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TRD Hilux Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


TRD Hilux Review Australia


TRD Hilux Review Australia

One thing, we can all agree on is… Australians love UTEs. Why? Because these are styled so versatile that they can be used for multiple purposes. In short, they do everything. And, when talking about UTEs how can you miss out on the TRD Hilux. With the addition of TRD in the Hilux, a freshened look is provided but fails to offer a refinement in the engine performance.


Do you know what TRD stands for? The Toyota Racing Development but wait, it offers no "racing" featured parts not even on the latest models. Well, the only good thing is that it is STILL a Hilux. With a lot of masculine and attractive fine see, it gives absolutely a class-leading outlook. Overall, it holds a reinforcing look while keeping the aesthetics.


Designed to throw pretty active on and off-road performance with impressive road clearance and visibility. The best part is the matchless ability and stability of towing, braked, and unbraked of TRD Hilux without negatively impacting the fuel consumption.



The major differences between old 2007-year models and the variants made after 2017 are the removal of the supercharged petrol engine and the addition of a more sophisticated 4-cyl turbocharged diesel engine. Mechanically, Toyota Hilux SR5 TRD is featured with a powerful 2.8L 4-cyl turbo-diesel engine that can deliver you enough power worth 130kW at 3400rpm complementing 450Nm at 1600-2400rpm. Well, you will be provided with no option for upgrades.


Truly speaking, the engine of the TRD Hilux does get laborious at times, especially when accelerated hard. It also happens in the case of carrying a rear heavy load otherwise it feels strong. The ride can get slightly bouncy and fidgety, but the compensation is performed well with front independent and rear leaf springs live suspension.


As far as the steering is concerned, it works well, it doesn’t give class-leading vibes, but is direct and lightweight yet firm. Overall the car is nicer to drive offering a decent torquey touch, not sportier. The fuel tank is large enough with a capacity of 80L to let you plan a long drive without any worries.


The best part of Toyota Hilux TRD? An outstanding articulation and tremendous ground clearance.



Although the gears are limited to 6 in two of the offered configurations, the type is changed. So, now the two options you have:


 ✓ 6-speed manual

 ✓ 6-speed automatic


Sad to say but, you would feel the lack of a sense of urgency when sitting behind the wheel. When not speeding high, the automatic gets converted to the neutral state. Whenever the power is required Hilux TRD picks what it thinks is the correct gear itself.


This feature seems reasonable? Yes! But does it always choose the correct gear? NO! Particularly when cornering.


4×4 dual-cab pick-up

The best pick is undoubtedly the dual cab TRD Hilux with an engine offering a smoother and cleaner ride. You would be amazed how quietly it races. The company has refined its motor. So it cruises nicely even on the low revs. All features are upgraded with the intent of improved fuel economy when you are on highway speeds, 6th gear feels too tall to stabilize.


In some ways, the ride is nimbler in comparison to other UTEs. Apart from being confident on the road, it has sharp on-road dynamics.



Compact cabin, lightweight chassis, a slimmer track with a shorter wheelbase make it an easier car to drive and maneuver. In the previous TRD Hilux models such as 2016, the interior still feels a nicer place to be with a modern and smart layout. The characteristic tiered dashboard having pleasingly integrated controls seems very practical.


From the outside, you would see how impressive the red-painted TRD-branded skid plate looks mated with a black-colored TRD robust grille. TRD lower front bumper cover and TRD fender flares are pretty eye-catching. The spectacular 18-inch 6-spoke alloy wheels add up to the sturdiness. The most distinctive leading edge of the bonnet seems premium.


Standard towbar, Tub liner, and soft tonneau enhance the practicality of UTE. Out of all the specs, you would like it's brilliant outward visibility than some rival UTEs. All latest trims made after 2017 are featured with all-fresh, soft-felt leather upholstery. To maximize the ease of driving, you will get an electric, adjustable driver’s seat.


Although Hilux TRD the heating feature offers a decent driving position. With the finest quality fit and finish, the thing that will catch your attention right away is a love-it-or-leave-it tablet-style touchscreen. Understandable instrumentation is a key that is also easily accessible. All pedals are well-placed. Besides, having a user-friendly infotainment screen is a big plus. The long list of comfort and luxurious features include:


 ✓ Smart-key entry

 ✓ Push-button start

 ✓ Tilt-and-reach, height-adjustable steering wheel

 ✓ Single Climate control zone

 ✓ Satellite navigation

 ✓ DAB+

 ✓ Fog lights


 ✓ Receptive Bluetooth connectivity

 ✓ AM/FM

 ✓ Air conditioner

 ✓ Light sensitive headlights


 SR5’s inclusions


 ✓ Radar improved Navigation,

 ✓ Reversing camera

 ✓ 6-speaker audio system

 ✓ Keyless entry and start

 ✓ Electric folding mirrors


Standard Safety features


 ✓ 3-point seatbelts in all positions

 ✓ Child-seat anchors

 ✓ Rear door-lock isolators

 ✓ ABS

 ✓ Traction Control Stability

 ✓ ESP


TRD Hilux has no:


 ✓ Active cruise control

 ✓ AEB

 ✓ Blind-spot monitoring

 ✓ Forward collision warning

 ✓ Lane-keeping assist


Cons of buying TRD Hilux


 ✓ No heated front seats

 ✓ No sunroof

 ✓ Lack sliding rear window

 ✓ Has no acoustic parking sensors

 ✓ Fails to offer any drivetrain or performance upgrading option

 ✓ Misses out on modern safety aids

 ✓ Grumpy, unrefined diesel motor

 ✓ Automatic transmission lacks road smartness

 ✓ Insulation is not a strong suit as the diesel is interferingly audible at nearly all gear

 ✓ Doesn’t feel as torquey as its value suggests

 ✓ No Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

 ✓ Heavy steering at low acceleration


Final verdict   

The specifications, decent ride, and quiet interior make TRD Hilux a good pick for families. Ultimately, a nice setup for family use with the roomy rear seat. The pleasant interior adds to the comfortability. Motor seems refined enough, and the exterior designed handsomely, whereas the costs are pretty cheap.

Our advice? If you want the latest tech and safety kit, think about considering other UTEs before purchasing the latest high-spec Hilux TRD.


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