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Toyota HiLux Rugged X Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Toyota HiLux Rugged X Review Australia


Presenting you the locally designed and engineered auto-mobile with a promise of hard-core off-road ability. The crown of the tree, Toyota HiLux Rugged X. Toyota has presented its most advanced and aggressive vehicle. Toyota HiLux is one of the best sellers in Australia. Rugged X is the top-spec vehicle of Toyota HiLux, off Australia’s biggest selling model line; The HiLux SR5. But the question might arrive, what makes this Rugged X worth more than the last generation? Let’s have a look at the specs, exterior, engine, and interior of Rugged X.


Toyota Rugged X Engine:

The Toyota HiLux Rugged X comes with an engine of four-cylinder 2.8 liters, turbo-diesel with a six-speed automatic transmission. This engine generates about 150 kW per 500 Nm (an increase of 20 kW and 50 Nm) with a braked towing capacity of 3500 kg, a significant 300 kg increase than the last generation (from 3200 kg). And the unbraked towing capacity of 750 kg. Toyota Rugged X comes with a four-wheel-drive system. The Rugged X now is also available in Economy and Power drive mode options. You can notice a clear difference in overtaking speed on a highway. Both in and out of slower areas this vehicle also allows you to match the speed with its adaptive cruise control and speed recognizing system working well together side by side. This Toyota HiLux is also fitted with a towbar, tow ball, and a tongue (all of these in standard). The overall design aids in maximizing and increasing the engine cooling performance.


Toyota Rugged X Exterior:

The standard Toyota Rugged X is equipped with a steel grille bumper which consists of the LED light bar along with a hoop-less steel bullbar The vehicle comes with durable front springs, and protective rock sliders or rock rails, 17-inch alloy wheels in black, a heavy-duty snorkel (reversible head), and a bash plate branded by Toyota – the perfect vehicle to tackle extremes! With the snorkel and bash plate in Rugged X, you can go everywhere, even the places people can only imagine going! Rugged X comes with a red-painted front. The molded tube tray and a tailgate for protection add to its uniqueness. The vehicle consists of four doors.


Following are the dimensions for Toyota HiLux Rugged X:

 Height: 1815

 Width: 1935 mm

 Length: 5350 mm

 Wheelbase: 3085 mm


The standard HiLux Rugged X (4 x 4) offers 265/65 R17 front and rear tyres. It also comes with the new decals both in front and at the rear end.


The Toyota Rugged X comes in a number of amazing colors, for instance;

 Crystal Pearl

 Feverish Red

 Eclipse Black

 Nebula Blue

 Oxide Bronze


Toyota Rugged X Interior:

Let’s talk about what does the vehicle looks like from the inside. Like every other Toyota off-roader, the interior, the whole seating cabin area and the dashboard of Rugged X have a comfortable vibe to it. Everything is simple and easy to locate. For some people, too simple might be boring but on the contrary functionality wise it’s better. The 2021 Toyota HiLux Rugged X contains five leather seats along with an LCD display touchscreen of 8.0 inches. The passengers on the rear side also get air vents and Toyota’s bag hooks. The rear passenger seats of Rugged X also come with an armrest and cup holders in between. This version of Rugged X only comes in an automatic, manual doesn’t exist, unfortunately. The driver seat also contains the power adjustments to eight-way. The Rugged X is also equipped with all-weather new floor mats.


The touchscreen comes with a better resolution and Apple CAR plays as well as Android Auto. So, you can get into your Ute and crack up tunes all the way to your destination with an amazing sound system of premium JBL 9 speaker and high-resolution. Rugged X also comes with a black sports bar containing various attachment points. When we talk about the safety and security measures in this vehicle, there are about seven airbags, Antilock braking, anti-theft alarm, trailer sway control, and downhill assist control as well are part of this vehicle.


Price for Toyota Rugged X:

The price for Toyota HiLux Rugged X is $69,990 which is about $5500 more than the previous generation.


Toyota Rugged X Specs:

Following are the specs of Toyota HiLux Rugged X.


Toyota Rugged X Exterior Specs:

✓ 17 Inch Black Alloy Wheels

 Four doors


 Exterior Chrome Door Handles

 Front Chrome Grille

 Day time Running lights

 Dusk sensing headlights

 Fog lamps (front)

 Keyless entry

 Towbar, Tongue and Tow ball

 All-terrain tyres


Toyota Rugged X Interior Specs:

 A total of seven airbags for safety

 Anti-lock Braking

 Central remote control locking system

 Automatic Air Conditioning or climate control

 Two front row airbags

 Knee drive airbags

 Apple Car play

 Android Auto

 Adjustable seats (front)

 Alloy sports bar

 8.0-inch touchscreen multimedia system

 Keyless drive

 Cruise Control

 Interior Chrome Door Handles

 Bluetooth Connectivity

 JBL 9-Speaker

 Voice recognition system.

 Electronic Brakeforce distribution


Pros of having Rugged X:

 Rugged X is definitely an “anywhere go” vehicle,

 Equipped with hard-core and comfortable off-road ability.

 Look wise Rugged X is an amazing vehicle.

 Equipped with JBL 9-Speaker system.

 The engine performance is better.

 Improved on-road


Cons of having a Rugged X:

 Reduced Payload

 The all-terrain tyres don’t come with the quietness (comparatively to the other utes in the market)

 The interior doesn’t have much of the “Rugged X” level enhancements.

 No charging ports for the rear passengers.


The Final Verdict:

On the contrary, the SR5 is also almost similar to the Rugged X. But if we just consider the off-road ability among the vehicles the Rugged X seriously stands out! This vehicle is excellent in what it does! In the scenario of you not being able to engage in any serious off-roading situations, HiLux Rugged X might not be your first choice! Rugged X does come with a very delicate and amazing look. One amazing factor is that the Toyota HiLux Rugged X comes with a five-year warranty / unlimited km.


So if you decide upon buying one, ensure that you get its hidden history via Quick Revs' online portal at an affordable price.


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