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Toyota Cressida Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Toyota Cressida Review Australia


Toyota Cressida Review Australia

Hearing the word Toyota Cressida will directly take you to the thought of a compact-sized passenger car with all the luxuries and powerful engine. Well, in the latest versions, it has become a mid-sized vehicle with sufficient cabin space. No doubt it is laden with distinctive and impressive specs but remembers it is an old car, manufactured from 1976 to 1992. Covered in 4 generations, it is in parallel to Toyota's Mark II series.


Overall, the road performance is striking but not so sporty. Styling is eye-catching and offers a premium feel. Available in two trims, the basic is GLX and the top-spec Grande are somewhat similar. This series is defined by its durable motor, engine reliability, and driving respectability. Having a luxury sedan featuring a straight-six cylinder engine is something legendary.



The company has engineered it with a combination of mechanical elements that are extremely appealing. Being a rear-wheel-drive, Toyota Cressida is absolutely a fine car. Regardless of the generation, you will find its engine placed at the front under the sturdy hood. It has motor equipment that will take you to long distances, effortlessly. You can say, it has a fool-proof layout. The best part that makes it desirable is that the engine is ranked higher in comparison to the other V6 engines depending on its better balance, smooth transmission, and refined power.


To level up the engine efficiency, it has been equipped with a double-overhead camshaft. In mechanics, you would find both trims almost identical. It soaks the road bumps and puddles, efficiently, which makes you feel how pleasing it is to drive an in-line six engine. The Cressida Toyota is barely sporting, but it is satisfactorily relaxing and quiet. The last generations are characterized by tremendously high cruising speeds.


The stability on the road and grip along with a remarkable cornering is something you might be looking into. 1985 versions are known for their soft, comfortable suspension offering better road control.


The only thing that makes the 1989 model more efficient is its park lock. Now, you don’t have to put the brake pedal for parking transmission. In Grande, the reason behind the effortless performance that also makes it an ideal vehicle for towing includes independent suspension. The brakes are appreciable along with the Limited Slip Differential.


The signature features of the Toyota Cressida are the noiseless ride, receptive RWD handling, and practical fuel consumption. 


1st generation

 ✓ 2.6L SOHC engine with Inline-6 cyl having 2v and runs on petrol

 ✓ Equipped with two options of gearbox: 3-speed automatic and 4-speed manual

 ✓ Power offered is 112 kW coupled with the torque of 221 NM

 ✓ Combined fuel consumption:13L/100 km


2nd generation

 ✓ Larger engines of 2.8L installed with electronic fuel injection.

 ✓ It runs on petrol with an acceptable fuel consumption rate of 11.5L/100 km

 ✓ The diesel option is offered on 2.2

 ✓ Transmission of 4-speed auto-mode is installed

 ✓ Delivers maximum power of 98 kW with the torque of 220 NM

 ✓ 70L fuel tank capacity is pretty acceptable

 ✓ Front disc and rear drum rear brakes


3rd generation

 ✓ 2.8L DOHC engine producing 103 kW power and 226 Nm torque

 ✓ Independent MacPherson suspension on the front and semi-trailing at the rear

 ✓ Disc-ventilated rear brakes

 ✓ 4-speed automatic gearbox

 ✓ The estimated combined fuel consumption of 11.0L/100 km


4th generation

 ✓ 3.0L Inline-6 cyl engine that runs on petrol

 ✓ Mated with a 4-speed automatic gearbox

 ✓ Maximum power of 142 kW with a torque of 254 NM

 ✓ The combined fuel consumption is noted to be 9.75L/100



This 5-seater Toyota Cressida has a styling that will attract you right away, even if it is old-themed. Its classic boxy shape is refined enough to leave an impressive impact. The outlook is a bit enhanced with the addition of a few touches of vibrantly-colored trimming. It adds up to the lavish feels. Coming to the size, you would find it sensibly sufficient. The cabin is airy and has enough legroom. Well, you will fit comfortably unless you are a tall person.


Apparently, it will look narrower, but has a simple yet sophisticated styling. Its high build quality with tight clearances is another plus point. If you are into electronics, GLX might be the ideal choice as it comes with fully loaded electrics. The additional specs are robust alloy wheels, cruise control, and central locking. In the 1982 model, you will be able to use an advanced electronic trip computer that will offer you essential information such as estimated time of arrival, fuel economy, remaining fuel range, etc.


Picking a 1983-year model of Cressida Toyota will also be a good choice. It will provide you a magnificent cornering, soothing ride, subtle interior, and matchless build quality. The standard features are:


 ✓ Reclining front bucket seats

 ✓ Powered windows

 ✓ Powered locks

 ✓ Tilt steering wheel

 ✓ Cruise control

 ✓ Auto-temperature control

 ✓ FM stereo with electronic antenna


In terms of exterior, Toyota Cressida MX83 has a wonderful aerodynamic design complementing a rear spoiler. The highlight is the 7-way height modifiable driver's seat feature. The inside is user-friendly even suitable for long trips. 1989 will not only give you an extensively rounded feel but also a significant increase in weight with a minor lengthening of the wheelbase.


A Grande 1990, being the latest trim has a really valuable feature such as:


 ✓ Automatic air conditioning

 ✓ Climate control

 ✓ Cruise control

 ✓ CD player

 ✓ Leather-accented upholstery

 ✓ Electronic mirrors  


1st generation

 ✓ Electronic steering

 ✓ AM/FM cassette stereo

 ✓ Rear seats have armrests

 ✓ Front row reclining seats

 ✓ Rear window defroster

 ✓ Powered windows are optional

 ✓ Soundproof cabin


2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation


Tinted and Electric windows (front and rear)

 ✓ Central door locking

 ✓ AM/FM stereo cassette player

 ✓ 4-speaker audio system

 ✓ Powered antenna.

 ✓ Electric digital clock

 ✓ Speedometer and Tachometer

 ✓ Remote boot lid release

 ✓ Modifiable front seat headrests

 ✓ Map lights

 ✓ Electric steering

 ✓ Lockable glove box


Grande specs


Climate-control for the AC

 ✓ CD player

 ✓ Leather-trimmed interior

 ✓ 6-speaker audio setup

 ✓ Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)

 ✓ Adjustable Steering Column - Tilt only

 ✓ Chrome Exhaust Tip

 ✓ Power Door Mirrors

 ✓ Chrome Grille

 ✓ Radio Cassette

 ✓ Digital clock

 ✓ Tachometer

 ✓ Cruise Control


Common problems of Toyota Cressida


 ✓ Both trims lack a driver's airbag

 ✓ Slightly old-styled interior

 ✓ Absence of multiple safety features

 ✓ Cramped rear seating especially for taller people

 ✓ Minimized luggage space


Final verdict

All trims come with a better and appealing road holding. The speed and power are compatible with transmission and aerodynamic features. Although, it lacks luxury but will offer you absolute ride comfort. The mechanical package works extremely well.


Even after a complete review of Toyota Cressida, you must be confused. So, here we are offering another way of clearing your doubts. Get all relevant theft and accidental history of your car instantly on our all-time accessible online portal.

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