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Toyota Coaster Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Toyota Coaster Review Australia


Toyota coaster is a perfect fit for trips or tourism business. A single Decker minibus or as we say “light bus” or “Hino Liesse II”. It is designed by the world-renowned Toyota Motor Corporation. It comes in 4 generations. First produced in 1969, the company publicised the 2nd generation in 1982. Every generation has received significant upgrades. It has made it more powerful, durable, and comfortable. The 3rd generation of 1993 and the 4th generation of 2016 are modernised with ravishing torque and speed.


It is available in RWD and 4WD, as well. All trims have precise steering management and speed handling. Their advanced and guaranteed safety features are a plus. If you need an upgrade, look for the 1990 models with a strong and reliable engine. You will be provided with the option of diesel and petrol engines. You can choose automatic or manual transmission.


Toyota Coaster Review Australia

Toyota is a globally recognised automobile company. It introduced its first Toyota Coaster in 1969. It came with a capacity to accommodate17-passengers. Later, every variant was engineered in “standard” and “deluxe” trims. Where standard with 22-seat capacity is considered safe and highly reliable, Deluxe reflects elegance, style, and fanciness with the addition of extensive structure specs and safety extras. It is the ultimate choice for an arranged group trip. A perfect blend of the fuel-efficient engine, cabin luxury, and high-class performance.



Let’s start with the latest version, made from 2015 to 2017 as it might be your perfect shot to enjoy an incredible ride. It is a rear-wheel-drive vehicle on standard and deluxe trims, with a maximum power of 110kW @ 2700 rpm. The engine is torquey enough providing 397 NM @ 100rpm.


You can choose from its two engine configurations:

4.0L OHV turbocharged diesel engine with either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic transmission

4.0L OHV turbocharged diesel with a 4-speed automatic transmission


Planning a long trip? Toyota coaster got you covered with its massive 95L fuel tank capacity. Besides the engine, it has an impressive towing capacity (braked) of 1700 kg. Both engines have 16 cylinders with a responsive ventilated disc to offer precise handling. Toyota coaster fuel consumption is also highly efficient making it budget-friendly. Their engine setup is not all about speed but safety. It has a double-wishbone suspension with a flexible coil and adaptable Semi-elliptical leaf springs. There are efficient drum brakes fitted in to offer maximum collision avoidance. They have a built-in intercooler. It comes with airbag suspensions in most of their variants.



In 1969 models of Toyota coaster motor home, you will get a 2.0L petrol engine of 1,994 CC engine. It has the variation of 2J diesel engine (2.5L) having 2,481 CC. Well, if you are looking for an extra speed, go for its 1972 model. It is equipped with a commanding diesel B engine of 2,997 CC. Unluckily, it comes with 5-speed manual transmission. It will be a little problem for automatic users. Coming to its 1977 model of 1st generation, its RB11 trim comprises a 2.2L 20R petrol engine. Enough to take you on a relaxing ride with friends or family!


The company didn't stop the advancements and featured a sturdier and more stable 3.2L 2B diesel engine. The major upgrade in the 1979 models is that gearboxes are floor fitted. 2.4L 22R petrol engine is one of the most preferable engines. It is available in 1980 RB13 model.


Second generation:

In the models of 2nd generation (1982), 2B diesel engine is substituted with 22R 3B diesel engine. A better choice with 3,431 CC. You can choose either BB20 or RB20 for the liking of the 3B engine.


Third generation:

Now, the innovative adjustments are featured in the 3rd generation. The 1993 model has a 4.2L1HD-T turbocharged diesel engine. Sounds pretty satisfactory and safe! Do you want a choice to choose?


Because it has two other versions:

4.2L 1HZ, 6-cylinder diesel engine

285 NM @ 2200 RPM torque and 96kW @ 3800 RPM

3.4L 3B diesel engine

For an exquisite engine setup, try to get hands on with its impressive 4.1L 15B-F diesel engine. It is available in its 1995 variant. The best option from this generation is a hybrid EV model. It is characterised with a 1.5L engine.


Fourth generation:

It comprises the coasters manufactured at the end of 2016.  Any of its variants didn’t receive any engine upgrade.



In the past years, the Toyota coaster has been subjected to great revisions. It has made the cabin more spacious, deluxe, and comfortable. The seating capacity ranges from 8 to 30 passengers. Therefore, it comes with a different wheelbase within the range of 6,200 to 7,725 mm. Its convenient cabin gives contemporary family sedan vibes. Manufactured with appealing curves, every design detail is significant. They can withstand high force with their strongly built layout. The best part is their anti-corrosion steel cabin and anti-chip paint on wheel arches.


In the 2015-2017 Toyota coaster bus models, there are 22 seats. They have a highly functional cabin. It comes with 3 automatic doors and 4 Emergency Exits. These trims have received the best makeover. A decent and posh interior with over-the-top exterior. As heavy as it sounds, the structure is supported with robust 17.5" alloy wheels. For premium feels, there are Fabric trimmed Seats. And how can you forget its stylish, wrapped-around halogen headlights?


Other noticeable Toyota coaster specs are:

Tinted, large and heated windows

Interior leather or high fabric upholstery

Ample headroom and legroom

6.1-inch display with Bluetooth connectivity

High rooftop

4-speaker system

CD portal with MP3 compatibility


Highly receptive built-in Bluetooth connection for drivers. It helps communicate with passengers through Public Address system


Do you prefer travelling in a car with no AC in Australia’s harsh weather? The 1st generation Toyota coaster has Air conditioning only in the deluxe models. The 1977 model has a specially tailored high–roof. Are you looking for a coaster with a sturdy look? 1979 has a perfectly shaped bold front grill. 2nd generation variants come with wraparound forward-facing windscreen and denser rear pillars. Some might find the gigantic coaster front ambiguous. You have the option to choose a 1993 model with a classic and attractive aerodynamic frame. And, yes, the 4th generation is still on the top for its alluring squared shape structure. Besides, there are broadened windshields offering better sightseeing.


Safety features in Toyota Coaster:

Earlier trims lack basic safety features but the company has compensated for those features in the 4th generation.

 ✓ Air-bags

 ✓ Vehicle Stability Control

 ✓ Seat belts with emergency lock retractor and pretensioners

 ✓ Force limiters

 ✓ Collision alert

 ✓ Satellite Navigation

 ✓ Reversing Camera

 ✓ Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

 ✓ Hydraulic actuator


Final verdict:

We can say this minibus, Toyota coaster, offer stable, and comfortable drive. The 4th generation has some matchless specifications making it to the top. With a powerful chassis, it features a durable gearshift and engine. Take long trips in its relaxing interior! It offers maximum mechanical reliability.


After reviewing the details, if you are interested in purchasing any of its fascinating trims for commercial or personal use, let’s end with the final confirmation of history details. We are helping you to get detailed past info of accidents, thefts, and driving on your selected car and model. We have website Quick Revs and a 24/7 accessible online portal for all our customers on our official site.

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