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Valvoline Review Australia | Best Engine Oil For Your Car

Valvoline Review Australia

Changing the engine oil is a frequent activity, which needs to be done after a fixed interval of time or kilometers are driven in your car. Selecting the most suitable oil for your car or truck can be daunting when you look at the numerous options available, with no shortage of different brands and the varying options that are found.


Well, that depends on your vehicle type and the condition of the engine. Most people would go for synthetic oils, and some still prefer the old mineral oils.  We suggest that you keep in mind the following factors before making your decision:

 ✓ The owner’s manual that comes with your vehicle should be the basis of any decision. Be sure to consult that and make note of the specifications and engine procedures mentioned there.

 ✓ All engine oils have certain viscosity specifications, and it is always better to consult trusted people regarding that before selecting the right one.

 ✓ The number of miles that your vehicle and the engine has seen also impacts the oil type that is best suited.


Valvoline engine oil is one of the most popular engine oils in Australia, with multiple products that you can browse through and select the one for your car. In this article, we review some of their best-selling products and present a review of their services.


Valvoline Background:

Valvoline’s story goes back almost 150 years when the first lubricant was introduced for steam engines. Under the leadership and genius of Dr. John Ellis, Valvoline set up high standards from day one, with oils and lubricants which received positive feedback. They continued to evolve and improve year by year, with the result that today they are among the best engine oil producers in the country.


Since its establishment, Valvoline and its researchers have been developing and marketing recipes for dashing, high kilometer vehicles, synthetics, and different applications. It is the duty to develop that shows in their products that help keep vehicles on the move in the country and even on a global level.


Valvoline’s operations are spread globally as a manufacturer, wholesaler, and brand of great lube for every kind of vehicle. Valvoline items, administrations and projects result from their continuous pledge to improve support, include execution, and diminish proprietorship cost for vehicle proprietors and organizations.


Why Valvoline Engine Oil?

Since engine oil is an essential fluid for all and every kind of vehicle to properly function, Valvoline offers great engine oil for cars and trucks, without which you will not be able to get to the places that you want to visit. Valvoline provides the essential lubrication to your engine which is required to keep it functioning at optimal levels.


Given Australia’s harsh climate and extreme temperatures especially in the winters, the inside of your car’s engine and the fluids present in there are drastically affected, expanding and constricting accordingly. This is why good synthetic oils are good options since they are designed to resist breaking down due to friction or high heats.


Valvoline Synthetic engine oils also offer the benefit of fewer oil changes. Conventional engine oils need to be changed more frequently while synthetic oils are less frequent over longer periods of time. This means that the engine life span also increases as well as a considerable increase in the fuel economy.


Best Selling products:

Valvoline offers a variety of engine oils and other products for your vehicle which are sold nationally and internationally and receive positive feedback and reviews from users. We compiled a list of their best-selling products and why you should go for them


Valvoline Maxlife:

This is a synthetic oil blend which is found the perfect choice for restoring engine seals and preventing any oil leaks. This is great for older engines since it helps remove deposits and sludge from the engine. As a result, your engine runs smoothly and reduces the engine sound.


Valvoline Coolants:

Among the huge variety of coolants available in the market, no two coolants are the same. So, choose the right one which meets the industry standards, and which ensures the protection of your car’s cooling system in the long term. Your search will surely bring you to Valvoline coolants, which they have manufactured after working closely with the leading car manufacturing companies of the World. They offer a range of cooling agents which are both heavy-duty and fully approved chemistry, available in organic acid technology and hybrid organic acid technology.


Valvoline Diesel Extra:

This is one of the latest generation range of engine oils by Valvoline, which is manufactured after using technology from both European and American standards. It is highly recommended for European manufactured engines like Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, as well as hugely successful for American high-powered engines such as Mack, Caterpillar, and Cummins.


Valvoline Engine Armor Diesel:

This synthetic oil specifically targets four-wheel-drive diesel engines, using a low viscosity and semi-synthetic formula, providing ultra-high performance and protection in all conditions. Moreover, it helps in soot control, cleans the engine, improves the overall durability for all diesel engines. Other benefits include a maximum start-up and strong protection in cold weather and use if the latest generation detergent.


Valvoline Power Steering Fluid:

Manufactured using synthetic polymers, Valvoline’s power steering wheel is a hydraulic fluid that is suitable for most steering wheels. It helps prevent foaming in the wheel, which can lead to inadequate lubrication and performance issues.


Valvoline Super Diesel:

Another addition to the diesel engine oils, the Super Diesel engine oil is built in a way to avoid any oil thickening which can occur due to soot build-up, and helps protect the core components of your engine which can be caused due to corrosive combustion gases. All in all this is great for your diesel engine with the added plus of deposit formation reduction and resistance against thermal breakdown.


Valvoline 2 Stroke:

Designed for small machinery with 2 stroke engines, this engine oil is suitable but not limited to hedge trimmers, lawnmowers, chainsaws, and stationary engines. The engine oil contains additives to make sure that the engine has prolonged life and can be mixed with petrol at varying ratios.


Valvoline SynPower:

This range of Valvoline engine oils are found to be suitable for petrol engines, fully synthetic, and contain low amounts of Sulphur, phosphorus and Sulphur ash. They contain anti-wear agents and dispersant technology which ensures that your engine lives longer.

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