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Toyota Corona Review Australia | Price, Features, Specifications

Toyota Corona Review Australia


When we talk about automobiles, usually one of the names that pop in our head is “Toyota”. Toyota is the oldest automobile manufacturing company in (almost) all around the world. Toyota products are sustainable and can be used for a longer period of time. In addition, Toyota products are super cheap! Anyone who can’t afford “too expensive” cars but also wants something reliable, should definitely go for Toyota. 


One of Toyota's trustworthy manufacturers is Toyota Corona. Yes, you heard that right, it’s the corona. Not Corolla. And no, this corona has nothing to do with the virus. “Corona” here is a Latin word meaning Crown, which came from one of the automobiles of Toyota with the name of Toyota Crown. 


In multiple countries, Toyota corona was one of the first international export models. This was replaced by a very similar Toyota Corolla after a few years. Corolla offered larger cars but they had the same functions as Corona. After Corolla was a success because of it’s bigger, yet expensive cars, a newer model of Corona was introduced with the name of Toyota Corona Mark 2. This car had comparatively more space and better performance. 


History of Toyota Corona in Australia: 

In Australia, Toyota Corona Wagons and Sedans started showing up. They were using the 1.9-liter Holden Starfire engines. When these engines were received by Toyota, minor changes were made in them such as they had their own camshaft, manifold, and carburetor. This engine, however, only received 1X badging and was coupled with a 4-speed Borg-Warner 505 or a three-speed automatic was also an option. There was a lot of criticism of Holden's power plant for being rough and lacking power. However, later a Corona XX was introduced which was a lot better, and received a 58kW Starfire engine with only a five-speed manual. 


If we look at the timeline, in 1980, Australia imported a five-door Corona life back which had Toyotas own `18R-C engine containing 63 kW. In 1981, Toyota modified the Holden Engine so the drivability would increase. They added new gaskets, valves, and water pumps to increase their performance. With the help of a little work, the performance of the car was significantly improved and many new buyers were happy with the results.


Design of Toyota Corona: 

Toyota Corona overall is a midsize car but its features are equal to that of a big car. The series has a wide variety of cars that include a two-door coupe with a hardtop, four-door Sedan, four-door wagon, and five-door life back. The car being mid-size has been something that has been going on from the first generation to the last. The latest model is 4.52-4.6m in length, 1.41-1.42 in height, and 1.695-1.698m in width. The car's exterior is built in such a way that on the first look, the customers can see themselves using this on a daily basis. 


If we talk about the inside of the car, the cabin contains seats for five passengers and that is how it is for more of the modes. It has an additional rear sear which has a 40:60 split-fold design. It has a very simple dashboard with stereo and temperature control equipment. Its internal features are not very expensive because it’s meant to be used on a daily basis and the car is meant to be sold at an affordable price range. 


Features of Toyota Corona: 

All cars have a unique selling point. There are different things that make a car easily sellable and those things are the key features of that vehicle. Toyota Corona has many benefits and features that cars usually don’t have. Following are some of those features highlighted. 



In Australia, Toyota Corona is the most sold car and the reason behind that is because it’s super affordable. There is nothing too expensive about the car and anyone can buy it. It has a simple stereo set inside and the look of the car is simple too. The engine used inside the car is Toyota's own engine which is why not a lot of money is invested inside it. So, if you’re a learner or looking to buy a cheap car, Toyota Corona is your ultimate option. 


Easily Maintained: 

The car’s design is very simple. It doesn’t require any special service or care to keep it moving. If you get it cleaned every once in 6 months, it would still be rolling just fine. The car doesn’t require too much of your time, money or effort to keep it moving. Everything in the car works perfectly and for a longer time even if you don’t look after too much. 


Low Fuel Consumption: 

What’s the one thing people love about cheap cars? Low fuel consumption. As long as your car doesn’t suck the fuel, you’re good. One of the additional benefits of Toyota Corona is that very minimum fuel is used. The reason is the engine working exceptionally. The better the engine will work, the lesser fuel would be consumed. 



It’s a small-sized car, you can take it anywhere without worrying that something might go wrong. The best thing about this car is that it’s a part of your day to day routine. You can take it for a spin around the block or a long drive, the car would keep running and be with you for a longer time. 


Replaceable material: 

Since it’s a small car and is sold in a larger amount, the material used inside the car is easily replaceable. If you meet an accident and lose something that needs to be replaced immediately, that can be done from your nearest workshop in no time. That's one benefit of having a small, reliable car. 


If a vehicle has good features, it also has some cons. As does Toyota Corona. Although this car is excellent to use, it does have some features that may make you rethink your choice. Some of them are following: 


Doesn’t give a classy feel: 

Yes, the car doesn’t have a very classy look. It’s simple looking. If you’re the kind of buyer who’s into fancy cars, this would probably not be your choice. 


Poor suspension: 

The car is fuel-efficient and runs well but its suspension is not the best. I guess that’s just something that comes in small cars, It doesn’t have the best suspension. 


Smaller space: 

If you have a big family, this car shouldn’t be your choice since the space is not big enough to fit a lot of people. However, if you have a small family, this car would be perfect for you. 



In conclusion, this car is perfect for people who are looking to buy something cheap just for themselves. However, if you’re a big family person or you’re looking to buy something classy and fancy, you won’t like this car. This car is meant for people who need to use their car on daily basis and need something they can afford.


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