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Toyota Prado Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Toyota Prado Review Australia

Have you ever fantasized about exploring the wilds of the Sahara Desert or the endless coastline of Spain? Or even thought of a weeklong trip into the wilderness of Australia that is still unexplored? Well, the first and foremost prerequisite is a reliable 4x4 vehicle. A vehicle that is sure to carry all the payload and has an excellent suspension.


The good ground clearance will be welcome as well. If you are looking for such a vehicle, then it is time to bring the all-rounder Toyota Land Cruiser Prado to attention.

Just look out the window and you will see how many SUVs are to see on the roads. SUVs and 4x4s have gained more and more popularity over the recent years. And not surprisingly, you will also see many Prado as well, evidence of how much the SUV is loved here in the country.


SUVs are by design made to be reliable and practical. Which makes them a likable option for both as a family car and for going off-road. They also make you stand out of the crowd.

The Toyota Prado is a 4x4 rugged vehicle with specific off-roading features. Not only that, it makes for a premium family vehicle with seating for the whole family. Combined with Toyota’s legendary reliability and ubiquity in all kinds of conditions. In this Toyota Prado review, we look at the features and specs that make this an iconic car.


The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a four-wheel-drive full-sized vehicle belonging to the Land Cruiser range. The Land Cruiser range is a popular series by the Japanese car manufacturing company Toyota. The Toyota Prado is one of the smallest vehicles in the range.


In some parts of the world, the Prado is not part of the Land Cruiser range. For example, in the North American market, it is known as the Lexus GX and is part of a luxury trim. The body is identical and comes with a V8 engine.

Initially, the Toyota Prado was available in some of the markets including Japan, Europe, and North America. As of 2014, the Prado is available in almost all the Toyota markets.


Toyota Prado Specs:

The Toyota Prado 2019 is powered by a 3-liter D-4D turbo-diesel engine. The engine is capable of producing 120 kW of power and 400 Nm of torque. The Prado applies a five-speed automatic transmission. As compared to the engines of the Hilux and Fortuner, Toyota Prado can run on any type of fuel. That means that you can take the Prado anywhere in the world.


The Toyota Prado is fitted with a 150-liter fuel tank which can take you as far as 1200 km. The fuel economy is okay, with a claimed 8.5-liter per 100 km. Combined with the extreme Toyota Prado towing capacity, this is a great car for going on those long off-road trips.


On-Road Performance:

Something else you will see about the Land Cruiser is the measure of noise and vibration. Since it needs endless revs to capitalize on its exhibition, you will hear a lot of bang from the motor. As well as constant vibrations in the steering wheel. Something else, the insignificant cabin noise on the motorway is admirable, in spite of the fact that you do get some wind clamor from those huge entryway mirrors.


Out and about, its ride and taking care of feel miles from the most recent support of deft SUVs. Drive a Kodiaq, Discovery, or BMW X5 and you will be intrigued by its fair elements. The Land Cruiser, then again, resembles the SUVs of old; its moderate witted controlling needs a perceivable feel, and there's heaps of body fit and little hold from the tires when you push on down a contorting nation street.



The first thing that you will note when you get inside the Toyota Prado is the soft seats with cushioning. You get rather fond of the comfort of the seats until you run through a corner. That is when you feel that there should have been side support to keep yourself in place.


Almost all the models are equipped with adjustable steering and driver’s seats. The driver can easily adjust reach to the right height for the best visibility and steering reach. The layout of the switches is not so great, scattered across the dashboard in a disarray. It makes it difficult for the driver to find the right button or decipher it. The quality of the material used in the interior is not top of the line.


The material is robust to be sure but lacks the overall plushness and luxury that you might be expecting. When you know that this is a premium-priced SUV, the plastic used contradicts that statement. When you compare the interior to the likes of a Range Rover or Skoda Kodiaq, it looks relatively poor.


Toyota Prado Models and Price:

The base model is the Prado GX which will cost you $59,000. It includes various features including 17-inch alloy wheels, halogen headlamps, smart entry, and more. Next is the Toyota Prado VX. The 17-inch alloy wheels are swapped with 18-inch alloy wheels. Additional features include privacy glass, premium steering wheel, and climate control. You can get your hands on a VX for AUD 69,000.


The higher variant is the automatic-only Prado VX. Combining most of the features from the previous trim and adding some more, this will set you back AUD 81,000. The top of the line is the Toyota Prado Kakadu. It is priced at $91,000. It applies a kinetic dynamic suspension, terrain selector system, and tons of additional features and specs.


Final Verdict:

The Toyota Prado problems are a few which include the lackluster interior with the average quality material used. The fuel economy is also below the other rivals in the same class. Then there is the issue of CO2 emissions. There are cars with cleaner engines. That being said, the Toyota Prado still has a lot to offer. It has the capability to go anywhere due to its rugged reliability.


The interior is comfortable and supportive. Also, you can be sure to get a decent resale price for the vehicle. All in all, the one thing you can be sure to achieve with the Prado is peace of mind. That is due to Toyota’s reputation for building reliable cars.


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