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Toyota Rukus Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Toyota Rukus Review Australia


The Toyota Rukus is one of the compact 5-door hatchbacks, manufactured by Toyota offering its reliability and durability. At the international level, it is called Toyota Corolla Rumion but in Australia as a Rukus. We can say, it is a little bit similar to Scion xB, in the aspect of mechanics and specs. But, it has received significant upgrades in exteriors such as a reshaped front hood, bumper, fenders, and headlamps. It seems pretty difficult to be not impressed by its sharp angular edges and characteristic lines.


Toyota Rukus Review Australia: 

Well, it doesn’t provide you with a lot of options to choose from, although it is created in 3 builds. All trims have engines located upfront with either 4WD or FWD. This vehicle will not provide you only smart designs but also impressive machinery, a powerful engine, and smoother, quick transmission. An ideal combination of practicality and beauty, indeed!


Do you know what makes Rukus Toyota desirable even after having a boxy structure? Hassle-free swift touring, stiff and upright steering management, and strong chassis to take you on gravel, bouncy terrains, without jerks. In short, Toyota has smartly infused conventional mechanical and energetic motors together.



With every build of Toyota Rukus, the company has made a certain advancement keeping the action alive and feasibility. In all models, you will get a Camry-derived engine. Besides having a robust engine, what else might you need to have a relaxing ride? Suspensions or brake system? These automobiles come with impressive independent suspension setup at the front and the rear axle. Flexible bars, adaptable coil springs, and stabilizers are the plus! Coming to the brake system, the latest trims have more effective and receptive ventilated disc brakes. Another best part about their drive is multi-function steering. It is height adjustable and powered which lets you have a memorable ride on long roads.


You have the options of two engines to choose from 1.5 L 1NZ-FE I4 and 1.8 L 2ZR-FAE I4. The 1.8S 2WD and 4WD models are installed with the 2ZR-FAE engine of 1,797 CC offering 100 kW @ 6000 rpm of the maximum power and 175 NM torque @ 4400 rpm. On the other hand, if you are more inclined to drive 1.L engines, you have two picks, 1.5G 2WD and 1.5X 2WD. They come with a 1NZ-FE engine capable of producing 81 kW @ 6000 rpm power and 143 NM torque @ 4400 rpm.


Australian models (2010-2015):

All Rukus trims, manufactured or sold across Australia are equipped with an un-burstable 2.4L dual-overhead-cam 4-cyl engine. You might not find it thrilling or exciting but it will offer you a satisfactory on-road and off-road performance. Unfortunately, it comes with no turbocharged or diesel engine option. If you are thinking that its heavy and large engine will not let you have a thrilling acceleration, you are thinking it wrong. The maximum power noted for its 2.4 L engine is 123kW@6000 rpm. All builds come with efficient 4-speed automatic transmissions, no manual mode.


Let’s talk about more important things. For instance, fuel consumption. Everyone needs a budget-friendly car but with all the luxuries. And, Toyota Rukus has few drawbacks but offers a luxury-oriented cabin, hi-tech specs, and better fuel efficiency. It is known to have 8.8L/100km of fuel consumption, which is pretty economical. The greatest benefit of such a heavy engine in a compact car is the least fuel usage. The gearbox is located on the floor instead of a column. It comes with a fuel tank capacity of 55L.



As it is a small family-friendly vehicle, it is designed to have a shorter wheelbase. If you ever get the chance to try a ride, the very first thing you will notice is its highly-placed seats. The reason for the higher seats is to provide sufficient legroom and headroom on the rear to the passengers. It also offers a better sight of the outside world. On the inside, you can have separate clusters showing dials, Tachometer, and speedometer. Its spacious interior is what makes it different from other stylish hatchbacks. If you are a small family of a maximum of 5 people, it might be your perfect fit.


Want some entertainment? It has a high-class infotainment unit featuring a satellite-navigation system. Other essential specifications are keyless entry, electric windows, air-conditioner, a trip computer, 60/40 split-fold rear seatback, and a USB-compatible audio setup. Well, every car has its drawbacks and of Rukus, it is a lack of air-conditioning vents at the rear. It does have a central console but features no lid to keep your essential cover.


Australian models (2010-2015):

Everyone wants options to choose from and Toyota Rukus is available in four levels, or should we say builds. The base model is the Rukus Build 1, followed by more advanced trims Rukus Build 2 and a Rukus Build 3. At every build, the company has added surprising and appealing details to double fold your fun, luxury, and ease. Cloth trimmed Toyota Rukus interior gives a soft and comforting feel, only. Its executive squared-off roofline gives you enough headroom. The elegantly designed dashboard gives a new look with its complementary central located bold Multi-Information Display (MID).


Following are the important features, it has:

Air conditioner

Wireless Bluetooth connectivity

DVD and CD player

Adaptive Cruise control

High-performance stereo system

Remote central locking

Sunroof (Build 3)

Effective cooling and ventilation setup

6 airbags

Stability control

Braking-assist systems

Multi-function electric tilt steering

6-speakers with mp3 compatibility

Electric mirrors and windows

Engine immobilizer


Toyota Rukus Halo:

To keep yourself updated, try out its latest Halo Limited Edition. A luxury-oriented variant!


It comes with an outstanding tilt-and-slide moonroof and interior footwell illumination. It is available only in one shade and that 'Voodoo Blue', attention-grabbing color. The interior is wrapped in dark grey fabric. Standard features include a 6-speaker stereo system, multi-information touchscreen, reversing camera, AC, powered windows, sturdy alloy wheels, tinted glass, responsive cruise control, smart entry, and smart start.


It is equipped with a 2.4-liter VVT-i engine, runs on petrol, and offers 123kW and 224Nm energy and torque, respectively. It has only a 4-speed automatic transmission, with no manual mode.


Cons of buying Toyota Rukus:

 ✓ No option of a manual gearbox 

 ✓ Lacks turbocharged engine

 ✓ No option for diesel engines

 ✓ Do not offer hybrid driveline

 ✓ Do not have rear air-conditioning vents in the rear


Final verdict:

Although the engines of Toyota Rukus will not give you a speed rush as it is made lightweight, around 100kg less, it will balance out and offer spritely acceleration and amazing drive performance. The all-new and advanced tuned exhaust is also helpful in making the Rukus Toyota sportier and youthful. We hope the article has benefited you but we are bringing you another beneficial service that will also help. Visit our user-friendly website Quick Revs, go to the portal, and write down your car details. We will provide you vehicle history details based on a car model and the year you give us.

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