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Toyota Hilux: Australia favorite SUV

Australia is a whole big continent, almost the same size as the United States, but nearly one-tenth of the population, which means that the country has many remote and desolate areas waiting to be explored, and a dream for people who love to go camping. It comes as no surprise, therefore, when you look at the stats and figures which tell that the Aussies love buying and maintaining SUVs, to go on vacations and off-roading trips to the beautiful yet toughest terrains on the planet. This entails a whole culture of heavy-duty caravans and 4WD SUVs and camp trailers that the people love taking to camping trips and vacations.

This means that there are some basic requirements for a vehicle that is suitable for such trips to the difficult terrain found all over Australia. For one, the cabin should be high enough so that the driver can have a clear view of the track/road ahead, with a four-wheel drive and enough space in the back to load up the baggage for the trip and for seating passengers. A good ground clearance is also very important to deal with the difficult terrain and an added sunroof would not hurt at all.

These are the features that make an SUV sought after and liked, and even if the main purpose is off-roading, people still prefer a vehicle that is luxurious and can be used within the city as a family car. Toyota’s Hilux is an iconic vehicle in this category which is a very popular choice among Aussies, offering different variants for various situations and conditions making it one of the best SUVs in the country.


What makes the Toyota Hilux the best 4x4 SUV?

There are only a lucky few cars that can claim the same amount of popularity as the Toyota Hilux. Toyota 4x4 vehicles are already very close to the hearts of the Aussies people and Hilux has enjoyed the limelight for some time now. Voted as the best 4x4 SUV for the consecutive three years in running, this truck has some features that make it one of the most sought-after SUV all over Australia.

The Toyota UTE Hilux is well known for its durability and is especially well suited for the harsh and rugged conditions of Australia. It comes with a simple, uncomplicated console and a body that can endure a lot. The vehicle is easy to ride with no complications and ample space in the Hilux dual cab that can carry a substantial payload and is also great for fitting in those extra people and kids that you wish to take with you to the trip.

The entry-level models and the old Toyota Hilux are primarily rear-wheel drives, with the option to shift to all four wheels, while the most recent variants such as the SR and SR5 and the new Toyota Hilux TRD are fitted with 4x4 systems. What makes the Hilux so likable is that driving this SUV inside the city is not a problem at all; the vehicle is very responsive and produces a solid torque, which works when you take it off-roading as well. What with the exceptional traction on road plus the high ground clearance and one of the best engine performances, the Toyota Hilux leaves no doubt why it tops the chart for the many years.


Toyota Hilux Specs:

The new Toyota Hilux 2020 model and the Toyota Hilux 2019 models have given more stress on the safety features that were previously being somewhat ignored. The standard model comes loaded with autonomous emergency braking and adaptive cruise control, a basic traffic sign recognition mechanism and lane departure warnings.


The rest of the specifications are listed below:

  •   Engine: 2.7 liters, four cylinders

  •   Acceleration: 0 to 100 Km/h in 13.1 seconds

  •   Top Speed: 170 Km/h

  •   Tank Capacity: 80 liters

  •   Drive Type: Four-wheel drive

  •   Economy: 10.9 l/100 Km

  •   Torque: 245 Nm

  •   Horsepower: 164 bhp which differs for the Toyota Hilux diesel



  •   Proven to give a solid performance both on-road and off-road.

  •   Good safety measures that ensure a drive that is risk-free

  •   Ample space in the back and load-carrier

  •   You get the advantage of having Toyota’s vast dealership network for getting 4x4 parts and other tunings.

  •   Good warranty offers, entailed by the Toyota Dealership.

  •   Plenty of storage spaces in which you can stuff your small things, along with cup holders for the front seats and twin gloveboxes.



  •   The engine is of middling power output, so that can be a put off for some.

  •   Analogue speed readout.

  •   Since the vehicle is made to be uncomplicated, you might find it to be lacking active safety tech.


Toyota Hilux Price:

There are multiple Toyota dealerships offering the Toyota Hilux at a retail price all over Australia and you can review the best price for including any discounts or deals that may be available. These dealerships normally represent the price for a new Hilux, but you can also get deals regarding used and old Toyota Hilux vehicles.

The Toyota Hilux Workmate, which is diesel-powered, is one of the most popular variants here in Australia and starts from a decent $37,900. Of course, you can throw in extra cash for the extra customizations and features, such as the alloy tray and Nebula blue paint. In short, this is one of the cheapest solutions if you are looking for a turbo diesel engine four-wheel-drive vehicle.


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