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  • Toyota Corolla 2017 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Toyota Corolla 2017 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Toyota Corolla 2017 Review Australia


Toyota Corolla 2017 Review Australia

The best features introduced in the Toyota Corolla 2017 as a standard? The installation of advanced and hi-tech safety features and CVT (auto mode). And the worst part? The engine gives off feels and seems pretty underpowered. It means you can have a safe but absolutely slow and boring ride. On the brighter side, you will be getting an all-new and attractive interior with the impressive exterior styling.


Available in multiple variants, it gives you a lot of choices but not in engine configuration. Toyota Corolla hatch 2017 and Sedan look sporty but top-spec ZR trim might be the best pick. In short, Toyota has maintained its quality by providing us another diligent, affordable, and easy to live vehicle.



The first thing you would notice will be the reasonably quiet engine with all the refined and well-laid equipment in Toyota Corolla 2017. While driving on highways, it feels planted and appropriately comfortable. Rest assured, the ride offers unexpected firmness. The biggest plus is its visibility adding to your comfortability.


Unfortunately, there is a single-engine configuration offered in 1.8L capacity. Running on petrol, this 4-cylinder engine is capable of delivering 103kW power at 6400rpm that seems satisfactory but doesn’t feel satisfactory. The engine is torque enough with an estimated value of 173Nm. With a claimed fuel consumption of 6.8L/100 km, Toyota Corolla 2017 is considered a highly reliable and efficient car.


The car is designed for Australian roads with special suspension damping that works brilliantly in absorbing road imperfections. Even if you are planning a long trip, Corolla is a nice place to be for longer journeys. The steering seems outstanding while driving around town with an exceptional turning circle.



This easy to manoeuvre car can be teamed with a 6-speed manual or 7-speed continuously variable transmission (CVT). It relies on the trim you have chosen. Both are smooth, quick, and crisp. Comparatively, the manual seems to be slightly more fuel-thirsty.


Sedan and Hatch

The 2017 Toyota Corolla sedan will be a good pick as it has mechanical improvements that make it deliver the desired acceleration on the mark. Apart from being a stable on-road performer, it is acceptable for budget buyers. With all equipment well-tuned for urban use, you will get comfortable immediately.


With bigger diameter dampers and better suspension, the hatch should be preferred over the sedan. The engine rigidity comes with durability. The noticeable braking system brings the needed stopping power to the wheels. The comfort of the ride is guaranteed with the directional, lightweight, and firm power steering of the 2017 Toyota Corolla.


Both body styles have responsive and well-placed pedals. Drive at higher speed securely and firmly!




Toyota Corolla Ascent 2017 hatch

Truly speaking, the sedan is such a full package if you are a beginner or want a low-priced car but with enough specifications. With its sportier body kit, it will catch your attention. The main focus is on exterior build quality which is excellent along with its classic design. The only thing that will bug you is its small 6.5’’ touchscreen.


If we compare, a nice interior style will definitely score higher marks than the handsome-looking exterior. The cabin space in Toyota Corolla 2017 seems sensible for even adult passengers. The perfect blend of style and functionality! Some highlighted features are:


 ✓ Fog lights

 ✓ Bucket-styled 1st-row seats with a decent side-bolstering and lower-back support

 ✓ Built-in satellite navigation comes as an option

 ✓ 12v inlet

 ✓ 16-inch steel wheels


If you want the hatch but with more upgrades and refinements, you can choose Toyota Corolla 2017 Ascent Sport made with a premium steering wheel and 7-inch touchscreen system. Instead of steel, it gives you 16-inch alloy wheels.


2017 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sedan

The most highlighted part that cannot be ignored is the interior space where you will appreciate the way the company has laid the design and worked on the execution of the instrumentation. The standard equipment for this amazingly styled 2017 model year Corolla includes:


 ✓ 15-inch alloy wheels

 ✓ LED rear lights

 ✓ 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment with Toyota Link apps

 ✓ 4.2-inch driver’s display screen

 ✓ Height adjustable driver’s seat

 ✓ Height adjustable steering with tilt and reach


No doubt, the infotainment is big, clear, and legible but feels way too outdated. Besides, Toyota Corolla 2017 has no digital speedo, only an erratically wide and slab-fronted dashboard. Sorry to break it, but it has nothing special to offer in interactivity or information.


2017 Toyota Corolla ZR

The decent haul of standard equipment enlists:


 ✓ Leather-trimmed seats

 ✓ Dual-zone climate control

 ✓ Satellite navigation

 ✓ LED and Dusk-sensing (auto) headlights

 ✓ Unique front and rear bumpers

 ✓ 17-inch alloy wheels

 ✓ Bright exterior colors

 ✓ Keyless/Remote entry and start

 ✓ Colour instrument cluster display

 ✓ Power-folding mirrors

 ✓ 7.0-inch touchscreen display

 ✓ 6-speaker stereo

 ✓ 60:40 split-fold rear seats

 ✓ Tinted glass

 ✓ Power-adjustable driver’s seat with lumbar support

 ✓ Panoramic roof (optional)


In addition to the above-mentioned features, the ZR sedan has an 8-way power-adjustable driver’s seat. And as a downside, it has single-zone air-conditioning.


Toyota Corolla Hybrid 2017


 ✓ Fuel-saving battery

 ✓ Hybrid powertrain

 ✓ 1.8L engine

 ✓ 16-inch alloy wheels

 ✓ Plush cloth seats

 ✓ Dual-zone air-conditioning

 ✓ Satellite navigation

 ✓ Keyless entry and start

 ✓ LED headlights with DRLs

 ✓ Double-wishbone suspension design

 ✓ No manual hybrid hatch


Safety features


 ✓ Rear-view camera

 ✓ The forward collision avoidance system

 ✓ Autonomous emergency braking

 ✓ Lane departure alert

 ✓ Automatic high beam

 ✓ ISOFIX child seat anchor points

 ✓ Seven airbags

 ✓ Electronic stability and traction control

 ✓ Load-limiting front seatbelt pretensioners


Cons of buying Toyota Corolla 2017


 ✓ Every model has the same engine, no option

 ✓ Underpowered engine

 ✓ Lackluster on-road handling and steering controls

 ✓ In Toyota Corolla 2017 Ascent sedan, the following are the highlighted drawbacks:

 ✓ It lags behinds in regard to the use of hi-technology

 ✓ Limited standard features

 ✓ Lacks Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

 ✓ Steering looks and feels low-priced made with a poly-type

 ✓ Lacks digital speedometer

 ✓ Old infotainment setup

 ✓ And in the Toyota Corolla 2017 hatch, you would have to encounter the following problems:

 ✓ Sloppy manual gearbox

 ✓ Scratchy fabric seat coverings

 ✓ Noisy CVT at low speed

 ✓ Insufficient storage

 ✓ Very basic instrument cluster

  ✓ Lacks digital speedometer

 ✓ No rear air vents

 ✓ No USB inlets


Final verdict

Overall, we will suggest you at least give Toyota Corolla 2017 a look despite its lacking features. It is a good compact car considering its improved fuel consumption, top-quality interior, and a bundle of advanced safety features equipped as a standard. The main disappointing areas are acceleration and road handling. A car is designed to deliver an excellent value for money for a daily driver. Its styling simplicity contributes significantly to its key appeal.


Is it a perfect car? No! Is it worth your money? Yes!


Now, to make the decision easier, you can get all the information about your required vehicle from our online portal. Enter the details and we will deliver the original, verified information of the accidents, thefts along with your driving history.






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