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V Max: Review, Specification, Price

Although the market is full of competitors and all the technologies introduced had made the marked flooding day by day in that case choosing the right brake pads for your vehicle is quite difficult. It is necessary to inspect your car at regular intervals of time otherwise your luxurious and expensive car can become all waste. 

What was the last time you checked your brakes? Maybe months ago that was not good for the health of your car. It is recommended that you should check your brakes more often especially after every engine oil change no matter for moderate or heavy car usage.


What is Vmax breaks and how it works:

To suit every type of driving style Vmax brakes provide a wide range of brake discs and pads for everyday road use. Vmax Brakes is, however, an Australian company providing you with the highest quality brake production nationwide. The first choice for all brake accessories and spare parts is always Vmax Brakes for the best performance of your vehicle's braking system.


We have amazing: 

  •   OEM basic setups
  •   Street performance setups
  •   Track options

The pressure and friction applied to the rotor help to reduce the speed of the vehicle driving by making the wheels stop. While brake pads are intended to extreme wear and tear due to the weight of any vehicle. It is difficult to undertake, but the brake pads of your vehicle do it time again without any complaint. Brake replacement is recommended after every 50,000 miles driven.


Different Types of Brake Pads: 

  •   Non-asbestos

  •   Ceramic brake pads

  •   Semi-metallic



It is usually made with fibers, filler material adding up high-temperature resins. These are such kinds of brakes that do not create much noise and are usually softer than other car brake pads which are mostly harder than normal. 


Ceramic brake pads: 

This kind of brake pads is made by using ceramic fibers and other material with the filler that is somehow nonferrous. This type of brake pads can easily resist wear and tear with no difficulty and creates no sound as well. But are expensive in cost as compared to the other brake pads.



These kinds of brake pads are widely used by most vehicles because of their efficient heat transfer capacity that upholds it for a long time. These kinds of brake pads last for a great time. These are made up of graphite, copper, steel wire and friction modifiers as well. These strong components make it reliable and work longer than usual.



  •   Brake Rotors

  •   Brake Pads

  •   Brake Drums

  •   Drum Brake Shoes

  •   Brake Pad Wear Sensors


Brake Rotors:

Brake disc rotors are important in the safety of the vehicle. Once applied they help your car stop. Vmax Brakes specialize the brake discs performance for any model. Replace your old products with our exclusive premium products.


Brake Pads:

Along with the brake discs the brake pads also help to stop any vehicle. For the intended use of vehicles, most of the time brake pads are chosen based. We have specially designed OEM spec pads that are suitable for every model of any vehicle.


Brake Drums:

Brake drums play an important part in the safety of any vehicle. When the brakes are applied, it decelerates the rotation of the wheels. In that case, you must replace your brake drums to upgrade the braking system by shopping at Vmax brakes for all types of brake drums.


Drum Brake Shoes:

Vmax brakes deal in all brake shoes for cars with brake drum systems. In addition to that Vmax brake also supply truck drums and shoes.


Brake Pad Wear Sensors:

With breaking, pad wear sensors to ensure your safety. These sensors in any vehicle warn the driver that your brake pads need replacement. Whenever the sensor is triggered, a warning light indicates that your brake pads need to get changed.


Vmax Brakes Reviews:

Review 1:

Top rotors great people great price have to be one of the best rotors on the market at the moment give them a go you will be impressed 


Review 2:

I was looking everywhere for some rotors for a custom application. I connected lots of recommended companies and everyone said it was too hard and didn't help. When I talked to you guys nothing was too hard. I worked with me to sort out a solution to my set up and at a great price. Highly recommend for all brake parts


Review 3:

Have got a Wrx gf8 1999 and have a full set on my car for over a year and still as good as when first purchased love them!

I’m heavy on the brakes and haven’t buckled them yet a few days on the track and they got a little warm but they still performed just as when I first started the day!

Hoping to receive some stickers soon!!

My Thanks for everything guys!

Love your work!


Review 4:

Have been using these brakes on all my cars for years.

The best aftermarket rotors I've ever purchased, along with the trw pads.

Great prices too along with receiving the brakes within 24 hours of ordering, staff super helpful with choosing the right combo for my vehicle.

Brake's can cop heavy punishment and still perform at peak. super happy with the purchase


Review 5:

Amazing customer service and quick turn around. Vmax breaks even upgraded my rotors for free of charge 



For the wide variety of brake pads and other spare parts of cars, Vmax Brakes is here to introduce you with the best and reliable products. From the wide variety, you have to choose the best for your vehicle as Vmax Brakes provides all products that suit the braking system of your car. The excellent quality products with affordable prices that suit your range. To provide every customer satisfaction for their vehicle Vmax Brakes is the best destination that suits all your braking needs.

Hopefully, the article lets all your doubts clear regarding brakes and Vmax Brakes. But to ensure your vehicle with the best products I would recommend Vmax Brakes.

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