec V6 engine. It is a 3.6-liter V6, which delivers extra power and torque. The power is transferred using a four-speed automatic transmission in the base model, Omega. While a five-speed automatic transmission is used to drive the SV, SS, and Calais, models.


However, you can also go for the manual six-speeds and upgrade the transmission for improved durability.


Trim levels:

Starting with the base model comes the VE Commodore Omega. It replaced the name of Acclaim, which had previously been used to describe the base models for all Commodores. Then come the Executive and Lumina models, which were added in 2007. These served to substitute the long-serving Berlina.

Following tradition, the VE Commodore ute also features sports variants, in the shape of the SV6 and the SV8 models. Lastly came the luxury class models which features the high performing SS and the Calais variants.


Initially, there was no VE Commodore wagon available in the series. But that changed in 2008 when a Sportwagon was released. A major drawback for the wagon was that it had a reduced cargo space due to its shape.



Holden has as of now shamelessly been testing some of the VE's styling highlights on the current VZ model. That is to guarantee endorsement from devoted Holden devotees. The front vent with coordinated side pointer focal point you see on VZ SS and HSV models. A brazen, mystery sneak peek of a mark highlight found over the whole VE run. It is acquainted with the current model long after the VE's plan was in the last stages.


Holden had chosen they needed to drastically extend the wheelbase. For this reason, the front wheels currently sit 67mm forward from their past situation. While the back hub was moved 59mm aft.


The vehicle's beltline (the base of the glassine) has been raised however the sleeker roofline has been brought down marginally, and as the greatly flared curves would demonstrate the VE's impression has been extended significantly. The front track width is expanded 33mm and back 41mm. Front and back shades are likewise diminished.



There is consistently a steady battle in-vehicle plans between the vehicle's architects and those liable for the augmenting of inside space. Smooth, daring lines well known in current vehicles. For example, bargain head and shoulder room; such is the situation with VE. However, Holden's Interior Technical group have utilized a few sly deceive to keep the Commodore's lodge ample. Assuming just, however, through the specialty of a dream.


The instrument bunch has been mounted down. It gives the impression of the room to the driver, to utilize inside zones. Because of the expanded wheelbase legroom is upon past Commodores. Which is a reasonable tradeoff for the slight shortfall in region overhead?


Boot space has been expanded by 31 liters. That is because of the expulsion of those irritating 'Gooseneck' inboard pivots found on the VZ. The interior comes in three center varieties subject to display detail.


The entry-level VE Commodore, Omega, replaces the Executive and Acclaim nameplates of old. Omega and Berlina's variations exposed a commonsense straightforward design. With conventional green enlightenment backdrop illumination, a basic single LCD show, and controls.


Standard Features:

All the models for the VE Commodore stereo fascia are equipped with an optional navigation system. Between the speed meter and the tachometer, sits a multi-info display. It displays all of the car’s electronic settings. All the variants are also equipped with audio and menu controls on the steering wheel.


The top of the line luxury model, VE Commodore Calais is equipped with the most features. It receives an up-market color treatment. The seats are made supportive, comfortable for long journeys. A screen is fixed on the center stack that displays audio and climate control data.


Moving up comes the Calais V model. The front screen acts as a visual aid for the parking sensors. It also acts as a DVD player. The rear occupants also get a roof-mounted infotainment system, plus wireless headphones. You can get this option by paying extra in all the other variants.


The interior for the SS and SS V models is worth mentioning here. They feature bolstered sports seats with excellent support. They also have sport instrumentation to complete the sporty aura. They also offer a red dashboard which may be too funky for some consumers. But you can opt for the more subtle onyx colored dash as well.


The VE Commodore colors are available in seven different variations. The colors are highly chromatic and have a metallic touch which looks beautiful when it catches the light.


VE Commodore problems:

The VE Commodore, where it has numerous advantages over other competitors, also has some problems that we feel should be mentioned. The first one starts with the fact that it is built on a completely new platform. The platform, named as ‘Zeda’, had some bugs that had to be fixed later on. It fell on the consumer therefore to unwillingly test the new platform and point out the issues.


Another problem that came to attention was the faulty timing chain. The V6 engine in the VE Commodore stretches the belt, which needs to be replaced after some time. And let us tell you, it's no cheap thing to do.


The VE Commodore has been known to have noisy Hydraulic lifters. They create noise which comes to be associated with the timing chain, more often. You might also find that the CE Commodore has some starting issues. That is due to the spark plugs getting flooded with fuel. It can be rectified by replacing the spark plugs or cleaning them. But that is another expense.

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