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Triumph Stag Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Triumph Stag Review Australia


Ever came across this name? Probably yes, but we assume, you have been hearing a mixed response. For some users, it has been the best car to drive with its strong yet laid-back V8 engine. On the contrary, it has been criticized for its lack of tech, safety features, and several mechanical issues.


Envisioned as an extravagant sports car the Triumph Stag is a 2-door, 2-passenger sports tourer, manufactured from 1970 to 1978. It is visually appealing as it is the result of the efforts of a skilled Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti. With a waffly V8 soundtrack, you will be getting a stylish outlook and sufficiently spacious cabin.


The key appeal is its rooftop that you can either choose to fully expose yourself or use to save yourself from rain. Overall, we can say, Triumph Stag soft top is a natural-born cruiser that can be an ideal companion for your family trips.


Engine performance:

All cars made RWD offer a trouble-free ride. The engine placed up front under the sturdy bonnet keeps it protected. Sorry to break it but most of the mechanics seem out of line or somewhat lacking the power and strength to offer the long years of use. Once seated behind the steering, you will be amazed at its smooth-like cream and best enjoyed on-road performance despite lacking motor equipment.


The highlight of all trims of Triumph Stag is its power, electrically assisted steering that is responsive and pretty directional. It keeps you engaged with the road directly. The steering is appropriately weighted offering satisfactory firmness on the highways. The steering can get vague sometimes. But, it is not big of a deal.


Coming to its electrical system, you would find it pretty reliable. The reason for recommending this old car is the suspension setup that takes you to a stable drive.


With the equipment of the fully independent, it absorbs the bumps decently. Another impressive feature is its braking that minimizes the body roll and maintains the cornering ability. At the front, ventilated disc brakes are present and at the rear, you will get a set of drum brakes in Stag Triumph. As we know, it has both, manual and auto transmission, do not worry about which you must choose. You will find the Triumph Stag well suited for both transmissions. They are made surprisingly reliable taking you up to 120,000 miles. Worn synchromesh on 2nd gear is the primary sign of distress on the manual gear shift.


If you buy any of the latest models, you will get a simple but less efficient twin-carburetor setup. The combination of suspension and gearbox makes the engine run smoothly and cleanly enough. The drawback is its lesser internal cooling capacity. The Triumph V8 is constructed using an aluminum head and iron block. In short, the Triumph Stag is a handsome GT with a reasonable engine.


1978 model specs:

3L V8 petrol engine

OHV with 16v setup

Twin downdraft carburetors

Maximum power: 108kW @ 5000rpm

Maximum torque: 230Nm @ 3500rpm

Available in both 4-speed manual and 3-speed automatic floor-mounted transmission

Single carburetor



Keeping the best years of use, Triumph Stag is manufactured with an all-steel monocoque body. Constructed with a strong body and sturdy chassis, this 2-door convertible has an eye-catching inside and outside styling. It features an innovative T-bar roof letting you enjoy your drive in three options: with a cloth top, removable hard-top, or no top at all.


Exterior has the touch of attention-grabbing sharp Michelotti-penned lines. When you sit inside, its vinyl trimming seems definitely a spot-on feature as they offer extreme durability. The cabin is largely very hard-wearing. The interior is comfy, pedals are nicely placed, door handles have gained smooth finesse and space seems enough with decent legroom, knee room, and headrest.


Who would like to spend tons of money on seating? NO one, probably! So, these vinyl seats can be rebuilt economically in Triumph Stag.


Cons of buying Triumph Stag:

An array of build-quality issues

On pushing a little harder, the whole car starts to fall apart giving rattles and shakes, groans and moans

Rust can be a huge problem at the sills, floor pans, wings, and also the seams with outer wheel arches,

Failed cooling system

Electrical system failure is common in Triumph Stag causing the fuel pump to stick and preventing the engine from getting started


Mark variants:

Triumph Stag Divided into four ages:

Early Mark I 1970

Mark I from 1971 to 72/3

Mark II from 1973

Late Mark II or Mark III from 1974 to 1977


Do you have the same question about WHAT ARE THE MOST DISTINGUISHING FEATURES between Triumph Stag mk1 and mk2? The most prominent discriminating feature is the sills and tail panel. They seem to be of the same color as the body on the primary cars whereas, the latter is of special low-gloss black. Similarly, they differ in the warning light cluster and the instrument dial needles that are pointing down in all the initial models.


The best way to spot the Mk II variant is its twin coach lines. Mark III cars are somewhat extraordinarily different with body-colored sills and tail panels with a stainless-steel cover.


Mk ll:

Some significant specs of Mark variant II are:

External side windows are detached from the soft top reducing the risk of creasing

Black surrounded grille and emblem

Matte black detailed sills and number plate slam panel

Laminated windscreen as a standard

Interior lights removed from the door pillars

Single up-front roll bar-mounting

Nylon fabric

14.5-inch wheel

Thinner gauge metal


Final verdict:

We can sum up Triumph Stag as a “Nice-looking, Great-sounding vehicle available at a reasonable price”. Yet numerous drivers wouldn’t choose it because of its poor reputation. But in reality, it is such a fun and relaxing car to drive. An ideal option for taking to the beach holidays. Despite its poor reputation, the Stag’s V8 is effortlessly reliable if maintained suitably.


You would love its user-friendly and complex on-road dynamics. To avoid any unexpected and expensive motor problems, you must buy a car that has a clear history. You can visit our site Quick Revs, where we offer an online, all-time accessible portal. Enter the car details and get a valid accident, driving, and theft history of the desired automobile.

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