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Toyota Estima Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Toyota Estima Review Australia


Toyota Estima is the car that goes with multiple names depending on the state. If you are in Australia, you would know it as a Toyota Tarago. Otherwise, it is named as Toyota Previa. Well, it is a car that has multiple uses and an excessive space to accommodate up to 7-8 people and still, it will give you luggage space. Toyota has made its successful automobile by bringing admirable changes in every generation. It is an ideal compact-sized minivan for families who love to travel together, now and then.


In case, you are planning on purchasing this 4/5 door van, you have the option of the earliest model as 1990. The latest versions have extra style and offer an ultra-comfortable cabin. This series does not lack in safety or fashion, technology or strength! The highlight is its smooth, quiet, and comfortable engine. It is powerful enough to take you on the gravel roads without a bouncy drive. Sadly, one of its engines, “V6” is fuel-thirsty. Otherwise, all engines have better fuel efficiency.



Toyota has introduced this car in three spectacular generations with a strong and ravishing motor setup.


1st generation – XR10/XR20 (1990 to 1999):

The most diverse thing you will notice in the motor system is its position. It has a mid-engine platform, installed under the front seat row. The best thing about its location is that other motor equipment including the alternator, steering pump, AC compressor, radiator, an intercooler fan is made accessible. Besides, you can have it in RWD and AWD. Depending on the drive type, you have the option of both transmissions, 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic gearbox.


The gasoline engine options you have are:

2.4 L 2TZ-FE inline 4-cyl

2.4 L 2TZ-FZE inline 4-cyl (supercharged)


Have you ever heard about the Supplemental Accessory Drive System or SADS? It is responsible for offering a stable and firm Toyota Estima ride. You would really be amazed at the mechanics of this minivan. It doesn’t have a large-sized engine, it has a powerful one producing 101 kW. It gets its stopping power from a 4-wheel disc drum brake setup. It is an old-style feature, so you might not find it influential on the roads.


Estima Emina and Toyota Estima Lucida:

In the first generation, there are two other variants called The Estima Emina and Estima Lucida. Their exclusive feature is a 2.2L I4 turbocharged engine which runs on diesel instead of gasoline. We must say, it is not fancy, but gives smooth on-road and off-road drive experience. It cruises efficiently with subtle brakes at the low-speed, even.


2nd generation – XR30/XR40 (2000 to 2005):

If you are interested in the 2nd generation then you will be left with only the FWD option with the front located engine. Unlike previous versions, it has a 2.0L diesel 1CD-FTV inline 4-cyl engine, powered with 87 kW. Coming to the gasoline options, it comes in two selections. First is a 3.0LV6 1MZ-FE engine which is the speedy one but also uses a fair amount of fuel. And, the second one is 2.4 L 2AZ-FE inline 4. Both offer the same level of maximum power, 156 horsepower.


The best offer you will get is a CVT (hybrid) gearbox besides a 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmission. The Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive is a huge plus for you. Now, it has dual electric motors now offering more speed, power, and energy.


3rd generation – XR50 (2006 till present):

The latest models of Toyota Estima are not available in RWD. It has either FWD or 4WD, which is one of its significant mechanical modifications. Although the size and location of the engine are still similar. Unfortunately, you can’t get a diesel engine but gasoline and hybrid. All engines have proven better fuel efficiency means economical fuel consumption.


The available options of engines with smooth and subtle gearbox are:

Gasoline: 2.4 L 2AZ-FE inline 4-cyl with a 4-speed auto and 7-speed Super CVT-i

V6: 3.5 L 2GR-FE (available on 2007 model and onwards) with 6-speed auto-mode

Hybrid: 2.4 L 2AZ-FXEwith e-CVT


V6 being the sturdiest engine can produce 202 energy balancing out the massive torque of 340 M. Well, if you are really into AWD, you can have its limited and exclusive variant. These are available in a 2.4-liter E-Four engine having a hybrid system.



Every car made under the name of Toyota comes with a durable cabin, spacious interior, and impressive styling. The same goes with Toyota Estima which features an outstanding cabin. Do you know what makes it highly desirable, even if it's as old as from the 1990s? Creatively insulated cabin, letting you enjoy a relaxing, quieter ride with no engine or road humming. The cabin is quiet even at higher speeds. The 1990 model of 1st generation has some distinctive features but the styling is highly singular with one sliding side door at the rear. It features 3 seating configurations, adjustable for 7-8 persons.


To keep the fanciness alive, the Estima has optional dual moonroofs in the earliest trims. You can choose to have either an electronic horizontal glass-made moonroof or a pop-up glass-made moonroof. The first is right above the middle seat row whereas the latter is above the driver’s seat. All trims have the option of split and foldable seats to increase the boot space. The cars of the 2nd generation are slightly bigger within the ovoid-shape design and wider wheelbase. Instead of one, it has sliding rear passenger doors on both sides. You would definitely like its angular headlamps imposing windshield and robust-looking hood. The crafty curved tailgate complementing Circular and waved lines is completely attention-grabbing. The only disturbing feature is the squared air vents.


The 2009 model has more trendy headlights with a striking angular-shaped exterior. It is perfectly designed to give an incredible edge design. Unfortunately, the 2016 models are pretty similar in exterior and interior manner to the previous models. But, it has multifunctional steering with an all-new safety system called "Toyota Safety Sense C". It is more advanced in technology featuring LED DRLs. Bold bumpers and 360 degrees 99% UV cut glass is the absolute highlight!


The most advanced is the latest, 3rd generation cars having the following highlighted features:

Hybrid Synergy Drive drivetrain

Track-mounted second-row reclining seats with footrests

Electric foldable split 3rd-row seats

G-BOOK (optional)

Massive V-shaped grille


Specifications for 2003MY Aeras S:

You can find Toyota Estima Aeras S in a wide range of year models but the series ACR30 of the 2003 year is one of its kind. It will give you a reliable ride, hi-tech features, advanced safety protocols, quiet engine, smoother transmission, an appealing exterior, and a cozier interior. What else do you need! This Front Wheel Drive car is also a compact-sized people mover with 5-doors. The 2.4L petrol engine is powered with 119.4 kW energy. The tank capacity of 72.4L is pretty satisfactory. It comes in a 4-speed auto-mode with no option of manual with the engine located at the rear.


Safety features of Toyota Estima:

Adaptive Front-Lighting System (AFS)

3-point seat belts with ELR

S-VSC (Steering assisted Vehicle Stability Control)

Airbags (Curtain and Side)



EPS (Electric Power Steering)

Traction Control

Reverse parking sensors

Lane-Keep Assist (LKA) system

Adaptive Front-Lighting System

✓ Low beam headlamps

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (option on all V6 variants)


Final verdict:

The diversity in its design is the key to the Toyota Estima high market sale. As per the Toyota Estima review, it is an ideal mix of storage, style, and elegance. With passenger accommodation, it offers surplus cargo carrying. Its amazing layout having rounded subtle edges with sharp indicators looks outstanding.


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